Connect Locally or Online

Benefits of Local Lessons

  • Convenience


    Manage your time more effectively by cutting out the commute.

  • Familiar Environment for Kids


    Young kids may be a bit nervous in a new setting. Taking lessons at home is comfortable and familiar.

  • Focus

    (Teacher Location)

    It's easy to get distracted at home. Meeting at your teacher's location often cuts back on distractions so you can focus on learning.

  • Teaching Tools

    (Teacher Location)

    Depending on what you're learning, the teacher's location may have access to better resources that wouldn't be available in your home.

Benefits of Online Lessons

  • Convenience

    No travel time for you or the teacher. Great for a busy schedule.

  • Selection

    With online lessons, you can connect with any teacher, anywhere in the country.

  • Price

    Online lessons are typically priced lower than local in-person lessons.

  • Effective

    Our online students typically stick with their lessons longer than local students.

How Local Lessons Work

  • Search & Book Online

    Search for a teacher in your ZIP code and browse profiles until you find the right match.

  • Select Location

    You can select a teacher for in-home lessons or travel to their location - typically a studio or library.

  • Connect

    You'll have the opportunity to speak with your instructor before your first lesson.

How Online Lessons Work

  • Search & Book Online

    You can book, schedule, and pay for lessons through our website, just the same as if you're booking a local lesson.

  • Connect

    When it's time for your lesson, simply head to your computer and log into TakeLessons Classroom through your account. You'll be able to see and talk to your teacher online through the camera and microphone.