Greg O.

Greg O.

High school

Trigonometry Review Lecture 1

This quick Trig Review lecture covers the unit circle (don't memorize it, build it!) and trigonometric identities (and where they come from). The half-angle & double angle formulas are also included, ... Show More

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Mr. Owsley is one of the best math teacher I have met in my life time. I have taken his Calculus BC class when I was a high school student. His class was interactive, inspiring and creative. He impacted me not only mathematically, but also as a human being in shape and form. I am currently a PhD student in math, and I am much in debt in the math education I received from Mr. Owsley. Despite of the fact that I have had a lot of math teachers on my way of doing mathematics, he remains one of my favorite, most inspiring, and motivating teacher. He explains problems with such a passion and clarity that I think his classes are very helpful to students working on the topic of calculus. I will very much recommend working with him through the way of calculus and other mathematical topics.

Posted Sep 22, 2022