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Discover a Historical Painting - French Class

Discover a Historical Painting - French Class

Created by Soleine T.
All ages
In this class, you will learn useful vocabulary pertaining to the fine arts, and discover the historical context behind a world famous french painting. By doing so, you will unlock the meaning of many symbols of France and its Republic. Indeed, with "La Liberté Guidant le Peuple", not only did painter Eugène Delacroix immortalise a day that made history in 1848, he also gave life to a character wh... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2009

Master's degree in Public Affairs

Enseigner le français langue étrangère aujourd'hui - Parcours avancé

Age: 5+

Speaks French, English, German, Arabic

I'm a native of the south of France who loves everything that comes with learning and teaching a new language, ranging from basic grammar to literature, including oral conversations about pop culture. My strong interest for languages oriented me towards a "Literature Baccalaureate" for which I studied - among other fields - German, English, An... Show More
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