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Lance R.


Choosing the Right Chords

Many songwriters learn the basics of how to make harmonies, but don't have a good idea of how to put them together into a cohesive song. This video explains how to do just that. Put together simple so... Show More

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Teacher's Studio

My son is 6 and has been taking piano lessons from Lance. Lance is extremely patient in dealing with my son's small attention span. My son has learned so much such as reading sheet music and training his ear. He looks forward to lessons every week.

Posted Oct 24, 2022
Teacher's Studio

Lance is helping my teenage son prepare for a role in a musical this fall. He has been a great fit--fun and with a great sense of humor and at the same time very skilled at vocal techniques and working the music to create a better performance. Lance offers practical tips and has a flexibility to his teaching that makes him very responsive to questions.

Posted Sep 26, 2022

Quite a lot of improvement so far compared to when I started and noticed by people close to me, even though I would guess it takes still more time and efforts to achieve a reasonable level. So a good reason to keep on with Lance. He is patient and insightful in his instructions, and rather fun too. Helping me to improve! I would like to continue improving.

Posted Aug 31, 2022
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