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About MissG M.

Chicago, IL

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These classes are geared more for the older students who wish to learn how to dance as a form of exercise. Lots of combinations and steps to keep your heart rate going !

About Gisselle

MissG was born and raised in New York City. She has received training in NYCs prestigious Broadway Dance Center and Steps, among others. In 2004 she founded Alight Movement and has already made a mark within the dance community through events, dance competitions, shows and workshop tours. They were recently seen on BET's 106 and Park, where some of MissG's choreography was displayed.

MissG has recently relocated to Chicago from Florida. She has choreographed and performed as a backup dancer for various local venues in South Florida including television shows and music videos. Her most recent sighting is in Step Up Revolution. Her choreography was also recently seen on BET's Spring Bling Invitational Showcase in Venice Beach,CA. She has trained artists in development for major recording companies an
d continues to inspire her students, from all walks of life, to aim high in their endeavors. One of MissG’s students, artist Joselyn Rivera, appeared on the third season of The Voice.
Thomas B. February 24, 2018
· Dance Choreography · Online
MissG is awesome and highly recommend her. She is instructing my daughter and I for her sweet 16 father/daughter dance. She gave us great ideas for moves and great instruction on how to count and move to the music. I was worried about this dance coming together and definitely could not done it without her! We are set to do this dance in another 2 weeks and now feel confident about doing this.
Cheryl Tingey January 22, 2018
· Hip Hop Dance · Online
Great Lady with the heart of a teacher-- Thanks Miss G for showing me the fluid moves,
Cheryl :)
Cheryl Tingey January 3, 2018
· Hip Hop Dance · Online
Excellent Teacher- thanks so Much Miss G... this is going to be fun (and the dreaded E word --Exercise :) ) Her moves are fluid and she goes at the student's pace (thank goodness) -- Cheryl :)
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MissG M.

MissG M.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Darren W.

Glendale, CA
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Get in shape through the use of fun and athletic dance movements by using your own bodyweight to build both strength and conditioning

My name is Darren. I am a part of the dance crew the Kinjaz from NBC's World of Dance and America's Best Dance Crew Season 8, and I specialize in utilizing Basic Hip Hop and Breakin'/Breakdancing to get people into shape.

Here is what you can expect from our lessons together...

On the day we have our lesson you will either travel to my location (Glendale) where our lesson will take place in my loft or I can travel to your location and we will have our lesson at your location (there is a travel fee if you are located more then 5 miles away)

Our lesson will consist of basic dance movements to teach you the basics and foundation you need to know in order to learn choreography and freestyle on your own. You will use those movements in different combinations to keep moving throughout the workout.

After our lesson, you will receive a video ...

About Darren
Darren R. Wong is a member of The Kinjaz from NBC's World of Dance and has been teaching, performing and choreographing in the Hip Hop community for 13 years.

He has also been a part of world-renowned Hip Hop organizations such as Culture Shock LA and Kaba Modern and spent 4 years on the faculty of the Claire Trevor School School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine as an adjunct lecturer of Breakin'.

He has been sharing his experience and knowledge by teaching and training dancers of all skill levels, from college performing arts programs, dance studios and online students from around the world, how to break with the knowledge that he has been fortunate enough to gain.

Darren's goal is to share what dance has given him in his life by providing in person or online dance courses for up and coming dancers who may b
e intimidated or self-conscious to start dancing or do not have access to experienced teachers or a dance studio with classes that interest them around them.

His courses allow both new and experienced dancers from all over the world to have access to an experienced teacher who understands the ins and outs of how to break down movements to its simplest form, so a student can confidently learn a movement with correct technique, execute them to music and piece them together to create their own combinations whenever and wherever without having to step foot into a studio.

He aspires not only to help those in his local dance community, but also dance communities worldwide who may not have direct access to the techniques and knowledge that was shared with him.
Githa S. April 12, 2017
· Dance Fitness · Online
Totally awesome would hire him again!
Michael November 29, 2015
· Dance · Online
My experience with Darren was nothting short of outstanding! He has a neverending wheelhouse of moves that he can teach you. More importantly, he can help any bboy or regular dancer with the most important aspect of dance: staying on beat 100% of the time while doing these moves! He was kind, patient, punctual, and very talented. Anyone who wants to learn dance the right way can accelerate their learning by working with Darren!
Darrell T. November 17, 2015
· Breakdancing · Online
Darren was very patient and nonjudgmental. I think he is a very good instructor. I was a little unsure as to how well a dance lesson would go over the internet but he put those fears to rest. I give him five stars for his knowledge and because he made me feel comfortable.
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Darren W.

