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These Classical Piano teachers are highly rated by students in the Honea Path area, including Norris, Hartwell, Central, Moore and Roebuck.

Private Classical Piano Teacher

With a background in Suzuki method and Masters degree in music composition, I use my own method and curriculum that aim to give a thorough understanding of how music works and sounds as well as training the memory of songs and exercises, technique, and improvisation.

About Teri

I'm a professional composer, teacher, and pianist - and I like to keep active doing all three throughout my community. On July 31, 2013 TakeLessons featured me on Seattle King 5's morning TV news program - I taught a miniature lesson and discussed the impact of piano lessons on the brain. My piano and composition lessons are very in-depth, but also very flexible. Because of my thorough knowledge and experience with music, I can teach all ages, skill levels, and an array of important subjects - including piano, ear-training, music theory, improvisation, composition, creativity, music history, ethnomusicology, and percussion. I cater to each student's interests as well as incorporate many of these subjects into my piano lessons so that every student gains a thorough understanding of music and becomes a well-rounded musician.

I started ta

king Suzuki piano lessons when I was 5 and quickly fell in love with the piano. Since the Suzuki method incorporates such thorough ear-training and the ability to play without sheet music, I quickly began to explore my creative side and was improvising on the piano by age 7. Naturally, this led to composition! Music was flowing through me, and I was able to both improvise and compose my inspirations on the piano. I entered and placed in the Reflections state composition contest each year. Throughout my youth, I was also very involved with the band (played trumpet), dance, drama and attended many symphonies, ballets, plays and operas - giving me a well-rounded artistic upbringing.

I pursued my passion and earned a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Mills College, followed by a Master's degree in music composition from the renowned California Institute of the Arts. My thorough education has taught me to compose for any instrument or ensemble as well as compose for film, dance, and theater. It has also taught me to understand the piano in-depth, along with theory and ear-training. Since graduating in 2006, I have scored several films, received commissions to compose for ensembles and musicians, and taught both composition and piano lessons. I also created an ensemble named SIRËoNa that I composed for, managed, and performed piano, percussion, and indigenous flutes in, and I was interviewed and featured on NPR along with local radio stations and newspapers. I have produced two CD's. Most recently, I composed a score for a silent film, premiering live with the Seattle Jazz Ensemble as part of the moisture festival in Seattle.

Do you want to learn to sit at any piano and simply play what you feel? Or turn that tune running through your head into a song that you or others can perform? Or to master every detail of a piece of music so that you can express it exactly as the composer intended? I can teach you! I encourage all ages and backgrounds to explore their creative musical passions and discover the endless possibilities of piano performance and music composition!

*** Lesson Details ***
When teaching piano, I take a similar approach to the Suzuki method. But instead of teaching from the Suzuki books, I teach my own composed exercises and pieces that I believe are more fun and accessible to today's student of any age! I create MP3 recordings of each exercise and have students listen to and memorize the exercises in their own time.This is a very important aspect of my lessons that thoroughly develops the ear - giving the student the ability to play the exercise from memory and to deeply understand the connection between their actions and the resulting sound.

I develop my exercises to progress each student through an increasing degree of technique difficulty and musical parameters - such as rhythm, melody, chords, harmony, key and range. Beginning exercises will isolate a specific musical parameter to bring thorough understanding of its possibilities, while advanced exercises and pieces will work on coordinating multiple parameters and techniques at the same time. Within 6 months, a beginner piano student will have tackled and perfected simple yet fun exercises that incorporate each major musical parameter, as well as develop correct posture and finger technique, and have developed some ear training and basic music theory skills. I also have my students do creative exercises, which develop more thorough ear training and the ability to eventually improvise and compose on the piano. More advanced piano students will perfect their ability to interpret and express each piece of music that they play and will receive thorough ear training, music theory lessons, and develop their creative abilities through piano improvisation and composition. Once they have tackled the fundamentals, intermediate and advanced piano students will learn the classics as well.

Along with piano lessons, I'm also highly qualified to teach music composition - including beginning to advanced composition, music theory, composing for any instrument or ensemble, Sibelius computer notation program, film scoring, and orchestration.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Private room, desk, professional digital piano - 88 keys fully weighted, piano bench. 2 professional cameras and iMac computer for online lessons. Percussion instruments for young students. Sibelius for composition students... Parents can sit in.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect students to have their own piano or keyboard when having a lesson in their home.

