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These Classical Piano teachers are highly rated by students in the Universal City area, including Bergheim, Macdona, Fischer, Von Ormy and Kingsbury.

Roni B.

Boerne, TX 78006


Private Classical Piano Teacher

My strength is Classical. Was trained by the best, and will help you achieve your pianistic goals based on composer history as well as piece history and placement in time.

About Roni

Are you or your child interested in learning how to play piano? I am a former child prodigy and an experienced soloist / teacher whose talent was fostered by the highest of Russian Classical Pianist Pedigrees from a very young age. I have a lot to share. Learning the piano, isn't just about learning notes and playing them; it's about creating music, and conveying a story! I know how to teach that! And for all the moms out there- that means NOT having to listen to endless harsh ping-pang bland robotic piano practice. My goal is to create music from day 1. I have been teaching on and off since I was 18 in 1991. I formerly taught at a Yamaha School, and taught in my home on my beautiful Yamaha C7, but now being new to Texas, I will travel to you. My rates are very competitive, and I will give you a strong foundation, instill the art of

musicianship and teach you skills you can apply on your own and at your own pace. Learning an instrument should be fun and stress-free to foster a love of creating music. I enjoy teaching most, when you and/or your child are challenged in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! Please contact me if you have any questions. I am new to the San Antonio area, and am only looking to take on 5 students at the moment so I can who sure to bring my best for you. 🎶

April 5, 2019
I highly recommend Roni if you are interested in learning to play the piano or improving your existing piano skills.

As a retiree I found it difficult to find a teacher that would take on an older / beginning student and offer in home lessons. Her schedule is flexible and she is very accommodating of my obligations. I am extremely fortunate to have found Roni. She is an incredible pianist (she can provide links to some of her performances) who makes learning fun. I actually look forward to my lessons. She takes the time to learn about your musical interest and goals and then tailors your lessons to provide you with a positive, motivating and enjoyable experience.
September 14, 2018
Excellent teacher!!!
February 24, 2015
Ms B.
Roni B is a treasure! So wonderful! We are so blessed to have found her.

There were several options in the valley, and you can never know if there will be that 'connection' with a new teacher.

Roni is patient and she got me! Knew exactly what I needed to learn.
I have had other teachers, and RONI B IS THE BEST!!!

Im giving her card to ALL my friends, even if they don't play piano!

Thank you Roni. Now don't get too busy so you can't work with you number one student lol!

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Roni B.

Boerne, TX

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I care about the unique goals of every student I teach, and always have a tendency to help them relax, have fun, and be themselves while learning. Full time music teacher for 4 years -- part time for 10. All ages and experience levels welcome.

Learn your favorite songs and connect to music the way it means the most to you. Jazz, classical, blues, funk, rock, and more.

About Isaiah

Former attendee of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem as well as SUNY Purchase School of Music.

I've worked as a professional church choral music director, and have extensive experience teaching (in addition to piano) hand drums, drumset, singing, and beginning guitar -- all in a variety of genres.

I help singers achieve vocal freedom, connecting most directly to songs as well as their natural voice.

I perform around my local area in a variety of venues from upscale wine bars to weddings.

I live, teach, and play with passion -- and look forward to sharing that with every new student I meet.


September 1, 2018
Nathan A.
This was my first time trying music lessons. Isaiah Was able to help me feel comfortable singing and acquire more of a natural sounding voice. and over the course of 4 weeks worth of lessons i was able to improve greatly in my abilities to the point where i'm confident now :) would recommend and will be back for more!
May 14, 2018
Russell for Bequia
Isaiah was patient and helpful, a good music teacher who gave my daughter the skills to improve in her instrumental music class.
May 13, 2018
Isaiah worked with me to identify my vocal range, and where I fell short in my vocal abilities. Isaiah gave me tailor made exercises to improve my singing . I began to hear the change in just a couple of sessions. He is really patient and individualistic in his approach, which makes him in awesome teacher. I would recommend Isaiah to anyone in a heartbeat.

