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About Andy M.

Lexington, MA

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My lessons are all about you and your progress!
I design practice plans tailored to your specific needs.
Material at various stages of your development could include the following:

Beginner Level:
* Learn essential guitar basics
* Learn fundamental music notation and sight reading
* Learn a set of easy chords and some easy songs

Intermediate Level:
* Expand your knowledge of chords and rhythm guitar playing
* Understand music theory (intervals, chords & scales)
* Introduction to Blues & Phrasing
* Learn more complex songs
* Ear Training
* Introduction to various playing techniques

Advanced Level:
* Master Technique (Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweeping, etc.)
* Master Scales (Major Scale, Minor Scales, Pentatonic & Blues Scales, Modes, etc.)
* Learn any song you want
* Create amazing riffs and songs
* Learn high-speed improvisation

About Andy
Hi there! My name is Andy and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 2002 and have loved helping my students to become good guitarists and musicians. I went to Berklee College of Music and earned a Bachelor of Music in 2002 (Magna Cum Laude).

I'm an open-minded and optimistic person. I have taught hundreds of students over the years and have developed a lot of my own teaching materials along the way. I'm very flexible in the way I teach and I always try to find out what type of learners my students are, so I can design a personalized practice plan for fast progress. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!
Alexander December 17, 2018
· Blues Guitar · In studio
Andy was my guitar instructor for more than year. He is a master in theory and practice and is able to bring you to the highest levels. The breath of learning opportunities he offers in terms of techniques, styles, rhythms, songs etc is huge and allows for training and development in the desired areas at every possible level. And he can back up the lessons by the underlying music theory as needed. In practice, Andy quickly spots where issues lie and provides useful hints to overcome technical problems. In addition he offers useful material which helps when practicing at home.

WissenTechniken Gives the right hints
Juergen November 22, 2018
· Electric Guitar · In studio
Andy taught me a lot about playingstyles (Rock- & Jazz) and chord- & songbuliding. He was my teacher for more than 2 years and i wish i had taken my lessons a lot earlier.
Rita March 8, 2018
· Guitar · Online
If you are looking for an instructor who is patient, willing to go at your pace, and answer all your questions, then, Andy is the instructor for you. I have been taking online lessons with him for over a year and have learned a lot. I always believed that you needed a skill to be able to play an instrument but I have come to learn that it takes passion, practice, and a very good teacher. I highly recommend Andy.
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Andy M.

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$30 / 30-min

About Grace S.

Seattle, WA
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I have been playing cello since I was 12, and have a well-versed history gigging and writing music, with an expansive knowledge of tablature, music reading, technique, and popular music.

About Grace
I've been doing music since I was 7, and have always been striving to grow as a cellist, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Even though I began as a classically-trained musician, I believe in incorporating fun music and exploration into teaching to keep students engaged with their instrument.

With patience and persistence, any child can be a stellar musician. My goal as a teacher is to help each person realize their potential in order to become a confident and consistent musician.
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Grace S.

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$34 / 30-min

About Luis M.

Cordova, TN
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TritoneMusic.net has been serving the very best services available in the market, including our stellar Beginner Music Lessons. If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to play the guitar or simply want to improve your skills, speak with one of our experts. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Ready to expand on what you have learned thus far. TritoneMusic.net offers clients intermediate guitar lessons. To learn more contact us to speak with one of our representatives. We’re here to help.

About Luis
Hello, My Name is Luis I have been playing the guitar for some time now as a Hobby. I recently launched my new website providing pre-owned guitars, lessons, and merchandise. I'm currently a Third-year student at Berklee School of Music pursuing my BPS Music Degree through Berklee online. I found teaching to be one of the most rewarding contributions I can make to an individual.
I have a whole new perspective on how to present lessons. With my teachings, you will learn music through some of the proven methods taught at Berklee School Of Music. As well as concepts that I have found to have students play music and have fun quickly. The instrument can be overwhelming sometimes but with the good guidance of an instructor, you can truly begin to enjoy the guitar and all it has to offer. Visit me at for more information. Until then " Keep T
he Dream Alive "
FG August 16, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Awesome instructor. Easy to work with. My 14 year old son looks up to him.
John April 2, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
I feel challenged with each lesson, because of this I think have advanced much faster then I was ever able to achieve on my own. His direction helps me me to stay focused on the weeks tasks.
Stephanie March 9, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
Great teacher!
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Luis M.

Cordova, TN 38016
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$25 / 30-min

About John S.

Las Vegas, NV
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To learn the instrument the right way in a fun and rewarding fashion.

About John
I'm an extremely passionate educator and performer with over 20 years playing experience and 17 years teaching experience. I have toured and recorded with national acts who's music was showcased and featured in major motion picture and video game soundtracks. Recently; I just recorded with the former original lead singer of "Toto": Bobby Kimball ("Africa", "Rosanna", "Hold the Line").

