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Anna E.

Anna E.

Become confident in English. Speak, write and read better after taking these lessons. How does the lesson work online? We will use video and it will be very similar to face to face class as we immerse into the English language at full speed. We will work on the issues you have and with the material that is interesting to you! We will watch audio and video to improve your listening skills, read articles and write to advance your grammar and writing skills. These interactive and engaging lessons will get you talking right away. Get comfortable speaking English and get skills to learn better. Join me for an interactive class where you learn best! ............. Parlez avec confiance et améliorez votre anglais. Je vous invite à joindre mes classes interactives d'anglais. C'est difficile d'apprendre une langue sans aide et je suis ici pour vous donner plus de support, explications de grammaire et différents façons d'améliorer votre études. Contactez-moi avec vôtres questions et on peut commencer tout de suite.
/30 mins
Kassandra V.

Kassandra V.

My role is to help individuals from different parts of the world with their English skills. I teach them through Zoom, Facetime, Kakao Talk, Tandem, Line, or Whatsapp. I create sessions, homework, class assignments, study guides, and test. I help them practice for the TESL, TEFL, and TESOL certification exam/ courses / any English-certified exam. I teach my students in different forms, such as the Direct Method, Audio Lingual Method, Grammar-Translation, The silent way (silently observing their English, then giving feedback later.), Communicative Language Teaching, Total Physical Response, Content and Language Integrated Learning, Suggestopedia Suggestopedia is an English training method involving many art and music, Cooperative Language Learning, Structural Approach, and more. I view these as important paths to take to help students prepare by learning a language that is not their primary language. I also have sessions three times a week with specific students who want to be fluent in English because increasing the amount of time speaking in a language helps with that.
/60 mins
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