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Kathryn K. San Rafael, CA

I coach all levels of actors. I teach from a method base and will work on monologues and audition materials, collaborating with you on what it is you need. One thing you must know about me, I am really nice. I won't crush your dreams. I will, however, make sure you attain them.

About Kathryn

Just want to shout out a big congrats to my student Josh for booking a lead in a feature film! Dreams come true! If you want to act or sing as a profession or for fun, or are auditioning to get into a particular high school of performing arts or college or have professional auditions or are trying to land an agent. If you need help understanding the industry, come in. My students are featured on television, in commercials and have had leads in films. Several of them have signed contracts with union affiliated agents. Together, we strive to make dreams come true. I have been singing, recording and acting my entire life. I am fortunate to work as a singer and songwriter. I teach young people and adults and I love it. I will ...


Alison S. February 16, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
It really was such a treat to work with her!

My work with Katherine has been nothing but amazing. She surpasses the label as teacher by all accounts and is a true mentor.
Whether I was feeling low that day as an artist or on my game, she inspired my best work and I walked out of her studio every time feeling fulfilled and grateful.
Thanks to Kathryn, my voice and acting chops have excelled and I have gained callbacks knowing full well it was due to the work I prepared with her for the auditions!
Jamie B. November 1, 2014
Verified Student
Kathryn is the real deal! I have never acted before and thought I'd like to give it a try. She has this ability to help you believe in yourself in such a way that after the first session I knew if I wanted to pursue acting full time Kathryn would help me make that happen. After working with her I also walked away feeling enlivened. Kathryn took me under her wing and taught me a great deal in a short amount of time. She's also grown up in the industry so her knowledge is vast and priceless.
Wendy H. October 21, 2014
Acting · Online
Verified Student
Kathryn is the best teacher I ever had! She is an award winning artist and knows the industry inside out. She really cares about your progress and wants to help you! I highly recommend her!
Gina B. Oakland, CA

Boleslavsky and Strasburg techniques combined with British Classical School. -as the result of my own training. We begin with training of the body for the ability to be relaxed and ready for anything, working in a chair in the Lee Strasburg system, releasing tensions and assessing the difference and working week by week on the sense memory exercises to build up the strength of imagination and elemental response and creativity. We also work with theatre games as well as analytical techniques.

About Gina

I graduated from Juilliard in dance and pursued modern dance and all sorts of theatre including musicals and music theatre and performing arts. I have taught children and grown ups for many years. I have a strong performing career and love the way teaching keeps me in a giving and learning place. *** Lesson Details *** With beginning students I am very laid back and patient and believe strongly that in the play of games and experiments technique will develop and manifest. As the student becomes more advanced I become more demanding as do the materials. As an acting teacher I have an advanced capacity to take students along all the way to professional and beyond. I am a member of the Actors Studio, the performing unions and studied since childhood at ACT and then all over the world ...


Monica P. April 17, 2014
Verified Student
Beyond expectations

From our first phone call, Gina became invested in my dance journey. From modern dance, to ballet and contemporary, Gina has guided me into a new world of performance and dance. Outside of our scheduled lessons, we are loosely collaborating on a creative project - something I thought was years away until I met Gina. She taught me tactical dance fundamentals while also helping me navigate the dance and theater scene in NYC. (with which she is very connected) The best thing for me was her flexibility with the learning process. She encourages everyone to make their own journey, never forcing too much structure but always being reliable. I look forward to continuing this journey. Thank you!
Talia S. December 2, 2013
Verified Student
Gina provides a safe, constructive, playful, supportive, and judgement-free environment to explore and improve in.

I have been taking singing lessons with Gina for several months now. I have always been extremely self conscious of my voice but it's something I've always wanted to conquer. Gina has done a really nice job providing a safe, constructive, playful, supportive, and judgement-free environment to explore and improve in. I always appreciate how flexible she is with scheduling, as my hours are sometimes hard to predict. I really look forward to our time together. It's very therapeutic.
Rolf S. Oakland, CA

About Rolf

*** Travel Equipment *** If requested, I'm able to record rehearsal and/or finished work. *** Specialties *** Originally from the Bay Area, I was in the first class of ACT's Young Conservatory Theatre; I was a member of the fledgling Cal. Shakes. (then known as the Emeryville and then the Berkeley Shakespeare Festivals); a founder member of the Berkeley Mime Troupe, a participant in a number of Renaissance and Dickens Faires before being accepted to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where I stayed and worked as a professional actor for over 30 years in film, television, radio and theatre. A full professional resume is available on request.


Loulla-Mae E. April 22, 2014
Rolf was a great mentor to me

Rolf Saxon is an excellent teacher: he is a talented, fair and dedicated coach who pays close attention to people's performance techniques and always uses honest and constructive criticism to get the very best out of his students. Rolf gave me invaluable help and encouragement with my acting, teaching me how to take confidence in my work and achieve my level best.
Rolf S. April 20, 2014
A Teacher's Review

To whom it may concern,

I first met Rolf Saxon when he started as a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and where I was at that time, a tutor and a director of second and third year plays. He was always a pleasure to work with because he worked hard and with commitment yet at the same time had a quiet sense of humor, particularly appreciated when rehearsals went through difficult moments.

