Angels and Airwaves Exclusive: The Best Guitar Accessories

Fender StratocasterA few weeks ago, we featured an exclusive interview with Angels and Airwaves guitarist David Kennedy. If you’re aiming for that AVA sound, we sat down with David again to find out exactly what gear he uses with the band. Read on to check out his recommendations for the best guitar and best guitar accessories…


Best Guitar
“There are two basic guitar styles to consider. The Epiphone Les Paul covers one side of guitar playing, and the Fender Stratocaster covers the other. The Les Paul is very clean, warm, and heavier-sounding, so that’s good if you’re playing a lot of power chords. The Strat is a more bright and vibrant sound, like U2 for example. So it just depends on the sound you’re going after.”

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Angels & Airwaves Exclusive: Interview with David Kennedy

David KennedyEver wanted to learn guitar with a real rockstar? As we launched our live, on-demand lessons through Google Helpouts this month, we thought it was the perfect time to kick things up a notch and give one lucky guitar player the opportunity of a lifetime – a 30-minute, one-on-one guitar lesson with Angels and Airwaves’ David Kennedy.

We also were about to chat with David about his advice for beginner guitarists and more. Read on for the interview…

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Behind the Scenes at X-Factor With Vocal Coach Stevie B.

photoDid you catch The X-Factor last night? There’s definitely a lot of talent on the show this season! Among this talent is power pop trio Girls United, who earned a coveted spot in the Top 16 last night.

But behind every great performer is also a great teacher, coach, or mentor. And in this case, the girls can credit Los Angeles-area teacher Stevie B., who has been working with the group since the beginning.

We recently caught up with Stevie to get the low-down on the behind-the-scenes action, the role of a vocal coach, and more. Here’s what we learned…

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Get into the Rock Star Mentality

rockstar mentalityThe risqué performances of Elvis Presley, the screaming crowds that followed the Beatles, the instrument-smashing antics of The Who, and the countless other charismatic and iconic contributions to the music of their day are all defining chapters of rock-n-roll that would shape the outcome of nearly all popular music to follow. Just like the swing-dance halls of the 1920s and 30s, the music would draw the attention of the masses and bring uncountable patrons together for something that can only be described as an experience. Read more

Teacher Spotlight: The Power of Saying Yes

power of yesIn many different fields, we’re told to take advantage of every opportunity. Carpe Diem. It seems simple enough, right? Honestly, it can be one of the most difficult, rewarding, frustrating, and satisfying lifestyle choices one can make. If you feel like you have to play catch up, just start saying “yes” now. Read more

3 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Music

Taking private music lessons is a great way to work on your technique, learn a specific song, and start learning the language of music. But if you want to improve as a musician overall, we recommend adding in some extra time and effort outside of the lessons. Your talents can take you far, but the best musicians also immerse themselves in all aspects of music, in every way they can. Here are a few ideas…

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How to Write a Pop Song in 4 Easy Steps

Anyone who is interested in, or has a friend, child or relative who is interested in, becoming a singer, the message of this post is meant for you.  The musical scene of today would make it seem like becoming a pop star is as easy as queueing up and simply claiming your 15 minutes of fame in front of a panel of celebrity judges.  While this formula works for a handful of performers out of millions of contestants each year, the fact of the matter is that most of the final contestants have a fair amount of musical training in their background. Read more

Should You Make Compromises When You’re Writing Music?

So you’ve finally done it! You wrote the lyrics, composed the music or built the beat. What happens to it next? More than likely, you’ll need to work with other people to really make your vision come to life. However, most people will add their own spin or style to your material. Should you compromise and see what happens or crack down to maintain creative control? Singing teacher Cindy S. shares her amazing story of creative achievement and how she learned to cope with compromise… Read more

The Surprising Networking Secret Every Musician Should Know

Trying to get ahead in the music industry? You’ve probably been told that success is all about who you know. Building your network can be hard at first, so take some tips from a professional musician who has been in your shoes. Chicago music teacher Chris D. shares his personal experience finding new opportunities in music and how to network the smart way, by making genuine, lasting friendships. Read more