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Edwin I.

Earl Scruggs 3 finger style Learning songs Improvisation soloing Proper technique Repertoire Music analysis
/30 minutes

Matt O.

My TENOR 4 STRING BANJO (Irish tuning) teaching style consists of a fun, relaxed, and engaging student paced learning environment. My instruction is always tailored to my student's short term, and long term goals. My promise to you as my student is that together we will discover what it takes for you to become a proficient musician with the ability to perform in front of any audience. My classes with you will include the following content: • Warm up exercises • Fundamentals • Mindfulness techniques • Note reading • Tab reading • Sight reading • Left hand/ right hand techniques • Burst practicing (burnout prevention) • Micro movements/economy of motion • Proper posture both sitting and standing • Stage performance techniques • Embellishments • Improvisation • Unorthodox techniques • Scales and Keys • Theory • Fretboard mastery • Chords (all types) • Songwriting • Transcription • Memorization • Self sufficiency
/30 minutes

Ray M.

Beginner to intermediate. Banjo can be a difficult instrument at first. It requires a great deal of patience and persistence. But it's also an extremely rewarding instrument to learn. Banjo lessons typically center on Scruggs-style rolls, as well as building chord vocabulary.
/30 minutes

Damien S.

I have been teaching for over 10 years. My goal is to get my students quickly able to play, learn what they want to learn and have fun.
/30 minutes

Jesse M.

Learn basics about rhythm, harmony, and melody, and how they apply to the banjo.
/30 minutes

Richard C.

Lean how to play bluegrass banjo including melody and finger picking. Also "Clawhammer" techniques.
/30 minutes

John B.

Learn how to play Banjo! While learning the Banjo, students will learn specific rolls such as forward and backward rolls, chords strum patterns, rhythm playing and various songs such as Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Dueling Banjos. They will learn the styles of Bluegrass and Claw Hammer playing.
/30 minutes

Ronnie B.

Banjo is a beautiful instrument and an ol’ Friend. Wether you would like to learn 3-finger bluegrass style sitting on the banks of the river(dock of the bay?) and play or make use for composition I will do my best to aid you on you’re Journey. Received instruction from Noam Pickelney*
/30 minutes
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Great first lesson, Ryan!

Ryan (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

so happy to finally find a relaxed person and you just know he enjoys teaching and doesnt hurry you. am excited for my next lessons

Lorraine (Banjo lessons with Kenton M.)

Ryan provides thorough and patient instruction.

Tim (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

Patient teacher and expert practitioner. Really cares about student's growth. He also reminds you to have fun. Always on time for lesson, too.

Barbara (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

Great first lesson, Ryan!

Ryan (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

so happy to finally find a relaxed person and you just know he enjoys teaching and doesnt hurry you. am excited for my next lessons

Lorraine (Banjo lessons with Kenton M.)

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