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He was a good teacher and that is no small thing! Helpful, Kind, straightforward and personable. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the Handouts.

Posted Feb 24, 2023
Teacher's studio

William's a great, nice, knowledgeable teacher. I had a cool guitar class with him where he taught some helpful music theory and tips to take my guitar playing to the next level to make it more musical. He explains concepts very well and I look forward to taking more classes with him!

Posted Feb 3, 2023
Teacher's studio

William is a great instructor. He explains the material in a way that I can grasp and retain it. I am a beginner and he explained each component of the guitar and how each part functions. I've learned how to properly hold the pick and how to follow-through when strumming. I am also learning drills to develop finger strength and control. I'm looking forward to future lessons with him.

Posted Jan 28, 2023