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Isaiah S.




San Antonio, TX 78259

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Victor’s passion for music, and his desire to inspire that passion to students of every age. He is a graduate from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas Victor, or “Mr Vic” as many of his students call him, has been teaching in San Antonio, the surrounding areas and online for over 25 years. Current with the newest music/performance styles, as well as the newest tech available.

I truly believe that all children/adults have the ability to learn an instrument and make good music. My approach is different in that I tap into their natural creativity and expression to bring out the very best possible result. Fill your heart with the sound of great music and see the smile of your children bringing it to you. Just imagine it happening in your home.


I truly believe that all children/adults have the ability to learn an instrument and make good music. My approach is different in that I tap into their natural creativity and expression to bring out the very best possible result. Fill your heart with the sound of great music and see the smile of your children bringing it to you. Just imagine it happening in your home.

Victor’s passion for music, and his desire to inspire that passion to students of every age. He is a graduate from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas Mr G., or “Mr Vic” as many of his students call him, has been teaching in San Antonio, the surrounding areas and online for over 25 years. Current with the newest music/performance styles, as well as the newest tech available.


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San Antonio, TX

Ivan S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Piano lessons are an excellent way to engage all parts of your brain while having fun.

My lessons include: note reading, technique, music theory, ear training, and musicianship.

Although I can teach a variety of genres, my specialty is in classical music.

About Ivan

Hello! My name is Ivan. I am a classically trained pianist. I have been playing the piano for 17 years and have been teaching for 5 years. I like to give my students the opportunity to not only progress in skill, but also enjoy what they are learning!

My lessons focus on 5 things:

- note reading
- technique
- music theory
- ear training
- musicianship

My specialty is in teaching classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, etc.). I can also teach pop and modern new age styles as well.

If you are interested in forming a solid musical foundation, then I'm your guy! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


April 15, 2019
I would like to highly recommend Ivan Shallal as a music teacher for children. Ivan is a gifted piano teacher. He is very well-respected in Rochester Hills and Troy, Michigan. This community is extremely fortunate to have a music teacher of his caliber to teach in this area.

Ivan is passionate about music. His love for the art is evident in his enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. He is exceedingly patient with all students, encourages them, and coaxes the very best effort from each one. Although he is one of the best music teachers in the zone, his prices are extremely reasonable. In my opinion, he is worth every penny he charges, and I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Ivan Shallal as a music teacher. I am tremendously grateful to him for everything he has taught my daughter.
April 10, 2019
Ivan was an absolutely wonderful Piano teacher to my son, who was 3-4 years old at the time. My son had a peculiar way of learning and appreciating music, and Ivan seamlessly adapted to my son’s learning style, engaged with him in a fun but effective dynamic, and taught him skills beyond my expectations! He’s kind, patient and highly skilled as a teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
April 8, 2019
Ivan was the piano teacher for my 3 boys ages 14, 12 and 7 years old for about 2 years. Before Ivan, my kids lost interest in learning and practicing piano. Ivan was able to engage their interest and make them love practicing. He encouraged them to pick music from famous songs or movies which helped to attract their attention. My kids looked at him as a role model. It was a pleasure having him as their piano teacher. He is a great one. It was a big loss for us when he moved out of the state. He is highly recommended.

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Ivan S.



Derek W.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Every student is different which is why I love to build a custom curriculum for each musician in my studio! Not only will we get you playing your favorite songs or repertoire in any genre, but we can also build strong skills in musicianship in any areas that appeal to you including ear training, solfege, music theory, sight reading, accompaniment skills, composition/songwriting, arranging and orchestration, and foundations of conducting.

I specialize in working with students age 12 through adulthood; beginners through college preparatory and advanced students welcome!

About Derek

I'm a Brooklyn-based composer, conductor, arts administrator and general wearer of many hats, but I will always consider myself a teacher first! My approach to education is student-centric, goal-oriented, and practical. Every student regardless of their background or identity deserves equitable access to a quality music education that reflects their interests and aspirations.

