gTar: Is This Grown-Up Guitar Hero Worth It?

We’ve posted about cool tech innovations before, but we’re especially intrigued by the newest “it” item for budding musicians: behold, the gTar.  While many professionals have criticized earlier programs like Rock Band and Guitar Hero for not teaching actual chords, with the gTar, you’re actually playing on true-to-life frets and strings.  The product is still in the early stages, but it’s been getting a ton of industry buzz.

Playing the hardware looks easy enough: simply place your phone in the iPhone dock, choose a song within the gTar app library, and the corresponding strings/frets light up as the tune plays through.  Users can also open a free play mode, allowing you to pick and play at your leisure – along with different instruments and effects.

Check out this video footage of the inventor, Idan Beck, explaining the concept:

It’s been interesting to see the evolution of these kinds of games and programs: we’ve seen Rocksmith and Guitar Prodigy roll through, with the technology to hook up to real guitars, and other novelty apps like the Futulele transform iPads and iPhones into instruments, but this newest product is the closest we’ve gotten to the real thing. Basically, as HypeBot describes, the gTar is “a $450 guitar with an iPhone for a brain.” Sensors fill the neck of the guitar, and every string vibration is recognized – although the sounds come out of your iPhone’s speakers.  The company worked with guitar makers to make it as true-to-form as possible, and the body is made out of wood, as opposed to plastic.

Our opinion?  Products like gTar will never replace good old-fashioned guitars (or guitar teachers!). But we want to hear what you think – are you still suspicious of virtual guitar games like the gTar?  Teachers, are you for or against this kind of learning?  Let us know what you think – leave a comment below, or stop by our Facebook page to share!

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