Keomi T.

Keomi T.


Quick Fit

Let’s Sweat. Between moving with Keomi and her playlist these high-energy fitness sessions are guaranteed to not only make you sweat but enjoy it. Dance Fitness: Using dance as a vehicle to access ou... Show More

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Great teacher

Posted Nov 2, 2019
Student's home

Keomi is amazing. She is an excellent teacher: She can adapt to even the most beginner of students, gives great instructions/cues and is bright, fun, and positive all while remaining grounded with an eye for detail.

Posted Aug 15, 2018
Teacher's Studio

Keomi has a lot of positive energy and is sensitive to the the skill levels of her students so she tailors her classes to give just enough challenge while building on students’ strengths and experiences. Keomi gives a great cardio workout where you really sweat yet the class is so fun that you don’t notice how hard you are working! You WILL learn many classic hip hop moves which Keo strings together to make a sexy/cool but accessible choreography. You come out of class feeling blissed - both for the vigorous workout and for accomplishing the dance moves! This is a great class for all levels.

Posted Jun 3, 2018