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Learning Spanish in Tampa

Are you considering taking Spanish lessons in Tampa? Tampa is a city that is rich in Spanish heritage. At one time, Florida was a Spanish territory and reflects that rich heritage to this day. Famed Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first claimed Florida as a Spanish territory in 1512. Now, more than 500 years later, Spanish architecture and culture abounds in Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

When you take Spanish lessons in Tampa, you’re among nearly 100,000 Spanish-speaking and Hispanic residents. Of the city’s more than 350,000 residents, more than 23 percent are of Hispanic or Latino origin. That means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with native Spanish speakers and participate in Spanish-oriented activities, which can range from eating in restaurants that serve Mexican and other Hispanic foods, attending Spanish-oriented events, and visiting Spanish-oriented venues.

Fun Ways to Supplement Your Spanish Lessons in Tampa

There are many fun things you can do that will make the learning process much easier and more enjoyable. One is to simply watch Spanish-language television programming. UniVision and other programs often have translation captioning that allows you to read in English what is being said in Spanish. By watching these channels, you’ll more readily recognize various words and phrases and eventually understand what is being said without having captioning on at all. You also can listen to Spanish-language radio programs, which will allow you to hear native Spanish speakers.

Another great way to practice and better understand Spanish is to eat at Mexican, Cuban and other Hispanic restaurants where servers and others are fluent in the Spanish language. Even reading the menu in such establishments will help you to understand how nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and articles are situated in Spanish, while also giving you an opportunity to practice your Spanish speaking skills.

Inspiring Events for Learning Spanish

There are several local events that can help to keep you inspired to learn Spanish. One of the best is the Conga Caliente, which is an annual festival held at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. The festival usually occurs during the first weekend in September and features a variety of Spanish music, art, culture, food, and fun. The annual Tampa Hispanic Heritage Month celebration is another great annual event that occurs during the last weeks of September through October and into November.

Visit Old Tampa at Ybor City

The Ybor City Historic District in Tampa is one of the oldest Spanish settlements in the United States and has a wonderful mix of old and new Spanish architecture, homes, culture, and businesses. Noted for its settlement by Cuban and Dominican immigrants in recent decades, the Ybor City has a robust cigar industry that is popular among tourists.

Ybor City also boasts many great Hispanic restaurants, museums, music venues, art galleries, and more. One of the most popular annual events, La Verbena Festival is held each fall in Centennial Park. The free event is family-oriented and celebrates Ybor City’s cultural history with lots of food, music, dancing, and other attractions. A visit to Ybor City will keep you enthused to take Spanish lessons in Tampa.

These are just a few of the resources available to Spanish learners in Tampa. Visiting these venues and attending these festivals will not only help you improve your Spanish-speaking skills, but it will also keep you motivated to learn the language.


Matthew K.

Clearwater, FL

How are you? Psyched to hear you are interested in bettering your Spanish. Growing up in Florida, Spanish has always been around me, and now with Cuba open to all interested, it's never been a better time to get down to studying Spanish in depth.

About Matthew

Espanol / Spanish (lee abajo):

In the nutshell, besides the best price and a perfect, clean record (in FL that's big! lol), Kopi has toured Japan and Colombia with over 21 years guitar/drum/Spanish-speaking experience, teaching American and Japanese children in American and Japanese public schools; holding a Bachelors Degree, Kopi is multi-lingual and he even drives to you for lessons if needed. Uber flexible schedule, able to shift time slots for parents and students alike. It's a tough economy, so let's get your children (and/or YOU?!) playing at a rate you can exhale about, and with a t
eacher who is a scholar well beyond just music, a world traveler, and an uncle himself (no kids of his own yet! ;-) Parent references available upon request.


Todos los Generos; Japones, Espanol, Ingles, y Portugues. He aprendia y ensenaba en Japon, Colombia, Norte America, y mas. Puedo ensenarle a todo (Jazz, Salsa, Punk Rock, Metal, Bossa Nova, Funk, etc.) Tengo muchisimas referencias. Mateo / Kopi Kopenhagen.

Buenas. Me llamo Mateo Koechlin y enseno la guitarra y la bateria. Hablo en ingles primeramente, pero hablo en japones, espanol y portugues tambien. Ensenaba en japon para 4 anos, y hace 15 anos que enseno la guitarra. Puedo ensenarle a todo, pero me encanta la salsa, jazz, punk rock / metal, bossa nova y mas. Yo se todas las escalas (i.e. minor, hijaz/gypsy, persian, etc.) y he estudiado con maestros japoneses, colombianos, norte americanos y mas. Vamos a estudiar!


