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David Z.

David Z.

• Use materials such as pens and ink, watercolors, charcoal and oil to create artwork. • Confer with clients and other interested parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced. • Explain and demonstrate artistic techniques for clients of all ages. • Collaborate, gather materials and design curriculum for art workshops in the community: o Charcoal Over Watercolor Workshop o Watercolor Workshop o Acrylic Painting Workshop o Self-Portraits in Charcoal Workshop o Mixed Media Black Ink Over Gouache Workshop o Oil Pastel Workshop “Beekle, The Imaginary Friend” • Providing professional framing services for art workshop clientele • Art brokering and marketing art material at various shows including: o Art Show- Prairie Arts Festival, Schaumburg, 5-28-2017 • Sales, Murals Advertising and Promotional Artwork
/60 mins