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Conversational French - French Class

Conversational French - French Class

All ages
Many people want to learn French for various reasons: To look for a job, to travel to a French-speaking country or to prepare for an exam. So in terms of learning to speak just to be able to exchange with relatives or friends a little grammar, dialogue and conjugation is strongly recommended to these people without forgetting to read.

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2012

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DAEFLE, Alliance Française Paris

Age: 5+

Greetings ,ladies and gentlemen, i am Mr Djeng E. 33 years of age, i grow in France were i study and obtain my first degree in Letter Language and Communication at the University of Nantes,France, Specifically in L.E.A : Langues ,Etrangeres Appliquees ( Apply Foreign Language ). I have a certified DAEFLE, Alliance Française Paris , wish is a ( D... Show More
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