*** Specialties ***
Piano, Composition, Suzuki method, Classical, Contemporary, Ear Training, Memory Training, Piano Improvisation, Music Theory, Piano Ergonomics, In-depth Holistic Approach, Music History, Rhythm and Percussion. Success in teaching ages 3 and up, all backgrounds and ages.

August 26, 2019
I enjoyed my first lesson. Teri is very knowledgable and explains concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.
August 4, 2018
My son has just started taking lessons with Teri and he is making good progress and is learning a lot in just a short time.
May 10, 2018
I chose Teri because when I looked at her profile, it screamed "TEACHER!" I've only had one lesson but I am pretty sure my instinct was on-point. Looking forward to the next lesson!

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Teri H.


Private Classical Piano Teacher

At Melody Sons Music Studio, your child will receive a warm and fun environment to learn music.

Piano lessons are conducted on an individual basis. Each lesson consists of both practical piano and theory elements. The theory contains the three rudiments in music - Note Reading, Written Work and Ear Training. These main elements are integrated to ensure that the lesson time is always fun and engaging.

Melody is delighted to help children embark on their musical adventure, with a teaching method that caters to their individual needs.

About Melody

Every student is unique and individuals rely on different learning styles. The teaching method of Melody is adjusted to fit the needs and desires of the student, characterizing a plan based around their individual strengths, weaknesses, and music goals. While the focus is founded on teaching the basic fundamentals and developing good technique, the lesson is equally invested in helping students discover and reveal their special and unique musicality. Students recital is held for family and friends, when students can share the musical skills and achievements they have developed.

Melody offers a range of experience, genuine enthusiasm for music, and adaptive teaching method to help you develop towards your individual musical goals. She is here to guide you through your musical journey and infuse the wonders of music into your world.

Visit her website at http://melodysons.musicteachershelper.com

August 12, 2019
Micala S.
My daughters, 8 and 6, took lessons as beginners from Melody for 10 months before we had to move. SHE IS AMAZING! Not only did she make the lessons fun and engaging, but they learned so much in that short time. I grew up playing piano, violin and French horn and I was very impressed with her approach/methodology and how much of herself she put into her teaching. For the last 3 months we were with Melody, the girls also took voice lessons. The highlight of our spring was watching the girls perform at the recital Melody had so painstakingly organized. It was astounding how much they had progressed musically and my husband and I were in awe at how well they performed in front of people. We were also impressed at the wide range of experience in the students Melody taught. Some had played for years and were clearly continuing to blossom under Melody's tutelage, while others were beginners like our daughters. Melody was always positive, encouraging and extremely patient (even when my six year old had clearly not practiced for a week straight or was tired and whiny). My daughters and I miss her dearly as our mentor and now our friend! We cannot recommend her highly enough.
July 29, 2019
Two of my girls had the great opportunity to begin piano lessons with Ms. Melody. It was just three months but my girls were able to join the Christmas recital which they enjoyed so much! It was unfortunate that we have to move overseas. We highly recommend Ms. Melody. She is a very good teacher.
July 29, 2019
Jaime L.
My son was 6 years old when he started piano lessons with Ms. Melody and he always looked forward to the weekly lessons. For a short period of time, he learned how to read music notes and play songs beautifully. Sadly Ms, Melody has to move. She is fun, engaging, and firm in her teaching. We really appreciate her.

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Melody S.


Private Classical Piano Teacher

I am a concert pianist with a passion for teaching. From a boarding arts secondary school to prestigious conservatories in both the US and Europe, I have honed my craft, and developed a love for sharing my passion with others. I have taught students at the Yale School of Music and at the Eastman School of Music in the United States. Additionally, I have taught a private studio for a year in Brussels, Belgium and given masterclasses at universities and schools across the Americas. My goal as a teacher is to instill my own love for music in my students.

