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Kay S.

Avalon, WI

About Katherine (Kay)

Taught 41 years as a band director
Principal Trumpet with Beloit/Janesville Symphony

I like to teach in a style that is functional and interesting. Students will be doing a variety of activities
at each lesson. The focus will be determined by their needs.

As students become more proficient in music their enjoyment of musical activities will increase. The success of completing various levels of musical achievement will carry over to other lifetime skills.

*** Lesson Details ***
I will work with each student depending on their individual needs. We will strive to produce steady improvement in player proficiency.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student should have a music stand and instrument

*** Specialties ***
I like to teach based on the individual. I have taught group and private lessons. The materials I use are varied, with an emphasis on scales, theory, and also some duet playing. I also like to incorporate some music history into each lesson. I feel that each student needs to work from known to the new areas. I often use supplementary materials (solos or small ensembles) to reinforce my teaching.


Angelique B. June 7, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Verified Student
Kay is very knowledgeable, kind and accommodating. She is very encouraging and never makes me feel dumb when I hit a sour note. (As a beginning beginner, that happens a lot!) I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short time!
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Kay S.

Kay S.

Avalon, WI 53505
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Eric W.

Rockford, IL

About Eric

For over 20 years I've helped vocal students of all ages to excel, in public and private schools, and on the college level. My passion is to enable those I work with, beginning to advanced, to maximiz
e their vocal potential! Currently I teach from my home studio in Rockford, Illinois.

Embracing a variety of vocal styles, from classical to contemporary, my current and former students have excelled in musical theater, aced college auditions, traveled as lead singers with rock bands, recorded music videos and reached the higher levels of American Idol auditions. My lessons blend solid vocal technique, while also reflecting the unique needs and goals of each student.

I hold both Bachelors and Masters degrees in vocal music and have directed groups traveling internationally to more than 20 countries on four continents. I've personally produced more than 20 full-scale musical/theatrical productions with casts of over 200 and audiences of up to 10,000. And I've promoted concert events for more than 40 nationally known artists including Randy Travis, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me.


Emily February 13, 2016
Classical Voice · In studio
For five semesters I studied voice with Eric Walker at Rock Valley Community College. He took the time to show me the basics of using your voice properly in singing. Mr. Walker was patient in teaching me how to breathe deeply which has helped me in my singing today. Also, he taught me how to have more forward resonance when singing. In addition, he prepared me well for my college auditions. I was able to walk into my auditions confidently and sing with clarity.
Brandi January 29, 2016
I took lessons from Eric when I was about 18 years old. He is a very good teacher and is patient but also expects growth with every rehearsal. It really paid off especially with me singing so much and traveling. I use every technique that he has taught me!
Alicia January 15, 2016
Singing · In studio
I took lessons with Eric for a few months before moving out of state and enjoyed learning from him. He took time to choose songs that I enjoyed singing but also songs that would stretch my ability as a vocalist. He provides a friendly and relaxed environment for learning and is passionate about seeing students succeed!
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Eric W.

Eric W.

Rockford, IL 61107
starting at
$22 / 30-min

Vladislava H.

Madison, WI

About Vladislava

I have almost 30 years teaching experience with all ages and levels here in the US and Russia.I have a Doctoral of Musical Arts in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from a premier Russian Conservatory.I
believe that an individual approach in teaching is a key to achieving professional goals in studying a musical instrument and playing technique. I select individual learning materials for each student and use my own methods, which I have developed during my professional teaching career. I encourage students to perform at different venues – from formal classical to informal talent shows and festivals. My goal is for my students to experience the joy of performing and exhibit fearlessness on the stage. Many of my students have participated in national auditions and competitions both here and in Russia, and have continued their professional music education.I also teach ensemble playing with different instruments, accompaniment, duets and voice as children love this form of expression.


Andrea July 15, 2015
Classical Piano · In studio
I am an adult student who has taken piano lessons with Vlada for a number of years, and I am extremely impressed with Vlada as a teacher.

I played the piano off and on through high school (with a different teacher), and then took a break for many years without any formal instruction.

Now that I have returned to the piano, Vlada has helped me advance my playing well beyond my expectations. She helps me choose appropriate pieces that I will enjoy working on and that challenge me in new ways. She is masterful at identifying the reasons why I am struggling with particular passages and suggests techniques to help me improve many, many details.

I highly recommend Vlada!
Monika July 13, 2015
Classical Piano · In home
My daughter took piano lessons with Vlada for 5 years--I specifically searched for a Russian teacher because I knew about their exacting hand placement and methods. Emma was years ahead of other students. When we moved, the pianist for the Milwaukee ballet agreed to give her lessons after hearing her audition (she didn't take students but was Russian so I begged). Totally wonderful experience--my daughter learned alot and progressed well beyond her peers. When we went to competitions, kids who were 12 were playing what my daughter played at 7. I could see the difference Vlada's tutelage had made and so could the judges
Svetlana July 12, 2015
Classical Piano · In studio
An excellent and exceptionally talented piano teacher and performing pianist. Both our girls studied with Vladislava for nearly 5 years. They had to stop taking formal lessons in high school (due to heavy academic load and extracurriculars), but even then they would ask her for occasional lessons during summer breaks or before a recital. The lessons were outstanding: highly professional, well planned and thought through with appealing and challenging music pieces carefully selected for the student’s age, ability and temperament. What struck me especially was the fact that V. provided ample opportunities for all students (starting at a young age) to perform in front of life audience (other students and their families) several times during each school year. I came to appreciate these recitals as a great teaching tool: not only they kept students motivated and engaged in their studies, they inspired the development of real performing skills early on, cutting to the core of any instrument playing: an ability to convey an emotion, a thought via music. And all the applause made the little artists ☺ proud and appreciative of their own achievement of course!
Our family would highly recommend Vladislava as a terrific music teacher to students of any age
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Vladislava H.

Vladislava H.

Madison, WI 53705
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Julie B.

Loves Park, IL

About Julie

The ability to play the piano and sing have been the greatest gifts in my life, and I have always wanted to share that gift with others. I love nothing better than to help a student learn to love musi
c and gain confidence in their ability to perform.
I earned a BA in Music Ministry with a Piano Pedagogy Minor and have been teaching piano since 2008. In the last year, I have added voice/singing lessons and online lessons. I have taught ages 4-adult and enjoy helping each student succeed. My local students students have two recitals every year, which gives the opportunity to share what we have been working on and celebrate successes every six months.
I firmly believe that theory and the ability to read music are important skills that should be learned, whether on their own, or as part of music lessons. Once you can understand notation and theory, a whole new world opens up to you.


Payton April 6, 2016
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
I loved my first lesson!! As a beginner I was a little nervous walking in but Julie made me comfortable and didn't overwhelm me with too much. I actually learned more than I expected and can't wait for my second lesson!!!
Terri August 13, 2015
Piano · In studio
She is wonderful with my daughter!! She is very patient and very fun!
Cathy August 11, 2015
My granddaughters have been taking piano lessons since kindergarten for the last 4 years from Miss Julie. She is a great teacher, patient and kind, and the kids love her.
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Julie B.

Julie B.

Loves Park, IL 61111
starting at
$18 / 30-min

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