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Direct and Indirect Speech - English (ESL) Class

Direct and Indirect Speech - English (ESL) Class

Created by Cait C.
All ages
In this interactive grammar-based class you will learn all about direct vs. indirect speech (also called 'reported speech'), including... -The differences between direct and indirect speech -How to change direct speech into indirect speech -How to change indirect speech into direct speech

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2013

Business English Trainer

TESOL Certificate

TESOL Certificate

Age: 10+

Speaks Spanish, German

Has background check

Improve your fluency and confidence. Prepare for the IELTS. Get comfortable in your new job, or practice for a job interview. Develop your vocabulary and grammar in a fun, interactive way. I'm Cait. I love what I do and I've been teaching for a long time. Lessons are 100% personalized and 100% about you. I design the lesson plans based on your n... Show More
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