Virtual Pianos, Chord Charts, and Other Online Resources

keyboardNeed a little pick-me-up outside of your piano lessons? If you want to look up a few chords or simply supplement your lessons with an extra tutorial or two, the Internet is a great resource.

But with so much available online, how do you find the best websites and resources? Check out this list for a few great virtual pianos, chord charts and more…

- OnlinePianist – Our favorite piano key and chord chart online. The website also has popular song tutorials and a great virtual piano to play around with.

- MusicNotes – Find sheet music, ranging from classical to Top 40s. Their library includes sheet music for several other instruments, as well.

- ComposeCreate - We love their games, motivational charts, quotes and composition tools.

- PracticeSpot Dictionary – Can’t remember the difference between legato and lamentoso? This music dictionary is super easy to use.

- Piano Technicians Guild – Does your piano need a little TLC? If it’s time to tune your piano, use the Piano Technician Guild’s online search tool to find a registered technician near you.

Readers, what are your favorite online resources for piano? Leave a comment below!

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