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Alexandra F.

Alexandra F.

Are you getting bored with your hair, but don't want to go to the extremes of cutting it off or dying it a color you think you'll regret, literally look no further because I want to help you get out of that rut! I love all things hair and styling it. Take my class and i'll give you all the insight on how to protect your hair and if you're using the right products for it to look its absolute best AND give you some easy hairstyles to go with any of your cute errand, date, or school outfits! Need help curling your hair for beachy waves? I'm your girl! Your curls don't last and you need help with how to prep your hair before you style it? I'm your girl! Don't know how to braid your hair, but want to learn? I'm your girl! If there's any challenge you are facing I promise you I will help you figure out the solution! I can't wait to meet you and your hair! We're going to have so much fun together, I'm really aiming for these lessons to feel like facetimes with your bestie!!!
/30 mins
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