I provide lessons and tutoring in a wide variety of music including piano, ear training, music theory, sight singing, composition/songwriting, arranging and orchestrating, diction, foundations of conducting, and love to mix and match these with each student, providing a practical working knowledge of these skills across any desired genre.

My current engagements include active work as a composer, conductor, and clinician with both professional musicians and in s

chools, as well as singing in multiple choral groups throughout New York City. I also am a staff member at the League of American Orchestras, supporting our work in the areas of knowledge resources, learning, and leadership. Outside of my regular schedule, I work as a consultant to several socially-oriented music groups including the Refugee Orchestra Project and Voices 21c, both located in Boston, MA.

I hold a Master of Music degree in Music Composition with a minor in Choral Conducting from the New England Conservatory as well as a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

June 30, 2019
I've had Derek as a conductor for a small string ensemble for about 5 years and he's truly the best anyone can ask for! He's great with young students and is amazing at motivating and explaining exactly what he wants out of musicians. His love and knowledge for music is extremely evident and that in turn encourages his students to strive to greater heights in musicianship.

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Derek W.



Karen L.

San Antonio, TX 78213

Private Classical Piano Teacher

5 years of piano teaching and 2 years of elementary school teaching experience => I love teaching and it is my goal to see you grow as a person and a musician. I have played the piano for more than 15 years, and I graduated college with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. My piano lessons will include not only playing songs, but also rhythmic and ear training. Composing and improvising are strongly recommended - perfect for those who want to flex your creativity muscle! Message me today to set up a lesson!

About Karen

I am a classically trained pianist and certified elementary school teacher. I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics..

I believe that every learning experience provides students an opportunity to not only learn a hard skill, like piano and math, but also to learn the soft skills such as time management, discipline and motivation.

My students can expect to improve week to week in their piano or math classes. My goal is not just to teach you how to play piano or to do math. I would like to guide you through the journey of learning and help you explore all the interesting things in music and math.

I teach piano students of all different ages and experience levels. I studied classical piano for 16 years. I can teach students to read music, improve aural sk

ills and pursue classical excellence. I can also help students to prepare for exams and competition.

I am also an elementary school math tutor specialized in the Texas curriculum. I have taught 5th grade for 2 years, and near 90% of my students passed Math STAAR test despite the fact that the school average was in the 50% range. 90% of my students made growth when I was their Math teacher at school. I can tailor our lessons to meet your needs and prepare you for middle school.

Your growth is my source of happiness. Hire me today to embark this wonderful journey!

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Karen L.

San Antonio, TX

Arianna K.

San Antonio, TX 78228

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Hi there! I'm Arianna and I have been playing as well as learning piano for the past 16 years. I've been teaching for about 5 years now. I work with kids from the age range of 5 to 17, beginner and immediate levels. I am good with children and know how to connect with them on a level that they (hopefully) would be comfortable with me. I was a little girl once, learning an instrument I had never touched before, so I know what it's like to be in that position which is what helps me be able to understand the children and teach them in ways they don't feel too pressured.

About Arianna

Hey there! I have been teaching for about 5 years now with roughly 16 years of playing as well as learning piano. I work great with kids because I understand them and take time to get to know them as well as make them feel comfortable around me and not feel pressured or bored during lessons.


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Arianna K.

San Antonio, TX

Robin D.

San Antonio, TX 78212

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

What if ... Your piano lessons could be fun ? What if ... your practice time is a time you look forward to? I have been teaching students of all ages piano and music theory for 10 years . I took private lessons 2 times a week year round for 14 years as a kid and adolescent, it was drudgery . I learned a lot but there was no joy ! When I decided to start teaching piano, I vowed that I would be the teacher I wish I had had.. If a student is choosing their own music, If lessons are taught with patience , kindness, a sense of humor and plenty of knowledge , a student can experience the wonder of music. Music transforms the soul it has the power to take us from where we are to where we want to be. Music is broad and deep it does require time and perserverance, it does not require angst ! I love to share what I know and watch students progress and grow into musicians versus just someone who plays an instrument !

