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These Violin teachers are highly rated by students in the Webster area, including Channelview, Crosby, Highlands, Alvin and Fresno.

Eugene H.

Sugar Land, TX 77479


Private Violin Teacher
About Eugene

Greetings and Salutations! I want to let you know, whether you're a music student or a fellow lover of music, that you have great untapped potential for music! More so than most people would tell you, because music is a powerful, life giving, uplifting gift that comes to all those that love and enjoy it.

If you have a desire to pursue music in any shape or fashion. I congratulate you! You open to yourself a brand new world filled with fun, excitement and great opportunities.

My Philosophy:

There is great music potential waiting to be untapped in yourself. I value greatly the time I spend with every student and wish them to become the very best at the instrument they wish to pursue.

There is indescribable expression to be found in music. A wide range of emotions can be conveyed along with untold stories just waiting to

be opened up. I will help foster a student's ability to see music for what it really is and help them strive for whatever musician they wish to become, whether it be for personal fulfillment, just for fun and recreation, or even in the pursuit of becoming an effective classical musician.

My Education:

My mother took me took a classical concert when I was six and I sat in the front of the stringed section. After the concert I made my decision that would shape the rest of my life, I wanted to become like those musicians.

I eventually graduated from a local music school in the following years in piano and violin and immediately went to enter the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. I was among the 10 out of 40 applicants that were eventually chosen, along with being the youngest of them as well.

After four years of study, I graduated and received my Bachelor's Degree in Music. I then went on to study for another year and received my Master's Degree in Piano.

My Other Experience:

I was Church Music Director in Kiev for Living Water Church from 2002 - 2010. I directed the adult choir, directed and led church worship services, accompanied various musicians and managed all aspects of church music responsibilities, including budgeting, rehearsals, planning and library management.

I also have been a private music teacher for several years teaching adults and young students. I planned lessons with them and established their repertoire.

I am also fluent in the Russian language and have extensive computer literacy.

Notable Recitals

Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music Kiev, Ukraine
(Winter and Spring recitals throughout 2005 to 2010)
Performed works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and Gershwin

Music School no. 9 Kiev, Ukraine (Spring 2005, Winter 2007)
Performed works by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff

Revutzky Music College Chernihiv, Ukraine (Summer 2010)
Performed works by Beethoven and Gershwin

St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral Kiev, Ukraine (Spring 2010)
Performed Chamber music works by Beethoven

I do look forward to meeting you and working together with you in learning music!


*** Lesson Details ***
I pay close attention to the fundamentals of music especially throughout the early lessons. These include reading notes, measuring tempo and rhythm, sight reading, hand positioning, posture, and technique.

I believe in positive reinforcement for all my students. Building a kind and friendly atmosphere is paramount for encouraging students, especially children, to continue pursuing music. Everyone I believe has hidden music potential, and I believe the key to unlocking this is through inspiration. Music is a grand adventure of excitement and discovery for everyone.

I am very kind and honest with my students and am never too strict with them, but I do require and greatly encourage regularly that they make habitual practice a vital part of their musical education. As the old saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect." There is great truth to that saying especially when learning a musical instrument.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student's to provide necessary instrument, piano or violin

*** Specialties ***
Russian School of Piano Playing, Beginner to Professional Piano Performance, Advanced Music Performance, Music Theory, and Intermediate Violin and Music Recording

April 23, 2013
Kas R.
Excellent Teacher

I am an older student and I started to learn to play the piano more than a year ago under a different teacher. I started with Eugene about 4 months ago. I was struggling with the piano previously. But after just 2 lessons with Eugene, I found myself playing confidently. Eugene explains so clearly and everything makes sense to me now. I enjoy practicing everyday now. He is excellent teacher, patient, and very professional. He is always on time.
March 14, 2012
Eugene is the best piano teacher I have ever had! He doesn't just know how the teach piano but music as well! I'm so glad that I chose him!

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Eugene H.

Sugar Land, TX


Shannon S.

