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Popular Online Scrapbooking Teachers

Adria F.

Brooklyn, NY
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Sharon T.

Utica, MI
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Olivia F.

Saint Louis, MO
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Adria F. Brooklyn, NY

About Adria

I am a musician/ singer / songwriter/ music educator and I moved to Brooklyn in 2006! I currently hold three NYS teaching certifications (in Music Education K-12, Childhood Education 1-6, and Students with Disabilities 1-6). I attained a Bachelor of Music Degree from University of Miami where I majored in Vocal Jazz Performance and minored in Jazz Piano. The University of Miami provided incredible opportunities for me to study and perform with jazz greats such as Kevin Mahogany and Kurt Elling. I am so appreciative to everyone I met there because it really molded me and prepared me for a professional career in music.

I received a Master of Science in Education Degree from CUNY Brooklyn College where I dually majored in Childhood Education (grades 1-6) and Students with Disabilities ...


Sean P. July 18, 2014
Singing · In studio
I needed to find a vocal instructor because I'm the lead singer of a rock band. My struggle was keeping my voice strong between shows because after a gig, my voice was always scratchy and hoarse. Adria taught me how to use my voice as an instrument. I immediately learned remedy warm-ups and how to sing healthier. I never really had a technique to my singing, but she built one for me and tailored it to my unique style and need. She didn't try to change my sound, like some vocal teachers I've met in the past. She taught me how to optimize my voice in many different ways and she taught me how to speak better (which was a total game changer). She knows her stuff, and this fact is backed up when she teaches and sings. It's hard to find teachers who can change your life, and I'm really honored to have found such a teacher in Adria.
Celia R. July 17, 2014
Singing · In studio
Adria is very knowledgeable about music, singing, songwriting, etc. You can tell right away, because she gives the best feedback and like.... she's an amazing singer herself!

From my first lesson, she just knew what to do to help me- from breathing to phrasing to dynamics to posture to song choice to expression- she continues to bring out the best in me. She inspired me to perform music I write too, which was huge for me. I never had the courage to actually share my songs with anyone and she brought that out of me! I'm SO happy I found Adria, because of her I'm a million percent more confident in my vocal and songwriting ability!
jacqueline F. July 16, 2014
Singing · In studio
I always dreamed of being able to sing and my mom got me some lessons for Christmas. I was so nervous to sing in front of anyone , because I never really did before. Well, Adria put me right at ease!! She encouraged me and made me feel comfortable. She is always so nice and helped me to stop doubting myself so much. I'm sooo happy I found Adria for my vocal coach because every week, she makes me feel special and good about myself! She even encouraged me to get involved in my church choir, which I was always afraid to try-out for. I did it though, and I got in!!! Adria will help you become a better singer, even if you never sang in front of anyone before like me. Oh, and her studio is really nice too!
Sharon T. Utica, MI

I have been scrap-booking for 14 years. I have a lot of creative ideas for new and current scrap-booking hobbyists!

About Sharon

As an elementary school teacher, I feel very strongly about life-long learning. There is always some new information that can help everyone, at some time or another. I hope and feel that my students feel my enthusiasm that I feel about education. I feel that each of my teachers, from Kindergarten through high school, college and beyond have helped me be the person that I am today. I know that is true because, early in my life, in 2nd grade, I knew that I was called to be a teacher. Every year that I teach, I still am very excited about helping children learn.

Olivia F. Saint Louis, MO

Learn to cherish your memories in fashion! We will learn about the use of symmetry and the contrasting shades of the color wheel, as well as how to obtain sustainably resourced materials. We will also explore the use of text in enhancing your many journeys down memory lane.

About Olivia

I have been providing private lessons and services in music and the arts for over a decade. I love my job! My philosophy of teaching is as follows: "Express your soul. Perfect your skill. Transform your world." I believe that every individual has something worth saying and the capacity to make a unique impact on the world. However, the better skilled one is, the more profound and extensive this impact will be. I am here to help you be a better you, through music and the arts!

I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. Over the past decade, I have taught private music lessons, performed in international and classical music groups, scored the music for professional films and served as a piano accompanist to choirs and soloists. I have also worked as a paper ...


Maggie C. September 11, 2014
Piano · In home
Olivia is a wonderful musician, but more importantly - she's a truly gifted teacher. She respects children, and she has the intuition to clue in to each one's interests and abilities. We engaged her for in-one lessons for a school year, and I saw her interact and heard the reports from 3 children: my 6th grade son and his friend and 4th grade sister. She taught my son on his small keyboard - not a piano - and the only reason we stopped was that she moved away. She made the theory interesting enough to hold his attention, taught him the basics of composing your own music, and gave him fun exercises to hold his attention. She organized and held a Christmas recital and reception for all her students. At the end of the school year his school class performed a musical, and she even took one of the numbers, adapted it to his level, and turned it into a duet he performed with his friend, another one of Olivia's students. He started the school year not knowing about middle C and ended the year with an understanding of basic musical theory, knowing how to play dozen beginner to intermediate songs, several chords, and 2 performances under his belt. I highly recommend her.
Dower C. September 8, 2014
Piano · In home
Olivia taught my son Piano for about 4 years when she was in Rochester. She is a lovely and patient young woman who is great with kids. I've seen my son grow from a beginner to a pretty decent pianist under her guidance. She was very flexible with our time and worked hard to fit our schedule. She would still be his teacher is she hadn't left, so our loss is your gain.

Tiffany K.

Sugar Land, TX
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Cha'vette W.

San Antonio, TX
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Kate R.

Brighton, MA
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Tiffany K. Sugar Land, TX

Ready to creatively archive your treasured family photos but unsure where to start? I can help you with picking albums, layout design, scrapbooking techniques and organizing your supplies.

Scrapbooking classes are for ages 10 and up.

About Tiffany

I am a high end portrait and glamour/fashion photographer with a a BFA in Photography. I also own and operate Dove & The Whale a jewelry and accessories line.

As a photography instructor I offer classes teaching individuals the functions of their cameras as well as beginner level Adobe Photoshop.
Skills learned include:
► Photography Basics
► Camera Settings
► Framing Shots
► Basic use of Adobe Photoshop

As a jewelry instructor I offer classes teaching individuals how to create beautiful jewelry using natural semiprecious gemstones, wire and chain.

Cha'vette W. San Antonio, TX

If you need help revamping your scrapbooking skills or learning from scratch I have a passion for making things beautiful and can teach you have to be a master of the craft.

About Cha'vette

My Name is Cha'vette I am a College student double Majoring With a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising Mgt and Fashion Product Development with Minors in Art, Marketing and Business administration. I have been tutoring and teaching in various subjects Such as Art, Graphic Design, Fashion and Event Planning for a little over 8 years. I love what I do and I am very Good at it.

Kate R. Brighton, MA

I have been scrapbooking since 2001.

About Kate

For full biography, please visit my website.

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