Aiqi L. January 14, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
I rarely post negative reviews, but I do not want others to fall into this trap. This guy is NOT a singing coach. This was a big fat waste of time, and money.
Paul B. October 26, 2015
Drum · Online
Verified Student
Sat in on my son's first lesson. Mathew is a great guy. Professional, knowledgeable, and easy going. Takes his time and explains things Good sense of humor, so he made the lesson fun. Highly recommend.
Marty D. October 29, 2014
Bass Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Matthew is a laid back instructor who really knows what he is teaching. I am learning Jazz on the bass and I enjoy it very much. In just a short time i learned more with him than I did with my previous instructor . Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn jazz.
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Matthew K.

Matthew K.

Clearwater, FL 33765
starting at
$18 / 30-min

Brandy C.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Experienced Spanish teacher of 6 years available for eager (and not-so-eager) students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while developing foundational skills in grammar.

About Brandy

Hi! I am a graduate of FSU with a Master's degree in Spanish and a Bachelor's in Spanish and English. So, I have plenty of experience with literature and paper writing in both languages. I also taught and tutored Spanish at FSU while completing my Master's. Much of my Master's work involved studying second language acquisition, so I am well educated in different approaches to language learning, and I am very concerned with and adept at finding the right approach for the individual child. I currently teach Spanish levels 2, Honors 3, and Honors 4 at Dixie Hollins High School, and I need tutor
ing jobs to support my teaching habit!
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Brandy C.

Brandy C.

Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Joyce E.

Tampa, FL

I'm a native Spanish speaker who has been teaching Spanish for over three years. Within the first few lessons you will start speaking simple sentences and as time goes on, you will be able to have conversation using correct grammar and vocabulary. I use language immersion, useful websites and dynamic activities that will make your learning experience fun.

About Joyce

I’m a certified Spanish Teacher in the State of Florida with over 3 years of experience in education. I was selected as the “2015 Teacher of the Year” at Coleman Middle School in South Tampa. I also received satisfactory evaluations at my previous school: “Ms. Estrada has become a rock star, developing engaging lessons, challenging students to improve their language acquisition and developing her own persona as a teacher.” Joseph Brown, Principal at Madison Middle School.
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Joyce E.

Joyce E.

Tampa, FL 33606
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Lola R.

Saint Petersburg, FL

I'm Colombian on my father's side but learned my Spanish myself through creating lesson plans, and a study program for myself. So I have a great deal of experience teaching myself, and others in language. I try to keep it fun, light, and easy!

About Lola

Hello! I'm Lola, I'm a current Psychology and Art major with a minor in Human Development and a focus in Art Therapy! I am a college student and currently have two jobs in the admissions office at my college. I got a perfect score on my ACT essay in 2014. I have a passion for the arts, writing, psychology, Spanish, and special needs. I'm a very organized, and patient student - I love teaching, and have a pretty flexible schedule. I'm happy to work with you to make sure you achieve your best potential!

I used to work at a Deaf Montessori school, as well as tutor in writing and Visual Arts
. I've had experience tutoring since 2012, and am currently working towards my PhD in Psychology. I try to make learning a fun experience, as it truly is! I'm excited to learn with you, and hope to hear from you soon!


Ade October 14, 2015
Writing · Online
Lola is great! I've wanted to go to UM my whole life but I just couldn't get the scores for it. I am excellent in Science and Maths but my writing wasn't quite up to par. I contacted Lola two weeks before September's ACT test and she helped me cram. Despite contacting her at the last minute she had a lesson plan ready for me and was ready to start right away. On the night before the test she put in extra time to make sure I would be ready. Thanks to her I went from a 26 in writing to a 33!

I did it Lola! Thanks!!!
Erin October 14, 2015
Spanish · Online
I hired Lola to help my 7th grader who was struggling with Spanish. He made a great turn-around with her help. Lola is smart, kind and easy to work with. Great results!
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Lola R.

Lola R.

Saint Petersburg, FL 33711
starting at
$15 / 30-min

Millie O.

Tampa, FL

I can help you with conversational Spanish for either business or pleasure, or I can help your child with his / her grammar and Spanish homework.

I modify the classes according to students needs. I have many years of experience teaching this beautiful language.

Contact me...you won't be disappointed!! :)

About Millie

Hi, I'm a Spanish professor and tutor. I received my Masters degree in 1999. I have been teaching Spanish at HCC and USF for quite some time (20 yrs). I have also taught Middle School and High School. I wrote a Spanish grammar book with 5 CDs for beginner students.

I love to teach and see that my students learn this beautiful language. Students say that I am very patient and explain Spanish concepts very clear - easy to understand.

If you need help, please contact me.
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View Profile
Millie O.

Millie O.

Tampa, FL 33609
starting at
$20 / 30-min

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