Darren W.

Glendale, CA 91207
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Kenneth Jordan M.

North Hollywood, CA
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Get Fit with the Exclusive style of Krumping. ^_^ GET BUCK !! *UGHhhrr

Hip-Hop, Popping, Krumping, Dubstep, Tutting, MJ, Chris Brown, House, Trendy, Locking, Threading, Waving....Easy To Learn, Fun Learning Experience, Energetic, Dimensions, Attitude, Sharp, Flowy, Motivational, Detailed Re-Caps, Intense, Challenging, Drills, Character Development, Visually Stunning, One Of A Kind Movements, Funny Examples, Simplified, Anybody Can Learn & an Amazing Adventure :)

About Kenneth Jordan
Music is what feelings sound like..Dance is what Music looks like. :)
Feeling is the key to Musicality and Movement. I can Teach any Hip-Hop Music/Dance Video Choreography that you like, but I prefer to be myself. ^_^

We are powerful beyond measure ! :o]

10 Years of Dance/Choreography

Los Angeles Senior High School Dance Production '07 - '13
North Torrance High School Dance Program '13 - Present


I Create Crazy Memorable Fun Dances.
Sometimes Hype, Sometimes Artistic ^_^

Hip-Hop Dance Styles:
Lyrical Hip-Hop
New Jack Swing

***I also specialize in Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Usher, Missy Elliot, &
Chris Brown style Choreography.

*I teach @ LA High Memorial Park = Outdoor(in Nature) :)
Susan August 29, 2017
· Breakdancing · In studio
Kenneth has been so patient and encouraging. I'm excited to continue taking lessons and using what Kenneth has taught me to get better.
Sam June 8, 2017
· Choreography · In studio
Kenneth is incredibly patient, clear, and inspiring. When I was slow to pick up certain steps, he broke them down for me. Each session is so fun! I have learned a lot from Kenneth and I look forward to learning more.
Danny R. May 19, 2017
· Choreography · In studio
Made lessons fun for my son and was very nice!!
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Kenneth Jordan M.

Kenneth Jordan M.

North Hollywood, CA 91601
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Miah T.

Manchester, NH
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Experienced Latin & Ballroom teacher of 14+ years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of technical dance skills. I specialize in Miami Style Salsa, Wedding Dances, as well as American Rhythm and Smooth dances. I typically use the DIVIDA Syllabus for proficiency levels through Bronze, Silver & Gold levels for the more structured students.

About Miah
Miah has been teaching private lessons in Latin & Ballroom dancing since June of 2002 and is currently available to teach lessons online, your home, your office, or at his studio in Manchester, NH. He helps students prepare for Wedding Dances, Special Performances, Dance Competitions and Social Dance Events.

Miah founded the Royal Palace Dance Studio, LLC in June 2002. He received his MBA degree in 1996 from Plymouth State University. He is a Certified Dance Professional and is recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). As an expert in his field, Miah looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Miah's teaching style is energetic, fun and can be as simple or as technical as you desire.
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Miah T.

Miah T.

starting at
$75 / 30-min

About Crystal J.

Peachtree Corners, GA
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This is an inspirational, motivational exercise class that will focus on cardio, body toning, endurance, strength, stamina, breathing patterns, and much more. Fun, energetic, and beneficial. Target goals would be weight loss, health risk preventions, rehabilitation, strength building, equilibrium balance, and so much more. Get ready to improve your health and add more years to your life!

