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Siddharth G.

Siddharth G.

I have been teaching chess for six years and my students have gone on to tournament level and won competitions. Within the first few lessons, my students have developed a deeper understanding of chess strategies As they progressed further in their lessons they have developed special moves to win the chess games. I take pride in my students' success and love working with them. I do provide tournament chess boards for my students.
/30 mins
Jessica U.

Jessica U.

Chess is a great hobby for children and adults alike! Learning chess helps develop and improve critical thinking skills, patience, problem solving skills, and memory, as well as being an incredibly fun game to play. I've been playing chess since I was a child, though recently, as an adult, my love for the game truly ignited. I understand how complex of a game chess is, and I will help you gain a strong grasp over the main concepts involved in the game at whatever pace you prefer. I've been teaching chess for over two years now (through private lessons and at the Los Angeles Chess Club) and my lessons are as fun and engaging as they are educational. We will analyze historical chess games, as well as games that you've played, where we'll learn about common openings, tactical motifs, mating patterns, theoretical endgames, and so much more in our lessons. Whether this is your first time seeing a chess board in your whole life or if you've been a casual player for years, I can help you develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of the game.
/30 mins
Daniel M.

Daniel M.

I am an avid chess player. I am a 3rd category chess player. I am part of the Chess Federation in Peru and USA. I can teach little kids as well as to people who want to improve their openings, middle game, and endgame. My Rating is 1500+.
/30 mins