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Popular Online Latin Teachers

Amelia G.

Nashville, TN
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Beatrice P.

Emeryville, CA
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Jonathan R.

New York, NY
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Amelia G. Nashville, TN

Subjects Taught

ACT English, American Literature, AP English, AP English Literature, Creative Writing, English Literature, Essay Writing, Floral Arrangement, Gardening, Grammar, History, Humanities, Latin, Literature, Poetry, Study Skills, Vocabulary, Writing

About Me

My philosophy is that teaching is part knowledge, part communication, and part intuition. My intuition is necessary to understand where a student is getting stuck. I myself already understand the material; next I must understand why a student does not. I utilize a variety of communicative teaching approaches, tailored to each of my students' individual needs.

As a tutor, I find that it is important to present the material to the students in a way that they can relate to. My job as an educator is to teach them how to learn it and make them want to learn it. I do not believe that negative reinforcement is beneficial. Positive responses to students are extremely valuable, even if they may occasionally give the wrong answer. This always gives them the motivation to do well.

Beyond my own education, what fulfills me the most is passing on the knowledge I have gained. I have found that my ability to create a strong rapport with students urges them to be responsive. When I connect with the students I am able to engage them in the subject. Although I am their instructor, I want them to feel comfortable enough to tell me what is making them struggle and know that I will be compassionate to their strife.

It is not just important for me to know and teach the material. It is also important for me to foster in the students the skills it takes to learn that material, and in turn, any material. My extensive experience with Language Arts has taught me the crucial skills of analysis, interpretation, logical deduction, and critical thinking.

I have tutored English Language Arts, Writing composition, Latin, Italian, and ancient Greek for over six years. I also taught Latin at a high school as well. All in all, I am highly equipped to teach students the abilities it takes to learn, practice, study, and understand language structure, grammar, reading, and writing.

In addition to language, I teach/tutor all subjects in Humanities, as well as study skills and organizational planning. I have a record of significant improvement in my students' grades and proficiency in their respective subjects.

Beatrice P. Emeryville, CA

Subjects Taught

History, Italian, Italian Cooking, Latin

About Me

Do you want to learn more about Italy, his culture and “La Bella Vita”? Here I am to share with you the passion for my country!
I’m Beatrice P. (native Italian speaker) from Firenze - the city of Dante and Divina Commedia where standard Italian language was born.
I studied Communication Science at the University of Firenze, earning a BA in Journalism and then a MA in language cultural studies.
I worked in Italy as journalist, editor and media expert, gaining experience in the strategic use of the Italian language both in written and oral communication.
I currently conduct private tutoring in Italian for students of all level and abilities.

Jonathan R. New York, NY

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Elementary Math, French, Geometry, Grammar, Latin, Life Science, Meditation, Nutrition, SAT, Yoga

About Me

I'm a Neural Science major at NYU, meaning I study the nervous system from many different scientific perspectives (e.g. biological, computational, chemical, psychological, economic). I'm also pursuing a minor in Chemistry, another in Classics, and a final joint minor in Math and Computer Science.

AP Courses: In high school, I completed 11 AP courses: Biology, US History, Chemistry, Calculus AB, European History, English Language, Physics B, Calculus BC, Art History, French, and English Literature. After completing high school, I was named a National AP Scholar, meaning I got a 4 or higher on 8 or more AP exams; I used my favorite effective study techniques and test-taking strategies to score ten 5s and one 4 (on English Language). I'm very familiar with the format of these exams and the preparation required to excel. I find myself most suited to tutor in AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics B, AP Calculus (both AB and BC), and French because these are the subjects I deal with on a regular basis. I very much enjoy these subjects and I hope you find my many tricks to learning this material as helpful as I did. I'm open to tutoring in other AP courses that I've completed (and still have all my notes for) but I do not want to advertise myself as such because it would require brushing up; if requested, I'm willing to accommodate.

SAT: My SAT score was in the top 1% and I'm very comfortable with the material on the SAT. I developed many test-taking strategies throughout my academic career, and I think that, maybe even more so than practice, these strategies will help you succeed on the SAT. The test seems, to me, to test stamina and focus more than anything else.

Languages: 1) I've studied French in school since I was 9 years old. I won Le Prix de Francais ("The French Prize") in my high school, naming me the most accomplished French student in my graduating class. I particularly love the grammar of French and I enjoy teaching it (I've done so for struggling family members and friends taking French, and they've all succeeded). 2) I studied Latin from when I was 13 to 15 with a private tutor outside of school, and then on my own until reaching college, where I've recently completed two high-level college Latin courses (Cicero and Vergil). Again, grammar is my speciality and I very much enjoy coming up with tricks for remembering material.

Yoga: As a certified Yoga teacher, I myself am a student of Sri Dharma Mittra, one of the most influential Yogis in the world. He has taught me many secrets to develop radiant health, mental sharpness, and peace of mind. I'm very glad to share these teachings with others, and I do so regularly at the Dharma Yoga Center.

Whole foods plant-based nutrition: I also know quite a bit about whole foods plant-based eating; I've been adhering to these dietary principles for years for many reasons, not limited to animal wellbeing, personal health, environmental wellbeing, and economic reasons (it's actually cheaper!). I read many works by giants in this field like Dr. John McDougall and Jeff Novick regularly. I've even helped several family members and friends adopt this lifestyle and it is a side passion for me. I am president of the Vegetarian Cooking Club at NYU, and so I have much experience with this and I'm willing to share what I know.

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