Infographic: What Makes 54% of us Buy New Music?

According to the 2013 Music Industry Report, music sales were up in 2012 for the first time since 1999. Could this be due to the fact that there are now more ways to find new music than ever? The Internet has opened up many avenues for how to find new music, from thousands of music blogs to streaming services like Spotify and recommendation apps like Twitter’s #music.

Surprisingly, a recent survey found that 54% of people are likely to buy music because of a recommendation from a friend, a much higher percentage than those who will buy based on a blog or YouTube video. It seems that even as the Internet creates more spaces to find new music, social connections and trusted friends continue to  have a big impact on actual purchases. Learn more about the survey’s findings in this infographic via Hypebot:

How We Discover and Consume Music
Where do you fit in with the numbers? Let us know how you find new music in the comments!
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