About Crystal
First off, Thank you for your consideration in being your future Dance Instructor. We are going to have a blast! My name is Crystal: professional dance instructor, choreographer, and performer for over 20+ years. I'm so in love with dance, as it is my passion and natural talent that I love sharing with people all over the world. Full of patience, dependable, and very consistent, although I can be spontaneous in my dance choreography. Punctuality is top priority, as we both will agree to respect each others time. Progress is my number one goal, as I share all the benefits of dance with you and motivate you to your greatest potentials. "Team work makes the Dream work", that's one motto that I embrace, in hopes that you would also, as we partner on this exciting journey of expanding our abilities, as well as, living a healthy and more
fulfilling lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you and J.ust U. M.ove! See you soon...(Thumbs Up!)
Chloee J. February 5, 2018
· Dance · In studio
Crystal is an amazing dance instructor. We had our first session and it was a success. My daughter absolutely loves and adores her... Her skills and techniques for dance is magnificent.
Naziba A. December 27, 2017
· Dance · In studio
Beginning of an amazing journey ☺️
kim Leonard September 27, 2017
· Dance · In studio
Crystal was very patient and encouraging , she took her time until I was comfortable with the dance , she is very artisic , I would recommend anyone to take her class
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Crystal J.

Crystal J.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Heather B.

Corpus Christi, TX
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This is for pole dance fitness. Pole fitness is a great way to have fun and not even notice you're working out! It works your entire body, builds strength, flexibility and confidence all at the same time.

No one starts out with the same strengths and abilities. Because of this, every set of lessons is catered directly to you. We will begin with an appointment (in person or via webcam, depending on your location relative to me) to discuss where you're starting your journey and what you'd like to get out of it.

Your goal could be to get fit; your goal could be to learn to dance; your goal could be just having a fun hobby. Whatever it is, we will make great strides together towards that goal.

Continual lessons provide stretching techniques, strength and conditioning exercises, pole spins, pole tricks, dancing style, and balance, among other things. No two dancers learn at the same rate or in the same way. With me, each lesson is catered directly to you.

Pole fitness is a ...

About Heather
Heather is 30 years old and has had 23 years experience participating in various forms of fitness and two and a half years experience teaching pole dance techniques. At the age of 8, she started baseball with the Boys and Girls Club (5 years), she spent summers in her hometown participated in city sports (tennis, wrestling, track & field), cheered at the local football clinic (2 yrs), middle school (1 yr) and high school (1 yr), ran long distance track in high school (5 yrs), ran cross-country in high school (4 yrs), and wrestled in high school (5 yrs). At ages 7 & 8, Heather was a baton twirler in numerous parades.

Heather is a US Army Veteran and thus has 2 years experience with Army fitness, team management, and leading group fitness.

In 2015, during a transformative time in her life, Heather fell in love with the pole and found
herself engrossed in the performance aspect. Her journey lead her to a change of life and she lost 50 lbs, and despite being an athlete throughout school, became the fittest she had ever been. After two years as a performing artist and dancer, she became determined to help others realize their fitness goals while having fun and expressing themselves through dance. She now teaches pole fitness and dance.

Heather has been teaching calisthenics classes since July 29, 2017 and has had four years experience guiding meditation.

She plans to have a facility one day where she can continue her mission to encourage a fit life, body confidence, and self-expression, by addressing the "whole" of a person, "mind, body & soul."
Amy April 18, 2018
· Dance Fitness · In studio
In less than a year of working with Heather I have regained so much Mobility that I had lost due to injuries. In addition I've lost over 15 pounds and kept it off which I have not been able to do for years. The combination of working out doing yoga and even meditation has given me so much more confidence than I've had in a long time. I absolutely adore Heather.
Ashton August 8, 2017
· Fitness · In studio
I've taken both pole and calisthenics classes with Heather and have enjoyed both very much. She always helps me push a bit out of my comfort zone in order to strengthen myself and my body, but never gives me more than I can handle physically. I'll continue going to her as long as she is a teacher and motivator and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help with their fitness, pole, and well-being needs.
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Heather B.

Heather B.

starting at
$45 / 60-min

About Jordan W.

Los Angeles, CA
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I am a teacher of twelve years and I love what I do!

My dance fitness classes incorporate elements of dance as a fun way of exercise. We will focus on core, upper and lower body workouts mixed with choreography to improve strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and stamina.

My main goal is that my students have fun in addition to benefitting from our lesson. All my classes are personalized to suit each students' goals, progression, and timeline.