About Michael

I am a concert pianist with a passion for teaching. From a boarding arts secondary school to prestigious conservatories in both the US and Europe, I have honed my craft, and developed a love for sharing my passion with others. I studied with some of the best teachers in the world at Eastman, the Yale School of Music, the Paris Conservatoire, and the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, in addition to having attended some of the greatest festivals in the world to study with other great pianists and pedagogues. Teaching has always come naturally to me and has felt like a natural extension of my abilities as a performer. I believe it is a necessity to spread what I have learned through teaching.


January 23, 2019
Marius P.
Patient and nice with children
December 12, 2018
Michael knows what he's doing and makes great suggestions on how to be better. A great teacher!
October 17, 2017
Michael adapted himself very quickly to 'what' I wanted to play and 'how' I needed to learn taking into account my little experience. He is very positive and motivating.

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Michael N.



Vandi E.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I have played piano since I was a child and studied piano as a non major during college. I have played piano in church for several years. I've taught students from children to older adults. Whether you wish to play for personal pleasure or prepare for a career in piano, I can give you the necessary tools.

About Vandi

Vandi has extensive performance experience in multiple genres: professionally with opera, orchestra, chamber music, musical theater, straight theater, film, sacred works, church music, jazz, and contemporary music.

Meisner Training-Phoenix Theater with Bill Simmons 2017-2018
Destruction in Decatur 2017-Broadsword and Rapier and Dagger SAFD Certifications
Crittenden Opera Workshop 2017-Washington D.C.
CISCO 2017-Stage Combat Certifications
Vianden Summer Program 2016-Luxembourg
CISCO 2016-Stage Combat Certifications
MM in Vocal Performance, the University of Akron, May 2015
BFA in Musical Theater, Shorter University, May 2011
(Theatre minor and Equivalent of a piano minor)
Cosmetology Instructor's Certification and License, Gadsden State Community College, May 2007
Cosmetology Certification and License, May 20


October 15, 2019
Ileana Nitu
Extremely professional and structured. Loved the lesson
June 14, 2019
She’s helping me prepare for an audition and giving me valuable tips to sound as good as possible in a short time.
May 30, 2019
Practicing with Vandi improves my skills more quickly than practicing alone and she is very good at not only answering questions via the internet tutoring but through phone as well. She is very prompt and consistent and provides easy to read materials for my skill level. I'm very happy with my purchase through Take Lessons so far. This is my first time using this website and it is my third lesson as I am new to piano. I have already recommended this site to other people.

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Vandi E.



Richard S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I want to help you be more creative with your unique musical expression. I fell in love with music as a child and want to pass on my love of music to help others to grow musically. I have spent the past 50 years performing and teaching music in just about every setting in New York and Los Angeles. I have taught many adults and children on all levels from beginner to advanced and professional musicians. I work on piano technique, Jazz improvisation, composition, music theory, and music production. I have also coached many pro and semi-pro musicians to advance and develop their careers. I will do whatever it takes to help you grow your music to the next level. I love teaching and look forward to finding out how I can help you reach your musical goals.

About Richard

I am a Professional recording artist, in the field of Jazz and World music. I have multiple CDs out that have been played and sold internationally. In my performing career I tour internationally performing both original music and World music. In my own music, I for a very long time have been interested in the meeting of rhythm and beautiful harmony. Growing up in 60s and 70s I had the very good fortune to hear many of the legends of Jazz ( and to study with a few of them-Victor Feldman, Clare Fisher, and Mike Garson were some of my teachers). I have bachelors degree in music, and a Masters degree in Film Composition from the Grove Music Conservatory in LA.
Along with my own musical interests, I have also always loved to teach music. I enjoy helping to grow others musianship- whatever this means. I teach all levels and ages. I think

that the fundamentals of music, such as piano technique, theory and music reading are all important; but I also think all musical subjects should be taught in a way that allows for the growth of the student's own creativity and personal self expression. I have taught Jazz improvisation to many students, along with music composition, song writing, applied music theory , and music production. I also have coached many professional music careers to advance in new creative ways in the musical world. Also , I have worked with special needs kids, teaching them music and helped them to open up to the world of musical possibilities.
I believe that each person has their own unique song to sing, and that music is the tool to release this song and let it fly. It is only a matter of hewing away through the layers to release the diamond that is hidden inside.

