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Kirk L. Spring Valley, CA

About Kirk

Hello Students/Parents: I'm a 21 year old hip hop dancer residing in classy San Diego. Graduated from ITT Technical Institute. I've been dancing for 8 years, competing for 3 years, and teaching for 4 years. I'm the coolest most laid back guy you will ever meet. I like to laugh a lot and make sure that everyone around me is laughing too. I'm patient and understanding when it comes to kids/adults with special needs. We all have two feet in common and the love for music so let's dance! 2007- I started dancing my freshmen year of high school. 2008- I got onto my first junior hip hop competing team, Syde FX and trained for 2 years. 2010- I got onto my first adult hip hop competing team, Urban FX 2012 to Present- I've danced ...


Kirk L. November 21, 2013
Hiphop Class

When learning from Kirk he really does a good job breaking moves down for me. He really works with you 1 on 1 if you do have trouble. I took a class from him and it his home studio and I gotta say his class really is beneficial! I take classes at other dance studios but Kirk's teaching is fun and makes you wanna keep coming back!!

Thanks for the good time with me and my friends!!
(Me, Alex, Tracy, and Lisa)

*****5 STARS!
Melanie K. San Diego, CA

Tap: All levels all Ages: Emphasis on Broadway type of tap dancing.

Modern: Ages 12 and up. Some ballet experience recommended or to be take in conjunction with ballet. I have experience with Graham, Cunningham, Release and Horton Techniques. I also have extensive knowledge of Contact Improvisation and partnering.

About Melanie

I have been dancing for over 14 years, with an emphasis in ballet and modern dance, but I also know tap, jazz and swing. I enjoy math tutoring because math has so much more beauty to it than people think.


jerry H. May 3, 2014
Excellent teacher for a beginner

As a beginner adult in ballet, Melanie did an excellent job of teaching me the basics of ballet. I would definitely recommend her for any adult wishing to learn ballet.
Roberta P. April 24, 2014
Jazz Dancing
Verified Student
Great teacher!

Melanie is a great teacher with a very sweet personality
Joel P. La Mesa, CA

I teach all levels of dancers

About Joel

For local San Diegans - there is no one more traveled than Joel. His experience with so many different dance communities is what sets his classes & dances apart. Know that the material you learn can be utilized anywhere you go dancing in the world. He is 100% committed to Swing Era dancing and shares the rich history of the dances in every class he teaches specially the Hang Ten Hopper program. Joel P. began his swing dance career in the summer of 1998 on a date in Chicago. He learned very quickly from countless workshops and non-stop dancing and brought his skills to Cleveland, OH. Joel taught swing full-time out in Cleveland, OH for 4 years (1999-2002) and started Get Hep Swing, LTD. He co-created the very first All Balboa Weekend with Valerie Salstrom (June 2001). He moved ...

Jaami W. San Diego, CA

Teaching experience: 20 years
Teaching goals: Depends on student goals
Teaching style: Depends on student's needs

About Jaami

Jaami W.V., originally from Washington State, has been dancing for over 25 years, beginning with jazz and ballet. She began studying hip hop at the age of 14, and soon organized a school dance team at her high school. After she graduated, she joined AmeriCorps National Service and founded an after school hip hop dance program for teens, to help address the rising teen crime rate. She then moved to San Diego specifically to dance in the San Diego State University dance program. Wanting to dance more, she began teaching hip hop at local gyms and dance studios throughout San Diego. In 2002, she founded Kruciaal Element Hip Hop Dance Company where she directs, choreographs, and organizes numerous performances in San Diego and Los Angeles County including events like Monster Bash and Mardi ...

Kate V. San Diego, CA

Modern dance teacher with 10 years teaching experience and a lifetime of joyous dancing to share with you! I will teach you beginning technique or help you find greater freedom in your movement if you are a more advanced student. My background includes strong ballet and contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and somatic practices.

About Kate

I care deeply about sharing my love of dance and experience as a dancer with my students, and love to challenge and develop my students in a caring way to meet their artistic and professional goals. I believe in being a person first and foremost, and ask my students to think for themselves in class, in order to nurture their own artistry. I also focus strongly on high-quality dance technique, drawing from my formal classical ballet training as well as training in various modern dance techniques (Limon, Cunningham, and Release) and somatic practices (such as Yoga, The Axis Syllabus, and mindfulness meditation.) I have been studying dance seriously since I was a child - beginning with 12 years of formal ballet training and transitioning to modern dance as a teenager. My professional ...

Chris B. San Diego, CA

I noticed a lot of teachers use songs that are very Hood, Buck, and Ratchet. Very few teachers bridge the gap to introduce the sexier side of Hip Hop and R&B. I hope to teach you moves that are more fluid and flow with the song. I intend to help you recognize the different instruments/lyrics of a song, and not rely entirely on an 8 count.

About Chris

a.k.a. StyListiK SmurF I have been in the dance community for the past year. We are a very positive community and are about uplifting and encouraging, instead of pointing out flaws. As long as you are trying your best and giving your all, that's all I ask in a student. Dance is not about who is the best, but interpreting a song based on how you feel it. Dance is suppose to be fun and inspiring! I specialize in the R&B side of Hip Hop. You should expect to dance to songs by artists such as Usher, Marques Houston, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, etc.

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