Dance Fitness lessons are offered at 4 locations:
1) Online via TakeLessons Classroom
2) Teacher Location 1 (Primary studio - 150sq ft) - For private and semi-private (2 people) lessons
3) Teacher Location 2 (Secondary studio/theater 350-750 sq ft) - For Group classes (3 or more people)*
4) Travel location
*Teacher Location 2 will incur a rental fee to be paid by the student directly to the studio on the day of the lesson. Please inquire for more info!
*Teacher Location 2 is also available for anyone wanting a ...

About Jordan
Learn to dance, improve your dancing, get great exercise, gain confidence and have fun! Whether you are new to dance or are looking to refine your existing skills, I will help you reach your goals.

I am a teacher of twelve years and I love what I do! I enjoy helping my students reach their goals while having fun along the way. My favorite part about teaching is watching my students improve in ability and, more importantly, confidence, and knowing that I was able to be a helpful part of their process.

I am a choreographer, dancer, performer, model, and actress who has has been in music videos, commercials, TV, film, and more, so I am very familiar with the industry. I have worked with Reebok, Disney, American Idol, Fox, NBC, Heineken, Universal and more. I have choreographed, taught, and performed around the world, and enjoy
sharing my knowledge with those who want to learn, get some good exercise, and have a great time!

I am a versatile teacher with experience in many areas of dance, fitness, theater, character, circus, and more. I've taught all ages and levels, so anyone is welcome -especially beginners!

I teach the following subjects:
-jazz dance
-hip hop/urban dance
-contemporary dance
-strength & conditioning
-stretching and flexibility
-dance fitness
-ballet dance
-burlesque dance
-musical theater dance

I am also available for group lessons or semi-privates (more than 1 person)! *Please inquire for more info.

I teach online via TakeLessons Classroom, at my primary studio, and at a larger studio (for Tap and group lessons) *addt'l. rental fee req'd-please inquire for more info.

I am outgoing, friendly, and most importantly, I love what I do and I am passionate about sharing my experience with others who are eager to learn!
Pablo A. April 10, 2018
· Hip Hop Dance · In home
She is a great teacher and am learning a lot I
Julie April 1, 2018
· Theatrical Dance · Online
Best lesson I've ever had. Highly recommend her!
Shelly March 23, 2018
· Ballet · Online
Very fun!
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Jordan W.

Jordan W.

Los Angeles, CA 90019
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Eugene G.

Atlanta, GA

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Have you ever want to bust a move on the dance floor but too sacred to do it?
I teach a Hip-Hop Styles and Fitness class for those who want to learn how to dance, freestyle, get fit, and have fun!

At the beginning, I start off with a light warm up followed by a cardio routine that involves basic bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees, squats, arm raises, and other moves.

Next, I teach a person exercises on how to strength their abdominal muscles with crunches, plank variations, suspension flares and other moves.

Lastly, break down the fundamental elements of popular hip-hop styles such as popping, locking, gliding, breaking, and basic footwork. Also, cover some extra exercises that will help develop flexibility, balance, and upper body strength.

Note: As a dancer I experience working with yoga practitioners, circus performers, and other realms of movement such as capoeira, trapeze, and handstands. I'm part double jointed and I incorporate that into my dance

About Eugene
Hi, my name is Eugene, my nickname is Bear and I love to dance. I have been dancing for over 12 years now. I'm a hip-hop dancer, yoga practitioner, and circus arts practitioner. I'm a little double jointed but not a contortionist. As a hobby I practice on the trapeze and handstand balancing canes.

Other than dancing and performing. I'm in graduate school studying to be an art teacher at Georgia State University. Also, have a side concentration I'm working towards in exercise science for physical education.
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Eugene G.

Eugene G.

starting at
$59 / 45-min

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Average Cost of Dance Fitness Lessons in Los Angeles, CA

The average cost of 60-minute dance fitness lessons in Los Angeles is $70. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $60 and $81 per hour.

30-min $30
$42 average
45-min $50
$56 average
60-min $60
$70 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute dance fitness lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute dance fitness lessons are 20% less expensive at $56, and 30-minute lessons cost 40% less at $42.

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