July 4, 2019
Richard has taught the piano to members of our family for the past 12 years. When i decided to take lessons myself, i quickly developed a love for the process and an appreciation for my progress. When Richard suggested we continue our lessons through WhatsApp FaceTime after learning in person for a year, i decided to give it a try and have not regretted it. The lessons are efficient and Richard manages to keep me interested and challenged, with a great balance of technical and practical tips that help me enjoy so much my progress .
June 27, 2019
Richard is great to work with. Flexible and patient. Our daughter had no previous knowledge of music and now can play music by reading the music.

It's wonderful to have a teacher who also uses niggunim as lesson material.
June 27, 2019
Richard is a top musician and an amazing teacher. He teaches methodically and with expertise. My son learned so well and plays beautifully (despite learning exclusively via video chat!).
We are so happy we did this, my son plays proudly by small events we make at home.
Thank you Richard!

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Richard S.



Meixu L.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I am a passionate, energetic, humorous, patient cello and piano instructor. I have been teaching since 2008. Within these years, I taught the private lesson, group lesson, music theory and studio class of all ages and all levels. One of my ten years old student got the highest score of the Asian-Pacific Region in Grade two cello exam of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music only after one year learning from me. I have abundant experiences for helping students not only learning music but also enjoying lots of fun from it. I also helped my students for preparing their solo recitals, summer festival auditions, competitions, and performing arts high school auditions. I am sure you will full in love with the sound you make after learning from me. Let me help you to accomplish your aspirations.

About Meixu

I am a professional cellist with more than 20 years of performing experience and teaching professionally for more than 10 years. I completed my Master of Music at Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Music with a scholarship. Additionally, I received a Professional Studies Diploma which is the highest level of performance at The New School Mannes School of Music which is a top conservatory in New York with scholarship as well.

I am performing with top orchestras at the notable concert venues in the US every year, such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as both soloist and principal cellist with various orchestras. Now I am the principal cellist of The Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, I presented and produced my own charity recital at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall with not only classic music with piano but

also trios with Chinese traditional instruments for the world premiere pieces which composed by the famous Chinese composers. All the proceeds of the concert are donated to UNICEF. My charity concerts tour spread across more than a dozen states and cities of the US. I have been interviewed and reported by newspapers, magazines, news, TV programs and other media at home and abroad.

October 2, 2019
She teaches well and makes sure that you fully understand the lesson/technique. Her constructive criticisms really help and allows you to grow and improve.
September 30, 2019
I really learn a lot from her. She is very precise and makes sure I understand how to play each piece, and she is always very patient with me.
September 30, 2019
I seriously love her since she is so patient and nice.

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Meixu L.


Private Classical Piano Teacher

As a teacher, I always push for teaching skills that are necessary and carry over to what the student's goals are. I also am happy to arrange and write any song requested, as included in the lesson cost, and teach any song or genre to my students!

About Andrew

I am a professional, pianist, songwriter, violinist, and recording artist. I graduated from Seattle Pacific with a Master's in Viola, and have been playing piano, violin, and viola for over 15 years each.

Any student should plan to be performing ready and comfortable with their instruments within a year of learning under me. I push my students with a strict practice regimen in order to keep their musical growth healthy, fueling their passions and goals for their craft. I have many tips and tricks I've learned from my teachers as well as performing locally.

I am comfortable with teaching any genre, on any of these instruments as well as others I've learned, and using any teaching method needed. I feel that everyone has a love of music, and I want to nurture that for as many people as I can in this world - I feel it's important for a heal

thy life balance!

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Andrew P.


Nicole S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I've been playing basic piano for over 15 years, and I love teaching beginner and intermediate students. I structure my lessons so that students learn what they want to learn while also building a foundational knowledge of piano skills. I teach music theory and piano technique which students can apply to a broad range of genres.

About Nicole

I am a professional musician who has been performing and studying for over 10 years. I received my BM in Vocal Performance and Spanish from St. Norbert College in 2014 and my MM in Musicology from Florida State University in 2016. I am currently working on my PhD in Musicology where I am focusing my research on Cuban music.

