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Chris C. Lancaster, CA

About Chris

I graduated with honors from The Percussion Institute Of Technology (P.I.T.) at Musicians Institute in 1988. Since then I have recorded and toured around the world with such artists as, Gary Allan, Delaney Bramlett, Greg London and the Rich Harper Band to name a few. I bring a high level of experience to my students with a focus on both performance and learning to read drum music and charts. I believe on keeping music fun and tailor my lessons to accommodate exactly what each student is trying to achieve. *** Lesson Details *** My philosophy is to keep music fun. I have a laid back style of teaching but I expect my students to practice and bring their "A" game to every lesson. I try to always keep students engaged, challenged and motivated depending on their specific goals. After 6 ...

Barbara L. Rosamond, CA

About Barbara

Originally from Wisconsin, I was a music student at UW LaCrosse before coming to LA to attend Musician's Institute in Hollywood,(GIT) where I graduated with honors and was awarded a USA Custom Ibanez guitar. I remained in LA working in numerous bands spanning a wide variety of musical styles including blues, rock, country, surf, and even Persian music! With "The California Girls", an all female surf band, I opened for "The Beach Boys" , "The Safaris", "Jan and Dean", "Steppin Wolf"; toured the US playing theaters, fairs, casinos; and played overseas for the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Iraq, Afghanistan, Norway, Germany, the Pacific Islands, and Diego Garcia. Most recently I was a member of the Greg London band, an impressionist with whom I performed in ...


Joyce M. July 22, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Loved my Granddaughters first lesson with Barbara. She is very patient and easy to understand. I would recommend her to anyone.
Shadrick M. May 4, 2013
Verified Student
Flexible and Accommodating Schedules

I am not the person taking the lessons. It is for my granddaughters, who are 5, 8, and 12. They practice daily and look forward to getting to the classes each week. Teaching takes a lot of patience.
TerryG June 13, 2012

I am enjoying my guitar lessons with Barbara, and I feel I am making progress. Hopefully, I can continue to improve.
Faye W. Lancaster, CA

About Faye

I am very patient and generous with my time. I can relate well to young children through seniors.


Faye W. June 4, 2014
Piano · In home
” Anyone can teach..but very few can inspire. Anyone can show your hands which notes to play, but very few can give your heart wings. Faye W. is a gifted music teacher who does more than give lessons.. she inspires her students to play from the heart and to connect the notes on a page with the dreams and desires the music brings to life. Aunty Faye, as we affectionately call her, will always be the music teacher who taught my children the love of music, the delight of laughter and the joy that playing the piano from your heart. It is with great appreciation that I write this recomendation to all future students that may be looking for more than just a piano teacher.. Faye is someone who will gently lead her students on the delightful journey of learning both the disciplines and the inspiration to play music from the heart.. A rare gift indeed .. We will miss you … our Dear Aunty Faye.”
- Kelly T., Parent in KAILUA HI
Faye W. June 4, 2014
Piano · In home
“Ms W. is a wonderful piano instructor. I love that she takes the time to come to our home and provide individual one-on-one training with my two boys and daughter. Their ages range from 4-9 and Faye’s ability to interact with each of them is awesome. We have had other instructors, but no one has come close to Faye’s ability to get our children to want to learn the piano. If you have children and they want to learn the piano give Faye the opportunity to teach them, you will not be sorry.”
- Nucharee A., Parent in MILILANI HI
Faye W. June 4, 2014
Piano · In home
“Faye W. has been a “diamond among the rough” find! She is a wonderful, flexible, energetic, patient and fun piano teacher!!! I played the piano when I was younger but did NOT want to teach my own child. I made the right decision as Faye makes learning music FUN and engaging. She encourages her students to play music that they actually like and enjoy, as opposed to boring them to death with only strict technique and theory practices. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and I’ve even begun playing again after taking years off. Faye has been a delight and an inspiration to our entire family. We are all enjoying the piano again for the first time in years! I searched high and low and couldn’t find another instructor that was as affordable, flexible, easy going, and patient as Faye. Her gift of perfect pitch and ability to play by ear amaze me personally as I can only read music. Faye is well trained and a talented musician. You will not be disappointed!”
- Sarah A., Parent in KAILUA HI
Kymbr M. Lancaster, CA

About Kymbr

I started tutoring and caring for children very early, volunteered in classrooms in preschools, elementary schools and special needs classes when I was still in school. I began my AA degree in Early Childhood Education in 1993, but had to put my schooling aside in favor of employment and parenthood. I worked with children from infants to teens over the next twenty years in childcare centers, day cares, school age programs, tutoring and private lessons.I completed my BA in Education in March of 2014.


Tina W. April 20, 2015
Sewing · Online
Verified Student
Kymbr is an outstanding instructor. She and my daughter skype every week and she has surpassed our expectations of what my daughter wanted to accomplish in every way. She is well prepared, professional and patient. Highly recommend.
Steve P. Rosamond, CA

About Steve

I have played bass guitar since I was 15. I have played guitar for almost as long. I recently took up the ukulele and since September of 2014 I have been performing once a month at Butler Coffee at open mic night. I perform for special ed classes at Quartz Hill High School every Wednesday morning.

Clive C. Lancaster, CA

About Clive

I have taught cello lessons for about 10 years. I am a technically oriented teacher and have a system of teaching that promotes rapid advancement. For beginners Phase I of my program involves working through Suzuki BKs 1-4. This takes the student to mastery of 4th position. I teach both children and adults, and enjoy doing so. Many of my students have gone from back of the section to 1st chair within one year. I can also teach students at the late High School and College level. I am a graduate of The Juilliard School where I was an Honorary Scholarship student of Harvey Shapiro. Currently I teach at Tapps Music, in our new state of the art Studios, designed for optimal acoustics. Clive Coe; BM The Juilliard School 1979

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