Piano Tips & Tricks: Our Best Advice from 2012

piano keysThe year is winding down – but that means it’s also time for a fresh start full of inspiration and musical motivation! Take some time to brush up on these piano tips and tricks from the past year, and don’t forget to squeeze in some practice time today!



- Advice for New Piano Players: Handling the Beginner Hurdles

- Improving Sight Reading as a Beginner Musician

- Feeling Weak? Piano Exercises for Hand Strength

- Selecting Your Piano Repertoire: 15 Great Pieces to Consider

- Why Piano Lessons Are Worth it

- The 6 Common Causes of Hand Strain at the Piano

- 6 New Ideas for Piano Warm-Ups

- Playing the Piano With Both Hands: 3 Helpful Tips

- Virtual Pianos, Chord Charts and Other Online Resources

- The 6th Sense of Playing the Piano


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