Houston, TX 77047


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher

beginning through intermediate & adult.

About Shannon


MUSIC (see fitness below): Shannon has numerous years experience teaching all skill levels on woodwinds, and beginning-intermediate piano & classical strings, using various approaches to best suit the students learning style, personality and needs.

Shannon is an active musician, who has been featured as a soloist, and in the flute and woodwind sections with various orchestras, chamber ensembles, opera orchestras and musical theatre within the United States, Italy, and Mexico. She is presently Principal Flute of the Baytown Symphony, Director of the Da Capo Chamber Ensembles, and is a substitute musician with the Orquesta Sinfnica de Monterrey, Symphony of Southeast Texas, and Opera in the He


Shannon has been a faculty member at various colleges,and is currently Adjunct Professor of Music at Jessup University and Brazosport College, and also has an active private studio, Leigh Studios. She is the College Music Society South-Central Regional President; and is an Advisory Board member for the Houston Flute Club.

Shannon received her Masters of Music degree in Performance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She also studied at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and received her B.A. degree in Performance, and B.S. degree in Music-Business from Winona State University, and has studied with world-renowned instructors.

Shannon has received grants for her work, from the Minnesota State Arts Board, American Federation of Musicians, Rome Festival Orchestra, and the Winona Music Guild, and was the 1997 recipient of the Vivian Menees Nelson Music Award.

Shannon is also a sponsored triathlete and trainer/coach/race director, and gives workshops on the importance of healthy living, nutrition and exercise for musicians. She is a board member for The Lake Charles Triathletes. And she is a strong advocate for music, health, and triathlon. Sponsors: Maggie Martinez-LMT, Eating for Performance, Bikesport, DeSoto Sport, Gu Performance Energy, Rudy Project, Amit Jethva-DDS, Leigh Enterprises. Her primary sports growing up were track, gymnastics, and cycling.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am pretty easy going. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease, but we do need to focus and can have fun doing it. :)
I utilize various methods for each instrument, which is determined by the students learning style and ability; needs, so this can change as time goes on (not sticking to one particular publishers materials). I have done (and continue to do) extensive research into materials available for each instrument I teach, and supplement with my own, to utilize the best out there for "YOU" for the best possible progress. While ensuring an extremely well-rounded musical education, so you can progress at the best possible rate. Since each student's potential is different, each will progress differently. This is also determined by your dedication to daily practice (the more you practice, the quicker you will progress & the more accomplished you will become). This is a 'Team Effort'; I give the guidance and tools. You practice, utilize learn these tools, and off we go! The sky is the limit!

*** Specialties ***
Classical, jazz

FITNESS: Shannon has been athletic most of her life. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist in Exercise Therapy, and running / multisport (swim/bike/run) coach for 15 years.

She is a sponsored athlete, and a 2018 World Championship Qualifier and Participant in Denmark, representing Team USA, and has also placed in her age group at numerous endurance events.

She applies her years of teaching experience to helping you reach your physical and nutritional goals, to be the healthiest you can be. She's not for quick fixes/results. It's all about a transformational lifestyle change. Enjoy the journey! It's well worth it! (see info above).

September 13, 2019
Nooria A.
Shannon is a great teacher, very professional and more than accommodating. Wholeheartedly recommended.
May 22, 2019
Very knowledgeable. Easy to talk to and ask questions.
February 17, 2019
My daughter's first lesson with Shannon went very well. We look forward to continuing the flute journey with her.

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Shannon S.

Houston, TX


Paul W.

Houston, TX 77063


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher


About Paul

Professional musician, engineer, producer, music educator with a lot of experience teaching kids and adults alike.

Taught and performed all over Germany, The Netherlands, Belguim, Canada, Great Britain,Portugal, Africa , U.S.A. etc.

Still Performing, recording all around the United states.


