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Gabriel W.

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Levels Taught: Beginner - Advanced

Acting with ease is mostly about really being relaxed and at peace while fulfilling a role. The best acting comes from having passion and confidence in the choices that you have made while you have prepared. The greatest obstacle? The inner critic, the inner skeptic, the inner dragon that works hard to put on the breaks and make us question ourselves and whether it is safe to let go or not. My job is to help you feel safe enough to be able to trust your creative instincts and your natural impulses. I'm more of a kind, compassionate, understanding and forgiving coach who nurtures the talent that is already in there. We all know you've got it -- who are we kidding?

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Male Ages Taught: 14 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 14 to 99


Gabriel W. ("Musiciano") is a fiery and passionate vocal instructor proficient in the fields of acting, singing and vocal development. A professional singer, actor and teacher with a BFA in Theater Arts. Gabriel doesn'™t just possess a formal college education, but more importantly an "informal" education based on his experiences on the stage and in the studio in the real world. Gabriel'™s approach is direct, simple and to the core getting straight to the heart of the matter: developing the voice from the inside out by breaking things down to the essentials.

An expert at creating vocal warm-ups, vocal exercises, and vocal cool-downs to keep the voice in the best shape possible. With a passion for psychology, this is your guy for great insights and advice on how to cultivate a positive attitude and create and survive a career in the world of the performing arts. With a kind and compassionate yet stern and strong tone, Gabriel will work with you to develop the focus and dedication necessary to get your voice beyond what you even knew was possible. Gabriel is available to teach Monday through Saturday.

*** Lesson Details ***
Regardless of the genre you sing, developing your voice with Gabriel's help will improve your tone, range, power and overall ability. You can expect to become a much better singer without losing any of your personal and unique traits.

The approach isn't a technical or mysterious one, it's all about re-learning the facts about how the voice functions best. You can expect to clear away a lot of confusions regarding how the voice works and to take away the guesswork from the vocal development process. If you want to improve your voice quickly, being guided by someone who understands how it all works and by someone who was where you are today and is now closer to where you want to be in the future is the best idea. Gabriel is that guy!

Gabriel's approach is quite simple yet very effective at developing the entire voice. There are two basic levels that every singer must address. The first one is addressing the condition of the body and voice and the second one is addressing the functioning of the voice and body.

I - Silent Foundation

The silent foundation refers to the condition of your instrument as it is silent. If we are looking at the body as an instrument that sings, we first have to make sure that our instrument is in good condition. How healthy is your instrument? Is it well rested, well hydrated and loose? Or is it tired, dehydrated and tense? As you could guess, the condition of your instrument will have a significant impact on the quality of the sounds you make. So the first thing to be addressed is how your instrument is before it starts making sound.

II - Conditioning of Singing Behaviors

This is when we get busy. Once we have a well rested, healthy, hydrated and relaxed instrument we can start working it out. The goal is to condition our singing behaviors to be reflexive, reliable and strong. The way to do this is through a series of vocal exercises that will condition your voice to respond to the desires of your heart. Whatever it is that you want to express will be possible once your instrument is conditioned to the point where there is no gap between what you want to express and your ability to do so. Learning to sing is all about learning how to express yourself without barriers. You should be able to develop enough range, power, control and skill so that you can express your heart without feeling like you'™re incapable of achieving what you pursue. To achieve these abilities training is often necessary.

*** Specialties ***
Confidence Building, Warming-Up, Releasing Tension and Strain, Eliminating Stage Fright, Expanding Range, Improving Tone, Developing Vocal Power and Presence, Eliminating Doubt, Simplifying Singing, Strengthening The Voice, Improving Pitch, Building Stamina, Increasing Creativity, Performance Tips, Artist Development, Acting and Songwriting.

Once we have a good foundation any contemporary genre or style can be improved.

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Owner Jan 2008 - Present
Musiciano Vocal Development Studio

Vocal Instructor and Creative Expression Coach


BFA Theater Arts Sep 2003 - Nov 2007
Five Towns College, NY

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English Fluent / Native Proficiency
Spanish Fluent / Native Proficiency

Student Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by professional but down to earth. His teaching approach is unique: customized lessens to your need. Gabriel has techniques that would help students to learn warm-ups and excerses to unlock their full range, and improve their vocal ability. Recommended! May 9, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Singing Gabriel is absolutely amazing! He is so passionate about the arts & his love of singing. He sees where ur focus is & makes sure that is what u work on..he shows u how to do vocal exercises, how to take control of ur voice, how to get wonderful range. He is a fabulous teacher!! He doesn't just tell u what to do but demonstrates & makes u understand why u are doing certain exercises. He is a great person & u r very lucky to have him as a teacher, I know I am!!! September 18, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Teacher! My daughter was very nervous at the beginning but after just 1 lesson, she loosened up. He makes her feel like she can accomplish anything. She is learning a lot about her voice and i am looking forward to the finished product, she is always looking forward to her next class. May 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by about Gabriel Gabriel gets to work the moment he arrives. He is always on time. He works well with Sabrina and she has fun. He always has a lesson to give her so she can practice for the week. She has taken lessons before but has never been this enthusiastic. Sabrina looks forward for his emails and her next lesson. I would recommend Gabriel to anyone who is interested in singing lessons. January 19, 2012