For the past 15 years, I have a built a reputation of instructing the best "up and coming" drummers in the area. Recently, my guitar program has created a huge buzz throughout the local communities as well. Hence, my impact on the local music scene has been a tremendous one. I'm educated in all styles of music, and my teaching program has been admired and awarded by producing students who now teach and perform professionally. In addition, I managed every
music studio I taught at until I opened up my own where I managed and taught for 7 years before relocating to Las Vegas. I currently am now accepting new clients in Las Vegas for drums and guitar and globally on-line, I AM background check verified.
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John S.

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$20 / 30-min

About Onur O.

Tucson, AZ

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Ive been playing guitar since 2005. It was my first instrument to learn and love to play. Im currently the lead guitar in a metal band. I can teach you some beginner and intermediete techniques. I dont teach music theory but i teach how to learn and practice with your hands. I play all genres of music and willing to teach and learn together. Send me a message with any of your questions or what you are willing to learn.

About Onur
Im 29 and ive done quite alot so far in my life. I love talking about virtually anything and have alot of hobbies. Here a list of stuff i do and qualified to do for fun:
Im a certified skydiver, i race cars and love rally racing, im a lead guitar player in a metal band, i love learning new instruments and have a small collection of instruments from different parts of the world, i love technology and computers (also building them), i like working with electronics (such as wiring circuits, building devices), i love organic chemistry synthesis reactions and actually setting up reactions, im a combat veteran and served in the US ARMY for about 4 years as and have many teaching certifications for different classes and language. Im turkish so i like teaching turkish as well. I really enjoy the medical field so im currently studying for the MCA
T and applying to medical school. I am also a Lab Manager and researcher at the University of Arizona. I love hiking and extreme sports such as snowboarding etc. ( ALL OF THEM!!), theres probably more to this that i cant even remember but im always happy to sit down, talk , teach, learn from my students. Hope to see you soon!
Sam March 27, 2019
· Turkish · Online
Onur is a smart, sensitive and knowledgeable instructor. He met us where we were (two of us, complete beginners, took lessons together) and actively searched out resources to help us toward our language goals. As an ethnically Turkish man who has spent time living in Istanbul as well as Arizona, and even serving in the U.S. Military, he brings a true bi-cultural understanding to learning the language. That is invaluable if you really want a grasp of the way English and Turkish relate to each other and how to move from the one to the other.
Furthermore, we found him extremely flexible in working with us. And he is generous with his time. Honestly he really just cares about people progressing in their speaking and reading. What better thing could you want in a language teacher?
Juan B. March 12, 2019
· Chemistry · Online
Great teacher, he explains everything very clearly. I'm glad I could be tutored by him.
Karissa P. February 28, 2019
· Turkish · In studio
Cok sagol Onur . Great teacher
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Onur O.

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$20 / 30-min
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About John H.

Macon, GA

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Blues, Rock, Country, Praise Band - That's what I enjoy playing!!!!!!!
- Rhythm with Chords [Short, Barre, Power]
- Solo & Riffs [Minor Pent, Major Pent, Scale, Mode, Over Chords]
- Blues: 12/8 Feel, Humpty Dumpty Rhythm
- Rock: Straight Up 4/4 Time, Tiger Tiger, Power Chords with Extensions
- Praise Band: Open Chords, Partial Barre Chords, Solo Licks

About John
Started playing a Soprano Uke at an early age. Quickly moved to a Baritone Uke and wrote my first song at age 11. This also was the year that a Drum Set came into our house. I was in love with music . . . and still am after all these years!!
Hear are instruments I play professionally: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drum Set. I also have performed and led worship with the Electronic Keyboard. I can do beginner lessons in all of the above and Banjo, Mandolin & Fiddle.
Over the years I have enjoyed leading Worship Bands, forming Praise Teams, joining the "pit" for Musical Theater, Bluegrass Band, Solo Guitar & Voice and Background Music on the Keyboard. The list goes on and on and on AND the list is not finished yet. Have written quite a few songs and worked with other song writers on their pieces. If you hope to be a singer/son
gwriter . . . then I am your man! I can help with voice coaching and experienced critique of lyrics and chord selections.
Great success teaching the above instruments as well. The youngest student taught is 5 years old and the most mature was 72 years young!
I want you to know that I am a Christian. My love for Jesus continues to grow and I have always been careful to screen certain songs out of my repertoire and teaching.
Let me share with you My Love of Music and get you where you are hoping to go with yours.
Kristin October 11, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
My son has taken guitar from Mr. Hughey for several years and has really enjoyed his lessons. Mr. Hughey is always so encouraging and positive. He not only cares about his progress in guitar but takes an interest In my sons other activities as well.
Tommy September 24, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
John is a gifted musician and teacher and an even better person! He is very patient and can teach to any skill level. He was able to teach me, a non musician with no real musical talent, to play and enjoy the acoustic guitar. I highly recommend John if you are considering taking acoustic guitar lessons!
Katy August 16, 2018
· Drum · In studio
John is a great teacher with the best attitude! His love of music and teaching is truly evident. He is positive and encouraging. We could not ask for a better teacher and role model for our son!
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John H.

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$30 / 30-min

About Mark S.