About Robin

I love teaching and playing the piano with joy and creativity. I took piano myself from first grade until Sophomore year in college. My instructors taught me a tremendous amount and I am thankful for what I know . But the years were long, I don't remember any laughter or any choices, teachers were harsh and unforgiving. Piano lessons don't have to be that way. If a student is not looking forward to a lesson then I am doing something wrong. Music and the process of learning should be a beautiful experience filled with wonder and fun along the way. I teach in the " classical" method as in you will learn about theory, how to read music , technique and performance etc. What is not " classical" about how I teach is this fundamental philosophy, the lesson is about the student, not about completing a preset agenda. . It's YOUR lesson, I guide

, I teach , I know when to push and when pull back a little. Music is like the ocean it is deep, broad and seemingly endless, therefore so are the possibilities . You will play the music YOU want to learn no two days or students are alike , no two lessons are alike. In 10 years of teaching, I have never been tired of my work, it is truly play !

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Robin D.

San Antonio, TX

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Students love our teachers

Students love our teachers

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Classical Piano Reviews

"Vyacheslav, or Slava for those who are fortunate and privileged enough to be his acquaintance, is perhaps one of the most compassionate, ingenious, and ma
sterful musician who has an immense gift of music with a rich and thorough tradition as his educational upbringing. Anyone who takes a lesson with him should consider oneself lucky. His mastery of technical ability and teaching skills, as well as his ability to invoke the entire orchestra out of the piano, is second to none."
"My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Fawn for about a year now. She loves her lessons, loves Fawn and the experience in general. Fynn is very po
sitive and encouraging but also very honest. The leverage she has over my daughter is that she does not want to disappoint fun. She loves her lessons, loves Fawn and the experience in general. Fawn is very positive and encouraging but also very honest. The leverage she has over my daughter is that she does not want to disappoint Fawn. I truly admire Fawn and her teaching skills, honing in on my daughters personality to help her achieve higher standards and address problem areas."
"I had never taken music lessons before and was a bit skeptical about starting out with online classes. After working with Fawn, my concerns were soon disp
elled. I receive the same detail of teaching one would expect in any lesson. Fawn tailors the lessons to my learning style and level. A huge advantage is, I am learning from the comfort of my own home with one of the best music coaches in the world!"
"Andree-Ann is the best piano teacher I know. Not only she is very qualify for teaching piano (she teaches in the university so she knows what she's talkin
g about) but also her standards for the students are high! She knows both styles on classical and jazz, and is very patient for the beginners too so you definately will have fun in her lessons."
"I started taking lessons with Dr.Lee since June.
Superb teaching, perfect for my skill level and ambition. Dr.Lee rapidly diagnosed the problems I need t
o solve and has helped me attack them. She doesn't waste a second in her teaching. I am inspired to practice and improve."
"Excellent teacher who has been training my daughter in classical piano for the past 3 years. Anahit has an incredibly vast knowledge of piano repertoire,
technique and performance. She has gotten my daughter active in the Certificate of Merit program of California and understands how to properly prepare students to achieve high marks in all aspects of piano study. Highly recommended!"
"Steven is very professional and knowledgeable. I defined my goals, and Steven laid out a clear path for me to progress toward them. I appreciate his expla
nations regarding why a specific exercise/approach is important. So far I’ve been following all his advice and my wrist pain, sight reading, and musicality are improving. I know I’m in good hands and look forward absorbing more knowledge.
Thanks Steven!"
Ivy C.
"Ms. Liu is a great instructor, I strongly recommend Ms.Liu if you want to take piano lesson!"
"Jingci is a wonderful piano teacher, artist, and a great human being.
We love to study with her as long as we can."

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