August 21, 2019
Excellent first lesson! I’m so excited to continue my lessons with Paul!
August 20, 2019
I'll get right to the point. Paul's personality made it extremely easy for me not only to be comfortable but to feel really appreciated. I was fearful that Paul may feel like, "oh great another person who THINKS he has something but can't sing a lick!" I experienced the exact opposite. Within 15 minutes he located what has been my most frustrating issue. I felt like I was already ahead of the game and we hadn't even started yet! Paul has the rare balance of a sense of humor and still following an agenda to meet my goal. Thanks to Paul I really feel like I can, and WILL reach all my goals. AND enjoy the journey to them!! Can't wait for the next lesson!
June 12, 2019
Ethan M.
Ethan has alot of fun!!!

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Paul W.

Houston, TX


Zoe L.

Houston, TX 77098

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher

My Teaching Philosophy instills the basics of an instrument by developing focus, musical understanding and physical motor skills.

Regardless of age, each of these aspects must be cultivated in order to produce a healthy and stable musician. Learning focus, musicianship, and physicality requires a returning to the basics after higher skill sets have been attained.

About Zoe

Developing Focus

In order to play a piece of music, the student must have a stability and clarity of mind. This can be cultivated through short sessions (5-10 minutes) where the student focuses on their breath, and listens outwards to external sound.

Based on age and maturity level, these meditations will vary– however the overall goal is a clear palate from which the music may be studied.

Developing musicianship

The two basic components of a musical instrument include pitch and rhythm.

Rhythm is logical and can be learned through basic exercises and fun games and apps. However, internalizing a rhythmic pulse in the body requires physical exercises such as dance or eurythmics. Because of this, I encouraged my students to enroll in dance classes!

Pitch vibration in relation to a scale can often be difficult for beginners. I use a pro

cess of singing with drones from a speaker to give the student a sense of how each pitch physically feels when sung in relation to the scales base note.

Developing Motor Skills

String instruments can be thought of as a sport of the fine muscles. However, the larger muscle groups must also be maintained! I encourage my students to take part in some type of after school sport. In addition, I will go through basic stretches during each lesson that prevent injury and improve circulation.

With application to the instrument, there are two main categories of physical-technical exercises, Bow Arm and Left Hand exercises.

Bow Arm Exercises are meant to improve overall sound quality and increase flexibility. There are hundreds of these exercises, with just as many variations. I assign my students just a few each week with a specific goal in mind.

Left Hand Exercises are designed to improve dexterity, accuracy, and speed, while also correcting the hand’s shape, overall efficiency, and intonation. Again, my student receive new exercises each week in order to train the fine muscles and keep their practice fresh.

Learning a Piece of Music

I have several notions and techniques to help students learning a piece of music I break them down into a process that can be understood and carried forward by the student. They are picking a piece, creating learnable chunks, learning notes and rhythms (dynamics and articulation), understanding the form and message and performing.

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Zoe L.

Houston, TX

Grace W.

Houston, TX 77054

Private Violin Teacher

Lessons are personlized.

About Grace

Hello! My name is Grace. I have 20 years of experience playing the violin. In college, I was a member of the chamber orchestra, and string ensemble. I also took private lessons from one of my instructors who was a member of a local orchestra.


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Grace W.

Houston, TX

Rainel J.

Houston, TX 77024

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher

In my lessons, students will always find a safe and positive environment. I have more than 5 years of experience teaching the violin; all in very different settings. That includes 3 years as a beginners violin teacher in Cuba. I’ve held a community and engagement position at the Houston symphony for 3 years, which includes teaching all around Houston areas and underserved communities.

About Rainel

My name is Rainel J.I am currently a Community-Embbeded Musician with the Houston Symphony. I have had 3 consistent years of working around our Houston community providing private lessons, group lessons, workshops, and concerts to all ages. I am originally from Cuba, and I speak, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. In my country, I provided private lessons for 4 years to beginners and high-school level students. I am hoping to provide a safe and healthy environment to all students who decide to take my lessons and ultimately become a mentor.


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Rainel J.

Houston, TX

Natasha C.

Sugar Land, TX 77478

Private Violin Teacher

Professional Musician offers Violin Lessons in Sugar Land, Texas.