Silver Spring, MD

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With my broad performance and compositional background in folk, classical, jazz, rock, bluegrass, soul, blues, and musical theater, I offer students a wide musical perspective and tailor lessons to match student interests. I work with students on music of their choosing to improve technique and develop an understanding of music theory, improvisation, and composition.

For classical guitar students who would like to pursue the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) graded exams, Mark offers coaching in preparation for all aspects of the practical exams.

About Mark
I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter working in a variety of genres. I regularly perform around the Washington, DC, area as a solo guitarist, as a singer/songwriter, and with numerous classical, folk, rock, and musical theater groups. My primary musical influences include folk and world music, J.S. Bach, cool jazz, prog rock, American primitive, and contemporary guitar music.

I have recorded several CDs of my original compositions, including music for solo acoustic guitar, chamber music for classical banjo, and scores for live theater productions. I have also recorded and produced CDs of other recording artists.

I teach private and group lessons on guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and bass guitar at my home studio in Maryland, at several area music schools, and online. With my broad performance and compositional back
ground, I offer students a wide musical perspective and tailor lessons to match student interests. I work with students on music of their choosing to improve technique and develop an understanding of music theory, improvisation, and composition. For classical guitar students who would like to pursue the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) graded exams, I offer coaching in preparation for all aspects of the practical exams.
SK March 9, 2019
· Classical Guitar · In home
Mr. Sylvester is one of the greatest. He is not just an amazing guitarist, but he is also very kind. He treats people with so much respect. He speaks to me and my mom so nicely. He is very patient. He has a deep knowledge of music and knows how to get the most out of even the least talented people (like me!). He doesn't ever get mad if you make a mistake or forget to bring your music notes. We were so lucky to find Mr. Sylvester.
Virginia March 4, 2019
· Mandolin · In studio
Mark is a talented musician who plays and teaches multiple stringed instruments. His lessons are always informative and supportive. They are driven by the student’s interest, so anything you want o learn— styles of music, how to do a particular technique, music theory— you can bring to class. And every now and then he organizes a recital— terrifying but great practice!
Eve March 1, 2019
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Mark has been teaching our 11 year old son for the past 3 years. He is always engaged and excited about learning his next songs and going to his lessons. Mark is very relaxed in his style of teaching but has high expectations for learning the songs and improving overall. We are lucky to have him as a teacher.
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Mark S.

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$40 / 30-min

About Axel B.

Brooklyn, NY
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Hi, I am a professional guitarist from Norway living in New York City, with a BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School. I play jazz, pop, rock, blues, funk etc.

About Axel
Want to play your favorite songs? Interested in learning to write and record your own music?

I am a professional guitarist from Norway living in New York City, with a BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School in Manhattan. I can literally play ANYTHING from jazz, pop, rock, blues, funk etc!

I am also a music producer with experience with Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Pro Tools, with a background as an assistant sound engineer at Platinum Sound Recording Studios in Time Square.

I have experience as a guitar instructor at Mozart Music Studio, Queens Music Academy and Ukulele teacher at PS 361 Woodside elementary school. I also tutored students at The New School in theory, rhythm and ear training.

I see myself as a social, patient and polite person who communicates well with people of all ages. I am very focused on
explaining the fundamentals about music music in a simple way, but at the same time being able to make it fun.

Shoot me a message to see if we're a good match!

• Professional guitarist
• Composer and arranger
• Efficient at music production, mixing, mastering

• The New School of Performing Arts, Jazz and Contemporary Music
• The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Musicology
• Toneheim Folk School, Jazz Performance

• Performed several shows as the leader
of my own group “Castle Hill”
Williamsburg Music Center, Bowery Electric, New York, Muchmore’s,
• Professional album; Hermundstad,
Bjørn. Syng min sorg, gråt min glede.
Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 2016. Played
guitar, recorded and mixed trumpet
and piano
• Assistant sound engineer at Platinum
Sound Recording Studio
• Guitar instructor at Mozart Music
• Toured with pianist in
• Teacher assistant at PS 361 Woodside
elementary school
• Private in-home guitar lessons
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Axel B.

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$42 / 30-min

About Tyler G.

Nashville, TN

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Want to learn how to play an exact solo note for note? Want to learn how to improvise and jam? These are skills I've worked on developing for 15+ years in a plethora of styles. I can help you get there faster.

About Tyler
I am not your classically trained guitar player, I learned how to play guitar through online videos and playing/jamming with as many people as possible. This was tough because I couldn't ask questions or receive encouragement throughout the process. Now I want YOU to be able to learn from my mistakes and jump through the ranks of guitar much more quickly and efficiently than I did. I've learned in the music industry you HAVE to stand out, so we will focus on what kind of music you love and I'll help you harness what makes you unique. At the end of the day, however, I cannot practice for you. The students I work with must have a strong passion for music and be ready to put in the hard work it takes to kickstart your playing to the next level.

A little about me: I've been a touring musician in Nashville, TN for almost 10 years. I'v
e performed in just about every venue around town- from the gritty honky-tonks to the iconic stages of The Grand Ole' Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. I play guitar, sing, piano, harmonica, and write songs. My experience and networks within this industry will help you achieve YOUR musical success.
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Tyler G.

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$35 / 30-min

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