Practicing Violin Techniques… Without Your Violin

violinWe’ve featured articles on our blog about practicing the piano and guitar when you’re traveling or on vacation – now how about we even the score, so to say, with some tips just for violinists?

We came across this great article by Loralyn over at Red Desert Violins, and wanted to share some of her unique ideas for practice violin techniques without actually having your instrument with you!  Here are the ones that stood out to us:

Strength Building:
Bring a clothes pin along. Use it to build finger strength. You can also do isometric exercises, but I like the clothes pin, because it’s easier to see your progress!

Vibrato Exercises:
“Vibrato Egg” – If you have a vibrato egg, bring it with you. Vibrato eggs can also be made. I like the Silly Putty-sized egg, because it fits smaller hands. Or use a small Easter Egg. Put just a spoonful of raw rice inside. These eggs are held in the left hand and the objective is to oscillate the egg back and forth with the wrist in an even, relaxed way.

“Cello Vibrato” – Hold your right forearm across your chest. Let your left hand practice vibrato “cello-style” on your forearm. No squeezing!

Greasy Elbow Exercises:
“Ghost bow” along with a recording of your repertoire, but do the ghost bow by scrubbing up and down your left arm with your right hand. This emphasizes and isolates the elbow movement, and prevents the shoulder from helping.

Continue reading the article here for her other great tips.

Readers, what do you think? What other ways do you practice your skills when  you don’t have access to your violin? Leave a comment below, or stop by our Facebook page to join the conversation!



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