From beginner to advanced, Natasha's violin students are among the most competitive and successful in this area.

With a Master's degree, twenty years teaching experience, and 10 years in a major professional orchestra, she's ready to bring out the best in your children!

About Natasha

In addition to graduating from The Kharkiv Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School at the Kharkiv Conservatory, I hold a master's degree in Music. I specialized in piano and violin and also earned certification in teaching Music.

Professional Experience:

Competing and Winning Position of Professional Violinist, "Artist of Orchestra" in Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where I worked continuously for over 10 years.

In addition to operas, ballets, and symphonies, I often performed with guest conductors including Adrian Bryttan - USA, and Vakhtang Jordania - USA.

During that period, I performed a wide variety of styles and compositions from J. S. Bach to I. Stravinsky.

I toured in Europe with my orchestra, Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

In addition to 10 continuous years in Kha

rkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, I performed with Belgorod State Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra in Kharkiv, Ukraine and with the Theater of Musical Comedy in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Teaching Experience:

My teaching experience includes 20 years of teaching piano and violin. My youngest student was 3 years old, and my oldest student was 72 years old.

My students are among the most competitive in the area, with a long list of achievements. In addition to dominating 1st chair positions in the area and excelling in annual UIL competitions, here are a few of my students' accomplishments:

• Houston Symphony League Concerto Competition - Finalist 2015
• Houston Youth Symphony Chamber Player - Soloist and 1st Violinist
• Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University - Accepted
• Northwestern University - Accepted
• Cleveland Institute of Music - Accepted
• High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) - Accepted
• Houston Youth Symphony - Symphony Orchestra Concert Master Group, Assistant of Concert Master
• Houston Youth Symphony - Philharmonia Concert Master, 1st Chair
• Houston Youth Symphony - String Orchestra, 3rd Chair
• Multiple members of Houston Youth Symphony
• Greater Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra Scholarship Competition - 2nd Place with Scholarship
• Greater Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra - Concert Master, 1st Chair
• Multiple members of the Greater Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra
• Virtuosi of Houston - Concert Master of Second Section of Violin
• The 5th Hong Kong International Music Festival - Winner
• and Many More!

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Natasha C.

Sugar Land, TX

Carole C.

Houston, TX 77081

Private Violin Teacher

I follow the Suzuki method. I am a Certified Grade 8 ABRSM violinist

About Carole

Hello there! My name is Carole and I would love to be the one to help you and your little ones with your passion in music and in violin


View Details

Carole C.

Houston, TX

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"I came to Mark as a senior in high school. I had been playing in orchestras for 7 years up until this point and wanted to see if I could refine my techniq
ue before heading into college. Even in my limited time with him, Mark helped me fix most if not all of my bad habits and gave me valuable knowledge to continue learning on my own! He was very friendly throughout the whole experience and was flexible with my busy schedule."
"Professional and accommodating"
"Mel is very knowledgeable, attentive to details, and an experienced teacher."
"Mark was wonderful, very knowledgeable! He was able to teach my daughter in a way that she actually understood. My daughter has A.D.D. He was far from
my home but TOTALLY worth it. I will continue the lessons with Mark."
"Regina is AMAZING!!! My daughter is 15 and just loves her, and her teaching style! Can't wait for more lessons!! :)"
"Best one!!"
"A highly recommended professional colleague, performer and teacher

Martina is an incredibly talented professional violist and teacher. As a violinist and
former TakeLessons instructor, I know that Martina would be an excellent teacher for anyone seeking to learn the violin or viola. Having performed with her on many occasions in both chamber and orchestral settings, I know from personal experience that her technical ability is impressive. Furthermore, she is an incredibly warm person who can easily make a new student feel at home. I would be happy to give a more detailed recommendation for Martina upon request. She is a wonderful teacher and player and I cannot recommend her enough!"
"Jaclyn was amazing. She was really patient with my 7 yr old daughter and you can see the progression in her play at a rapid pace. I definitely recommend J
aclyn. A+ work and A+ person."

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