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Brett R.

Seattle, WA

see Drum.
previous experience with hand drums such as Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Djembe, etc.

About Brett

ENJOYMENT OFFERED. Very enthusiastic and
experienced musician available for instruction offering the following:

# In-depth written music theory coupled with an equivalent of ear training and tone

# Introduction to performance skills with instruments that include:

Guitar - electric & acoustic
Drum Kit and percussion rhythms

# Group lessons or private instruction, depending on personal preferences and age

experience includes:

1) 15 years of GUITAR: professional perfor
and composition. Styles include rock, folk, blues, chord
progressions, and alternate tuning.

2) 15 years of DRUMS and PERCUSSION: Latin, swing, blues, as well as rock, funk, punk, and reduced top forty beats.

3) 15 years of PIANO: which utilize
several years of personal instruction in classical, popular, and some ragtime,
in addition to an intimate knowledge of Piano Proficiency (scales & modes,
chord structures & inversions, common chord progressions, intervals, circle
of 5th, and finger exercises)

4) 2 years of MUSIC THEORY and COMPOSITION at college level.

Lessons will include additional materials to the primary instrument such as sheet music for
sight reading, rhythm patterns, tabletures, and chord charts.

***Above all, I encourage students to select those pieces, tunes, or songs that have appealed to them the most; perhaps even inspiring them to learn a musical instrument in the first place. Adaptations are a common and enjoyable part of the teaching process.

*** Lesson Details ***
Expect efforts, on my part, to steer learning into areas of the students particular interest as well as conventional genres such as classical, popular, folk, blues, etc...

Moreover, I rely on ear training as a strong complement to written music theory and sight-reading; often using recorded music samples or simple patterns on a piano.

I try to balance method-type published lesson books with beginner, intermediate, or original composition sheet music to specifically selected pieces.

Ideally, with a reasonable practice schedule each week, full comprehension of the written music grand staff and an ear to catch a false note will become second nature. By then, more opportunities to learn actual pieces and styles become greater, having got the initial learning curve under the students belt.

*** Studio Equipment ***
*snare drum
*electronic keyboard/piano

*** Travel Equipment ***
lesson material/music media samples can be provided for copy
student would have own instrument

*** Specialties ***
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Music Theory
finger picking styles and chord progressions - guitar
lead and rhythm patterns - electric guitar
latin, blues, rock, jazz styles - drum kit & percussion
classical & popular tunes - piano/keyboard


Charlie E. May 24, 2014
Verified Student
What a terrible experience. I signed up for lessons for my wife from Brett as a gift because he listed times that would work for my wife given that we have a young daughter, and have a hard time making time for lessons. Brett told us 3 days before the lesson that the time wouldn't work, then simply never showed for the rescheduled first lesson. Worse, he simply refused to do scheduling via email (he would leave voicemails and failed to return my wife's call when she called back as they were playing phone tag), and then told us he had another commitment during the slot we had supposedly reserved for him. Worse, he failed to update the site as he continually cancelled lessons and never showed up for scheduled times. I now have a huge hassle of getting a refund on the money I paid for lessons as opposed to a lovely gift for my wife. Life's too short and we're too busy for such an awful experience.
Scott P. March 12, 2014
Verified Student
Great teacher for my young daughter

Brett has been a great teacher for my 5 year old daughter. She is just learning the basics of piano and Brett has been great at expanding her skill sets. She really enjoys practicing with him and actually looks forward to when he comes over every week!
Bradley H. October 30, 2013
Verified Student
Fantastic for our 10-year old son...

Brett is fantastic with our 10-year old son who just enjoys playing piano and isn't looking to become a concert pianist someday. So many kids are miserable playing the same boring things over and over and Brett really listened to our needs and just nurtures our son's interest in music. Bravo!
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Brett R.

Brett R.

Seattle, WA 98122
starting at
$35 / 30-min

Nicholas M.

Seattle, WA

See 'About'.

About Nicholas

*** General Bio ***
Hi! My name is Nick and I was born and raised in the pacific northwest. Initially from the Olympia, WA area, I have lived in Seattle for the past 13 years and received my education at UW in music performance.

I am perhaps most known in the northwest marching percussion community from a recent 7-year stint instructing and coordinating the University of Washington Husky Drumline. During my time with UW, I helped propel the UW drumline from regional to national prominence. In the summer of 2013, I also led the Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps to their highest percussion scorin
g in 6 years. Last but not least, I have also been involved with both the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline & Sounders Sound Wave.

