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About Lily S.

Provo, UT
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Bojour, mes amis!!!

I've been studying French for 10 years and would love to be there to help you get started on your adventure with the French Language.

I teach French grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing and culture for beginners only. I use practical tools such as natives audio files, tutoring contents, news, articles, videos….

I always personalize my sessions to your needs, expectations, and hobbies. I am here to help you to reach your goals, to pass your exams or to solidify your knowledge for a personal or professional goal.

I like to make my session fun, interactive and efficient !

A bientôt

About Lily
I've been sewing since I was 13. I've sewn things over the years such as dresses, pajamas. I do a lot of tailoring things too. I just love to sew, and I love teaching people to sew too!

The way th
at I teach is to help the student develop their own style. I have students work on their own individual projects that they pick out while asking me questions that they might have while they are doing their project.

However, if they would like there is an option for me to develop lessons for the student on certain sewing techniques that the student could learn. Although, be aware that learning how to sew takes time and that all the techniques of sewing cannot be done all at once.

Then, there is the third option that the lesson could be a mix of the student doing what they want (choosing their own project) and learning some pre-designed techniques.

My first goal is to give my students all of the tools they need to feel confident from the very first lesson. I would like for all of my students within the first lesson to finish either of two basic projects (pajama pants or a draw string bag).

My lessons are not like videos you may find online. Meaning projects will take longer than you think they will. I will work with you to properly construct a quality finished project without too many frustrations and in a timely manner. I recommend buying lessons in 90 minute packages, since sewing always takes longer than expected.


In these lessons we will go over the following, which can be adapted to how you want:

- Sewing safety and how to use a machine
- Learn about the sewing tools you'll be using
- How to read, cut out, layout, and follow a basic pattern instructions
- How to pin and sew a seam, finish seams and sew hems
- Learn to sew on an elastic band (to pajamas or for a tote).
- Learn how to unpick your projects when a mistake is made.
- Learn how to do a basic stitch and the gather stitch.
- Pajamas
- Sewing Tote
- Basic Dress
- Pillow case

- Cement what you learned in the while a beginner.
- Learn to hand sew hems etc.
- Learn about different fabrics and when to use them.
- Sew a basic zipper onto clothes or bags.
- Learn about the different foots.
- Learn to do other stitches
- Intermediate Dresses/ Clothes
- Bags

- Work on your own projects you choose with help.
- Work with harder fabrics.
-Use a zipper foot to sew an invisible zipper.
- Learn to do advanced stitches
-Learn about pleats and darts.
- Prom dress
- Suits
- Formal Coats
- Backpacks

Whether it is for a hobby, to decorate your house, to prepare for design school, or to make your own clothes, I can teach you from the very basic sewing skills, to more advance topics such as modifying your patterns to make clothes that fit.

Judy November 10, 2018
· Japanese · Online
She is great and friendly.
Dottie J. November 2, 2018
· Microsoft Excel · Online
Lily S. was very professional. An excellent instructor! I highly recommend her! :)
Brieann September 28, 2018
· French · Online
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Lily S.

Lily S.

starting at
$22 / 60-min

About Daria K.

Galveston, TX
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During every lesson, at the BEGINNER lever, we will learn how to pronounce French letters, read in French, we'll learn grammar (pronouns, plurals, tenses etc.). We'll learn new vocabulary (I'm going to help you with translation and provide you bilingual internet resources for translation) and as soon as possible we'll use our knowledge to make dialogues, messages, texts and communicate in French.
Almost the same system for INTERMEDIATE level. During every lesson, we take time to learn and practice grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening/watching videos. But the grammar, of course, will be of higher level (in comparison to a beginner) and we will have more time for producing and communicating in French.
During ADVANCED level lessons, we will speak only in French, we'll have some time for grammar just to learn some small particularities and most of our attention will be given to speaking, listening, special vocabulary...Well, everything to make you comfortable in French.
For ...

About Daria
What makes me a better option in comparison to native speakers? I'm specializing in teaching French as a foreign language. I also learned French (English) as a foreign language, so I know and understa
nd all the difficulties you may meet during your studying process. Due to my understanding of all that, I can adopt better the methods of our work and my explanation.
What I love the most about my work? It's seeing my students' success and progress. For that aim, I'm always attentive to my students' needs and abilities to learn a subject. I try to find the best way to their understanding according to individual characteristics.

Since my childhood, I knew that languages are my passion. That's why I graduated from the pedagogical university back in Ukraine (my native country) at the faculty of foreign languages and also studied at the university in Switzerland. I went abroad to improve my French and English as well as to learn psychology and sociology. I had an opportunity to live in a French-speaking country, to have everyday language practice, and to learn how to live on your own.
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Daria K.

Daria K.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Yulia K.

Austin, TX
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Hello there! My name is Yulia and I’m from Italy.
The best way to LEARN a new language is having a CONVERSATION with somebody that knows Italian perfectly. The practice is the key.
We would learn every time new words and we would go through the grammar and then we would have a long conversation in French using everything we learned the minutes before. My first language is Italian, but with these methods, I learned English, Moldavian and French. πŸ‘πŸ»
You can do it πŸ’ͺ🏻

About Yulia
Hello there, how are you? I’m 22 and I’m from Milan, Italy I live in the Usa. I moved here because I really wanted to learn English. My biggest passion is traveling because I think it’s the best way
to know the culture of the countries and to learn new languages.
The Italian language is really beautiful, and I think it’s also pretty easy to learn it if you really want to πŸ˜ƒ
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Yulia K.

Yulia K.

Austin, TX 78759
starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Emmanuelle B.

Austin, TX
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Bonjour ! Let me present myself : I am an experienced teacher and tutor and will be happy to help you with your French ! I am a Native French speaker and I have obtained my teaching credential in California. You can start right now and you will be able to say some basic conversational French. If you need help with homework , I am also here to provide guidance ! Merci !

About Emmanuelle
My love for teaching started during and after high school. I loved to help my peers and other students to succeed. After getting my BA at UCLA , I decided to pursue my career of becoming a teacher. Si
nce then, I have tutored in many different locations before getting my teaching credential. I have taught for 2 years in a high school in Los Angeles before moving to Austin. I would love to help other students succeed and also promote my native language. Send me a message for more information. Merci !
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Emmanuelle B.

Emmanuelle B.

Austin, TX 78704
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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