Though my graduate education was centered primarily on research, I continued studying voice and began focusing on world music styles. I learned Portuguese, in addition to Spanish, and picked up several other world music instruments as well. During this time, I also began to focus more on teaching and pedagogy. I discovered that I had a passion for teaching and mentoring aside from my own performing and music making.

Since I have a degree in voice performance, I primarily teach voice to all levels of students. Howev

er, I also studied classical piano and can teach beginner-intermediate piano as well. I teach these in my home studio and online. I also have a passion for education and music education in general and can teach/tutor/mentor in music theory, musicology, general education, and languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

My teaching philosophy is based on a student-centered approach. I tailor each lesson to the individual student, taking into account their needs, experience, skill levels, and personal goals. My aim is to help you improve and have a good and fun experience doing so!

October 15, 2019
Nikki genuinely cares about her students and their success and will do everything she can to help them achieve her goals. She is patient and understanding, and strives to adapt her teaching methods to best fit the needs and learning styles of her students. I would reccomend her to anyone.
October 4, 2019
Nicole was my instructor in an American Roots Music class at Florida State University this past spring semester. While I'm not a student that is studying music performance or education in any form, I can confidently speak to the passion and dedication that she brings to the work that she does. She was always more than willing to work with me around my other obligations as an involved college student while still pushing me to pursue learning and engaging in ethnomusicology. Beyond her skill in her areas of focus, any student would be lucky to work with Nicole if only for how much she cares for the students she works with.
October 3, 2019
Nicole is a wonderful teacher who is passionate, patient, and encouraging to students. She is not only very knowledgeable about the voice and vocal technique, but also has a thorough understanding of music theory and experience performing various types of musical genres.

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Nicole S.


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"Fawn is a very warm and sensitive teacher. She exhibits gentle toughness and she knows her stuff!! I'm so glad to have her as my teacher."
"Fawn is the best piano teacher I could have ever asked for! She helped me to push myself and achieve goals faster than I ever imagined. With Fawn, I've le
arned a variety of techniques and tricks that helped to make learning piano easier, faster, and more fun. She focuses on not only playing the piano, but playing the piano beautifully and with a deep knowledge and understanding of music itself. She never lets me get away with sloppy technique or playing without passion. Not only is she good at what she does, but she also makes it fun! I consider Fawn a huge mentor and friend."
"Kimberly is awesome! She made me feel totally at ease and comfortable and gave me so many useful tips on how to strengthen my ability as a pianist. I'd be
en with a different instructor previously and Kimberly's approach was so refreshing. She talks a lot about how to get the best from each piece of music, explained a lot about how a piano actually works (has anyone ever looked inside before?!?!), and also helped with my technique, which was sadly lacking. Reading music has always been a struggle for me but we have been working on that and I'm now getting to grips with it. Thank you!!!"
"My daughter took lessons from Ms. Clarissa for just over a year and a half, beginning in 2nd grade. We love Ms. Clarissa! My daughter learned so much in e
ach lesson, and was so comfortable with her teacher. Clarissa is clearly a very accomplished pianist, but her kind demeanor is really wonderful with children and new players. My daughter loves to play the piano and is always eager to go to her lessons. I have watched Clarissa's more experienced students play at recitals and am always very impressed by how advanced they are. I would highly recommend Clarissa to anyone!"
"He is not only an amazing pianist, but also very touching teacher for me. He believes my ability and musical potentiality even when I could not trust myse
lf. He waits for me to find my music myself. That really encourages me a lot. Also, I can take a look the way he makes his music. He is such a inspiration!"
"David is an excellent teacher due to his cheerful attitude, his patience, and his ability to identify the issue that is hampering progress. I picked him s
pecifically due to his years of experience and I can confirm that he is extremely knowledgeable in musical theory and good at explaining it as well. The only issue he might have is that he can be a bit talkative although personally I find it endearing. I Would highly recommend him to anyone that learns best through positive reinforcement."
Naomie Cajou
"My experience with Andrew was great ! He was awaiting to receive us."
"Hi Julie, thanks for your great comments. I will continue to work hard and I appreciate all your help in my piano lessons, because I continue to learn and
advance. Thank you again and have a great week.

mary munger
"She's fantastic. She knows how to motivate a student and use positive reinforcement to build rapport. We highly recommend Christina."

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