Outside of marching percussion, I currently tour with cinematic-electro-pop band HARPS ( and maintain a busy private lesson studio.

I proudly endorse Pearl Drums, Remo Drumheads, and Vic Firth Drumsticks.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe that good teaching revolves around finding the right balance of three things: what the student wants, what the student needs, and what the student can handle.

As your teacher, I will do my very best in making you a more complete and well-rounded musician while helping guide you toward your goals. Whether you're just starting out, or an experienced pro wanting to brush up on a few new skills, I can help you. Over the past decade, I have successfully instructed folks from every age range and skill level. I'd love to have the opportunity to help you, too!

One thing I pride myself on is the ability to go at the students pace. I will teach in whatever way gets you the best results. In my experience, some people respond well to strict, regimented curriculum while others prefer a more laid back approach. I let everyone of my students know up front the amount of work it's going to take before X, Y and Z are going to happen.

My curriculum utilizes recordings, videos, demonstrations, transcriptions, books, play alongs, etc. I focus a great deal on maintaining great posture with relaxed playing technique, as well as reading and ear training. As a big influence of mine, Dave Weckl, once said: "Technique is a means to an end, and hopefully that end is good feeling and sounding music."

One thing I love about drums is that no matter how good you get, there's always a laundry list of things that you could still improve upon!

How do you eat an elephant?

Easy, one bite at a time.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Sound panels, two drum kits, sound equipment, practice pad station (w/mirror setup).

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Rudimental, Drum Corps, R&B, Rock, Funk, Pop


Dana C. June 7, 2013
Way Beyond Excellent

Have you ever had something so amazing that you did not want to share it? Well, that is how I've felt about Nick's lessons. Nick has inspired and challenged my son to become a well rounded percussionist. Nick's professionalism, punctuality, and teaching skills far exceeds five stars. After each lesson, you will receive through notes on what was covered and what needs to be worked on. With all the different learning styles it usually pretty easy to note and area where an instructor could use improvement. This is absolutely not the case with Nick. If you a searching for an outstanding instructor, you've discovered him. My secret is out.
Morgan B. February 15, 2013
Well-rounded lessons that are worth your time.

I feel a little bit ridiculous for writing 5/5 stars for everything, but I have got to admit, Nick is an excellent teacher. I have been taking lessons on the marching snare with him, and have seen improvement over even the shortest periods of time. Nick can be quite serious when it comes to putting in a good effort, but he is very laid-back and makes the lessons fun, too. He has many approaches to teaching techniques in order to ensure that the student understands, and has helped me discover some of my true potential. I highly recommend Nick, whether you're a beginner, or trying to make the Husky Drumline.
David C. February 15, 2013
Solid Teacher

Nick does a great job in all respects. He's well-versed in a lot of styles and is capable of teaching pretty much anything you want to learn on drum set. One thing that's set him apart from other teachers I've had is how he's able to precisely identify flaws in your playing while offering specific and direct ways to eliminate those flaws. If you take lessons from Nick and follow his instructions you're definitely going to become a better player.
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Nicholas M.

Nicholas M.

Seattle, WA 98125
starting at
$40 / 30-min

John L.

Seattle, WA

Professional level drum lessons for all experience levels.

About John

Private Lessons.
1950 J.Burns Moore(Snare Drum)
1953 Sam Ulano, New York, NY, (Drum Set)
1954 Cozy Cole, New York, NY, (Drum Set)
1960 Al Gardella, New Haven, CT, (Drum Set)
1969 Saul Goodman, (Principle Percussionist New York Philharmonic), (Tympani)
Teaching experience:
1960 1963 Percussion instructor Milford CT. Shoreliners Drum & Bugle Corps
1967-1975 Private instruction New Haven CT.
1991-present Private instruction.

