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Santa Fe Music Lessons

In the 90’s Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song about not getting into heaven and living forever titled “Santa Fe.” Whether he is really referring to the city Santa Fe or the Portuguese/Spanis
h term that means “holy faith,” we may never know. However, what we do know is that if you have the desire to peruse you musical passion and possibly reach stardom heaven then we can help you through our extensive offering of Santa Fe music lessons.

We offer an effective and comfortable way to learn virtually any musical instrument - all you have to do is sign up. In addition, we have Certified Music Instructors teaching a wide variety of courses including voice, guitar, piano, drums, violin, and even stage performance. No matter what type of musical endeavor you’d like to pursue we’ve got you covered. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to travel to take music lessons with us because we offer music lessons in a city near you. As you may know Santa Fe is filled with talented musicians so we’ve made it a point to offer Santa Fe music lessons.

The perfect lessons to help you become a talented musician are just a click away. So check out our catalog of talented and friendly music instructors, select on that best fits your style and book your Santa Fe music lessons today!
Sarah G. Santa Fe, NM

About Sarah

I have been teaching violin, viola, cello, and piano for 13 years. I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for Music Composition. I studied with Dr. Eugene Dowdy at UTSA for String Project. I have also taught for NISD, Boerne ISD, YOSA, and St. Philip's College. *** Lesson Details *** When registering for lessons, make sure that the first lesson is only scheduled for 30 min, that is a "get to know me" lesson. In this lesson I will get to know the student and the student will get to know me. I will listen to music that the student already knows if they have experience. If they don't have experience, I will check them to see which books I would like to assign for them. Students will begin lesson with scales or etudes for the first quarter of the lesson. After this we


Jim R. April 14, 2013
Verified Student

Sarah is exactly what I was looking for - cheerful, disciplined and a wonderful teacher ! While I can pay by ear, she had me reading music right from the start, which was my prime objective. She also is providing some basic music theory, and we now have a regular 2-to-3-times-a-month schedule.

I'm committing a year to this, and then, with Sarah's help, we'll move on to bluegrass fiddling !
Sarah H. August 23, 2012
Music Theory
Verified Student
My Music Theory Teacher

My music teacher was well planned. She always summed up what we talked about from our previous lesson before building up on more information. She taught me through my zone of proximal development. I was given the opportunity to practice what was shown from each lesson by doing homework. I found great happiness in studying the construction of music. Her teaching pedagogy was strong! She would incorporate mnemonic devices to help me learn the musical concepts easier. When I did not grasp a certain idea, she was patient with me. At times she would teach me from my own musical knowledge of various instruments. Other times she would share with me her own personal experiences and stories. I am thankful to have met such an amazing music teacher!
TrudyP July 17, 2012
Highly recommend,great instructor

So glad Sarah was our granddaughters first instructor for her introduction to the violin. She is a very positive and friendly person. She instinctively knew the right approach for Natasha with the right amount of encouragement, patience and firmness. Natasha always looked forward to her lesson and found that in practicing the time went by faster than she thought it would.
David S. Santa Fe, NM

About David

I have been an active teacher and performer in the Los Angeles area for 20 + years. At CalArts I studied several non-Western music systems, including the Ewe music of Ghana as well as Balinese, Javanese and Indian Musics. Performance, tour and recording credits include South Indian Master Trichy Sankaran, Wadada Leo Smith, Miroslav Tadic, Nels Cline, Bali & Beyond, Feel, The Big Apple Circus, The Obliteration Percussion Quartet, Adam Rudolph, Joey McIntyre and Bachelor Number One. I have also studied frame drumming with Glen Velez, John Bergamo and Randy Crafton. My frame drum lessons focus on Middle Eastern rhythms and original works. I also teach congas, dumbek and miscellaneous percussion. *** Lesson Details *** I have taught rock, jazz and Latin styles on drum set for many years and

Patrick B. Santa Fe, NM

About Patrick

Hi! Are you looking to expand your musical portfolio? Want to learn some skills that will help you stand out? Are you a beginning or seasoned player ready to take your music in a new direction? I would love to help you get there! I have a BA in Contemporary Music from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and have been taking music lessons since 3rd grade. I play hand drums, guitar, piano, didgeridoo, and voice. My specialties include improvisation, odd time signatures, throat singing, overtone singing, and circular breathing. I have been giving private lessons since 2010. In our lessons we’ll cover basic playing technique, a cultural history of the instrument or style, improvisation, acoustics, reading and writing standard and shorthand notation styles, care of the ...

Gabe T. Santa Fe, NM

About Gabe

Hi, my name is Gabe T. I am available to teach guitar, violin, and mandolin lessons in students' homes. I have been teaching music lessons since 2012, and playing music for 10 years. I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from Santa Fe University of Art & Design in December 2014. I have extensive experience performing rock, Balkan folk, Klezmer, Classical Arabic, Irish folk, Classical, and mariachi music. I am very patient and I enjoy getting to know my students so that I can tailor my lessons to their talents and likes. My lessons place great emphasis on ear training, music theory, reading music, and performance. The basis behind my lessons is my belief that all students should have fun while learning music, and should have the opportunity to perform for peers, friends, and

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You may have heard of guitar tabs, but what about tabs for pianists? Learn about how to read piano tabs, the difference between tabs and lead sheets, and more in the guest post by Tulsa, OK teacher Chris F... When learning songs on piano, you’ll find that there are a few ways the music can be notated. Often if an artist is popular enough, a music publishing company will notate their music and sell it, often by the album. This notated version of the music is generally referred to as a lead she
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