Love Music? Love Your iPhone? Check Out the Next Big Thing

These days, it’s easy to find great music apps – everything from free guitar tuners to music streaming services to a virtual flute – and of course everyone has their opinions about video games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Rocksmith.

Amidio Inc., the company that created the OMGuitar mobile guitar synth app, is now taking it one step further – now you have the opportunity to turn your iPhone and iPad into your very own ukulele!  With the aptly-named Futulele, a special case connects the two devices via Bluetooth, allowing players to use the iPhone for chord placement while strumming on the iPad.  According to Amidio’s website, their advanced technology has reduced the chord switch lag time to a minimum and captures every nuance of a normal ukulele.  Set everything up correctly, learn a few chords, and you’ll be serenading Siri in no time.

Check out Amidio’s video introduction below.

Clearly, the virtual instrument phenomenon isn’t going anywhere.  And despite the criticisms that many of these programs and gadgets receive, we see nothing wrong with the simple idea behind it – getting people interested in music in the first place!  The apps and games are easily accessible, and can open up the door to music for those who haven’t had much exposure to different instruments or even composing their own tunes.  And while nothing beats the one-on-one interaction with a private teacher, the advances in technology at our fingertips can help every musician – just take a look at the commercial with the teen pulling up chords and lyrics on his iPhone.  We can only imagine what will come next!

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