Playing experience:
I have been playing professionally since 1960. Beginning with innumerable casual gigs around NYC, NJ, and CT. I then
to a brief tour (3 months) with Victor Zembrusky and his Polish Eagle Orchestra (a major polka band, polka is an
early form of Punk Music). As a member of the "house rhythm section" at Dangerfields Club in New York I was privileged to
play dates for many headliners including Peggy Lee, Al DeMeola, Mel Torme, and others. I was also fortunate to have been
selected to play for Peggy Lee during a brief 6 week tour throughout New England. (Peg's regular drummer had to leave her
tour in NYC. Regrettably he returned in great health despite my having consulted a voodoo priestess to insure otherwise.) I was
a member of the Connecticut Hurricanes Senior Drum and Bugle Corps durring their 1966-1967 National championship

Since moving to Washington in 1984 I have played and recorded jazz, pop and classical sessions all over the Northwest.
Notable local Artists I have accompanied include: Anne Pell, Denny Gore, Peter Toyne, Ken Olenforf, Johnny Z, Lee Brumley,
Hans Bremmer, Chris Smellow, Richard Thompson and Bonnie Murphy pianists. Bud Hellner, Alan Simcoe, Joe Euro, and
Peter Toyne guitarists. Peter Manning, Niel Conaty, Ted Enderly, Paul Lewis, and the late Leroy Vinnegar on Bass. Local
vocalists whom I have had the privilege of supporting include: Bonnie Bridges, Trish Hately, Jenny Davis and Toby Schnider. I
have also played for many community performing arts organizations including The BPA, The Bainbridge Chorale, Bainbridge
Orchestra, Orchestra Northwest and various musical productions.

My pedagogic method is to build my students' technical and intellectual vocabularies. Thus I teach "from first principles". I
believe that in order to make musical sense of an instrument that can play no definite pitches the musician must be fully
equipped to express herself in terms of all of the possibilities for expression the instrument possess.
Philosophically, it is my objective to fully prepare my students to enjoy the music making process. We study musical styles,
history, song construction, criticism, and ensemble playing.

Adjudication experience:
Drum Corps International, Drum Corps Associates, State level solo and Ensemble competitions.

Professional Organizations:
Percussive Arts Society, National Association of Music Educators,United States Association of Rudimental Drummers
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John L.

John L.

Seattle, WA 98119
starting at
$35 / 30-min

Mason L.

Seattle, WA

Percussion performance and instruction has been my main focus for more than 5 years. I started playing the drums when I was ten, taking lessons at the local drum shop. Since then I've studied with musicians and professors at the top of their field, performed in stadiums, conventions and music festivals, and taught award-winning groups and motivated, talented individuals.

Percussion is a very multi-faceted instrument, and I have curriculum and methods to teach any instrument in the family. My general teaching philosophy is that the instruction should always be geared towards the student's goals.

About Mason

Hey there, my name is Mason L and I'm a musician and educator based in Seattle, WA. I've been teaching private lessons since 2011 and I've had success teaching at private music studios, public schools, and in my own home. I'm currently available to teach lessons at your home, at my own studio, and online.

I attended the University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance; I really enjoyed all of the performances opportunities at the School of Music and I had the chance to work with a lot of talented professors and fellow students. I feel comfortable whe
n I'm performing on stage or rehearsing with some friends. I believe that music is a gift, whatever you listen to and however you enjoy it, so it makes me happy when I can work with people to become better musicians.


Brandon September 1, 2015
Marimba · In studio
Mason is an incredible performer, teacher, and musician. He is wonderfully talented at breaking down advanced drum and keyboard techniques in ways that players of any skill level will understand. Furthermore, he has a terrific ear for dynamics, musicality, musicianship, and composition. I'd highly recommend him!
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Mason L.

Mason L.

Seattle, WA 98107
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Aaron C.

Seattle, WA

Everything from marching percussion basics to advanced techniques and rhythms. My specialty is on the tenor drums, but I am also very comfortable teaching snare and bass drum technique as well.

Our first lesson will be a check up to see where you are with reading music, as well as how your hands look and what technique you are striving for. This will give me a good understanding of what we need to do to get you where you want to be as a musician and drummer.

About Aaron

Hello! My name is Aaron and I have been playing drums for right around 14 years. I started in my garage beating pots and pans, so my parents decided to rent a drumset and I was immediately hooked. Shortly after, I began taking lessons and was fortunate to have an excellent instructor, which has been a big motivator for me to provide the same joy and knowledge I had given to me when I was young. Besides drumset, I also played tenors while at Washington State University, and am currently on the Seahawks Blue Thunder drumline. I also had the opportunity to march several years of drum corps, march
ing the 2009 season with the Seattle Cascades, and aging out with Arizona Academy in 2010. While at WSU, I was the section leader of the tenor line for three years, and that has been the majority of my teaching experience thus far. I've helped many people who don't have any musical background learn basic drumset concepts, and I hope to expand my professional teaching to drumset as well.
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Aaron C.

Aaron C.

Seattle, WA 98115
starting at
$30 / 30-min

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