How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar?

beginning guitarBeginning guitar lessons can be exciting!  But if you’re expecting to wake up the morning after your first lesson and suddenly have killer technique, think again.  So how long will it really take to learn?  Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer.  Check out Beverly Hills instructor Adam S.‘s take on the frequently asked question:


How long will it take me to learn how to play a song? It’s a common question I get from many of my beginner students. The answer is different for everyone, but I always preface the fact that it comes down to practicing.  I strongly recommend practicing for a minimum of 15 minutes each day.  That way, you will definitely start to see improvement within a short amount of time – usually within a few weeks.

For beginners, I recommend starting out by learning the basic open chords.  These chords are:

A, A minor, B7, C, C7, D, D minor, D7, E, E minor, E7, F, G and G7.

With the knowledge of just these 14 chords (or even just some of them), you will be able to play literally hundreds of songs!  A ton of pop, rock and blues songs utilize the basic open chords.  Most beginner guitar method books should have a chord chart (usually in the back section) that will show you a visual image of how to play them all.

This is my BEST advice for beginners, and I see positive results every time. Keep it simple: learn the basic open chords and practice them for 15 minutes per day.  Each week it will get easier and soon you will be able to play an actual song by knowing a few of the open chords.  In time, you may even be able to write your own songs!


Adam SAdam S. teaches bass guitar, guitar, music performance, music recording, music theory, and songwriting to students of all ages in Beverly Hills, CA. Adam joined the TakeLessons team in June 2012, with over nearly 20 years of experience teaching. Sign up for lessons with Adam, or visit TakeLessons to search for a teacher near you!



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