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Michelle W.

Michelle W.

Lessons are simple & easy for all ages of begginner guitarists! Learn your favorite songs right away! Each lesson will consist of a unique and personalized curriculum to fit your needs! This will be done at a pace that allows for confidence to be built and a complete understanding of the material to become a pro guitar player! Along with your favorite songs, each student is taught what I call 'beginning fundimentals'. These are a basic set of skills that can help any guitarist become an independent and self-sufficient musician with a strong fundamental foundation. Crucial skills such as: reading music TAB scales various chords playing your favorite songs and more... will be taught in each lesson. Each lesson will be just as enjoyable as it is informative. *Note for in-person lessons at teacher's location* Due to current circumstances mask and temp check are required for in person lessons at teacher's locations. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe!
/30 mins
Susan T.

Susan T.

My own former guitar teacher once told me, "Guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play, but the most difficult to master." Now that I teach guitar including theory, I understand exactly what he meant. We will start with finger-strengthening exercises while learning basic music fundamentals; then on to sight reading, string by string, note by note; we will learn to group notes together (chords) a bit later (after you have mastered the rest and free strokes. Be prepared to purchase Hal Leonard's Classical Guitar Course (or Finger-Style Guitar (I get 30% off retail), and/or A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar (including Easy Classical Guitar Duets - both of these can be bought on Amazon). Other supplies: metronome/tuner, picks, and a classical-nylon stringed guitar of course. Music contains two things: pitch and rhythm, so using a metronome right from the beginning will help you learn rhythm if you have problems in that area (many students do). We will do clapping exercises if necessary. I am looking for committed guitar students who already "play" a steel string guitar; however, may want to learn or transition over classical nylon-string guitar studies (application and theory). Practicing daily is the best way to learn guitar, you will find that your body molds itself with your instrument; your guitar may become one of your best friends. Please feel free to let me know which songs you desire to master. NOTE Lastly, September 2019, one of my three year sixth grade students performed Canon in D at Mulenburg County, KY at its thumb-picking competition event. He was the youngest guitarist there; he started out with classical guitar training and intends to compete in the JR Competition as soon as it is offered again.
/30 mins