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Kevin T.


9 Changing Moods And Emotion With Tempo

This video explores and often overlooked way of quickly and easily turning one song into many, all having entirely different moods.

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Mr. Thomas is very knowledgeable in songwriting. He shares some excellent techniques and customized programs just for you. He is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Posted Aug 15, 2022
Teacher's Studio

So I usually don’t leave reviews. But God has used Kevin to help improve my skills in keyboard playing. In less than 3 months with and average of an hour lesson a week. I went from only feeling comfortable in playing in 2 scales to playing in 5 of the 7 scales. Also I didn’t realize how bad my rhythm was but once Kevin began working with me I made major improvements. I’ve also learned to play fundamental chord progressions on the major scale. Kevin listens to what you want to accomplish and works alongside you to accomplish this. He is also kind and very well skilled. Needless to say God has used Kevin to help me and will continue to use him to help me. So what are you waiting for? Please book worth every penny

Posted Mar 25, 2022

I have been taking singing lessons from Kevin for 5 weeks. He appears to possess a legitimate love for music as well as the understanding that I am looking for someone who can teach me the fundamental elements of music. I don’t just want someone to tell me how to rearrange a song. I am looking for someone who will offer me the “how to” from the bottom up. I suspect I am one of his more difficult students. I am older, never done anything musical but have always wanted to sing without frightening people off. He is patient, an excellent communicator and seems to understand my quest. I always enjoy my hour with him and walk away wishing I could afford more lessons. I highly recommend you give him a shot. Cory

Posted Feb 18, 2022
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