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Here, you'll find a variety of helpful resources to turn to when learning something new - from comprehensive guides to step-by-step tutorials.

Back to School Preparation | TakeLessons Blog

FatCamera / E+ / Getty Images Like many parents, you may be wondering how to make sure your child is both academically and emotionally ready to go back to school this fall, and what you can do to support them as they return to learning. Back-to-school preparation can seem daunting, but don’t worry – you’re in the right place, and you’re more prepared than you think you are. “Parents know their children much better than anyone else,” says TakeLessons Partner and math teacher

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How to Homeschool: 6+ Ways to Set Your Family Up for Success

adamkaz / E+ / Getty Images Are you considering homeschooling your children but feeling overwhelmed about where to start? Curious about how to homeschool, exactly? The pandemic forced many parents to become makeshift teachers, and while those days are fortunately in the rearview mirror for most of us, homeschooling has nevertheless gained popularity. But how do you ensure that you set yourself up for success as you learn how to homeschool your child? Here are some helpful tips to teach

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Study Skills for High School: 10 Crucial Steps to Succeed

Hispanolistic / E+ / Getty Images When it comes to essential study skills for high school, what do you need to know to be successful? Here are the 10 most important skills, as outlined by tutor Matthew H.: High school can be overwhelming, but with the right study skills, you can thrive and succeed. Developing solid study skills for high school early on can make a significant difference in your academic performance and overall success—in high school, college, and beyond. In this blog pos

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Back-to-School-Organization Tips!

Daniel de la Hoz / Moment / Getty Images Summer is coming to an end - are you ready for a new academic year? If not, don't fret. Get organized for back to school with these tips from online tutor Natalie S... Back-to-school prep is upon us! The summer is drawing to a close, and it will soon be time to get ready to begin a new school year. We know it can be overwhelming when you start to think about the long list of things to do in order to prepare for school, so here are some back-to-school

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How to Play The Mandolin for Beginners: 5 Steps to Get Started

MoMo Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images So you want to learn how to play the mandolin instrument. If you’re looking for tips on how to play the mandolin for beginners, the good news is that this post has all the information you need to know. But first, why the mandolin? For beginners to playing an instrument, the mandolin is a great option for starting your musical journey. Many people ask, "Is the mandolin easy to play?" or "Is it hard to play the mandolin?" So how diffi

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Bass Guitar Strings, Notes, and Chords