Over the three years of his training he worked with generosity towards other actors and when asked to comment on their work always did so in a constructive way. It was this quality, allied to Rolf’s professional experience, that made us ask Rolf to join the staff some years later as a tutor to top year students. This involved seeing students in ones and twos and helping prepare them for the move between Drama College and the reality of the profession. Giving them advice on everything from resumes, photographs, help with auditions, how to cope with interviews, and talk with them about their public performances through the year. Further, how their work was developing and where their intensions were perhaps not yet reaching the audience.

Rolf did this for two years for us until his acting work took him too frequently from London and he felt it would be unfair to the students to continue when he couldn’t guarantee to be with them each week. Rolf Saxon is a responsible man dedicated to his craft. I have been retired for some years now but if I were still Director of Drama, I would not hesitate to employ him again.

Virginia Snyders

Director of Drama (retired)

Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Rolf S. April 16, 2014
Film Acting
Excellent guy, excellent teacher.

I have been a pupil of Rolf's for almost a year, for both dialect and acting, and I am more than happy to recommend him both as a human being and a teacher. He's been completely professional, fully prepared and ready to provide a productive learning experience. But more importantly, he's just such a good guy, with such a wonderful sense of humor, and depth of experience, that I sometimes feel my progress has been as much by osmosis as anything else.

However, progress there has undeniably been: I am now comfortably using my new dialects in commercial productions, and am much more confident as an actor and performer. Rolf brings a great imagination and creativity to every teaching moment, which creates a relaxed, safe but challenging atmosphere in which to push my craft.
Ben B. Emeryville, CA

About Ben

With a degree in Vocal Performance from University of Michigan, I have a great deal of performance experience in opera, theatre, rock, jazz, and other styles. Lessons will be fun, engaging and effective! It all starts with the first one. *** Lesson Details *** With vocal lessons we can start from the very beginning or jump in with whatever training you've already had. If you love to sing classical music we can focus on classical technique. If you don't care for it much and just want to sing jazz, that we can do! If you love it all and you're not sure what you want to sing, we'll explore it all together. We will find an exciting pace and engaging lesson plan suited too your needs. With acting and performance lessons, we will focus on your personal goals as a performer or public speaker


Nancy S. January 29, 2014
Verified Student
Singing Lessons

Ben is an excellent instructor as he presents theoretical and vocal methods in a very tangible, practical way! My son has had three lessons as of today, and we have already seen much improvement in his singing! We are looking forward to my son's future lessons! We highly recommend Ben to anyone who is interested in learning how to sing.
Lacey M. Emeryville, CA

I teach all levels. Anyone just wanting to start out, to advance students who just need help perfecting there craft. Acting professionals always need a tune up. I look at myself as that coach who can help tune you up. Provide the exact tools you need regardless of your level of experience.

About Lacey

Since a young age I have been influenced and surrounded by gifted individuals that have impacted my life and my career. Growing up in Los Angeles, California I have inherited many of my creative gifts from her Grandmother Connie Russell a famous singer and actress and her Grandfather Michael Zimring, an agent for William M. Agency. They gave me a great appreciation and understanding of what it took to be successful as an artist. I started my career by doing modeling at age five and went on to do dance performances at age seven. I continued to broaden her horizon by acting in plays, painting and singing. Later in life I took these gifts and decided to teach adults, and children the importance of self confidence and creativity. I have worked in many organizations with the intention to ...


Mike P. March 3, 2015
Improv Acting · Online
Verified Student
Lacey is very relaxed and easy to work with, she has a way of putting you at ease.
Jamie B. November 1, 2014
Acting · In studio
Verified Student
Lacy is an amazing, kind, supportive person and she carries that into her instruction. I went to Lacy for acting lessons and she helped me a great deal in building confidence, letting loose, and feeling heard. She's a great listener and caters her lessons towards the goals I wanted to achieve. Lacy is also a very fun and energetic person. I feel honored to have worked with her.
Joe L. July 31, 2014
Improv Acting · In home
Lacey has a unique ability to connect with people, in a class setting or one on one, and communicate effectively in order to provide lesson objectives and how to achieve them, as well as listening to the students in order to understand any difficulties they may have.

One of the reasons for Lacey’s success is her ability to make the students feel safe and comfortable to push the envelope and not be afraid to try new things. This sets them up to achieve things they thought they could not do, and come out of these lessons feeling empowered and excited to tackle the world.

I have seen Lacey teach Yoga, Acting and Modeling, and am convinced she is unique and exceptional in her teaching and her life.
William B. San Francisco, CA

A student of mine can expect a caring and honest approach to the development of particular acting skills from comedy (slapstick) to tragedy. The history of the art will be stressed; exercise come second. I have played in the fields of Hollywood which has given me an understanding of the rigors of job search and the need for a positive attitude when searching for work as an actor.

About William

I've spent most of my life in the performing arts either on stage as actor & director, as voice over in film & video, as well as constant work at the writing desk. I love and respect actors. To seriously address yourself to the art and discipline of acting is no easy task. In a way you must become a psychologist, historian, and an overall lover of humanity.

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