Videos We Love: Man With No Hands Plays Guitar

Have you ever wanted to play guitar, but thought of a hundred reasons to hold off?  You’re too busy, you’re too tired to practice, your fingers hurt after playing for two days… the list goes on and on for some people.

Well, you may need to put those excuses to rest after watching this inspiring video:

His name is Mark Goffeney, a San Diego musician who has even performed internationally with his band, Big Toe. Browse around YouTube and you’ll find tons of videos featuring this impressive guitar player, strumming everything from the Beatles to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  How’s that for some inspiration?  We can’t even imagine how many hours of practicing he’s committed to learn how to use only his feet to play.  It’s just the kind of talent and commitment we here at TakeLessons thrive to see.

Now it’s your turn – so pick that guitar up and start practicing!


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