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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I promise that language learning isn't difficult! You can learn everything about Korean from me. I hope you enjoy studying with me. I will work with you until you accomplish your goals!
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Yoojin delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
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Females 5+ and males 0

Teaching since:
January 2008

Hi guys! My name is YooJin. I'm from South Korea and I came to America 2 years ago. Before I came to America, I lived in Japan for 7 years. I like to study language and teach. When I studied in Japan, I taught Korean to Japanese people, which was a very valuable experience for me. I was able to meet many wonderful people and make many new friends.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the Korean and/or Japanese languages with you. If you're looking for enjoyable language study to meet your goals, you've found the right person!

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Suzanne Dec 15, 2018
Japanese · Online

great instructor!!! Highly recommended for anyone who is a beginner in Japanese

Alena A. Nov 30, 2018
Japanese · Online

I love her teaching. She is patient, fun, and caring. She knows how to go at your own personal pace and is very helpful for anything you wish to learn. Whether you like going by the book or want to just have some Japanese conversational practice her encouraging personality will help you get acquainted with this beautiful language.

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Meredith Sep 28, 2018
Korean · Online

Yoojin was very friendly and not judgemental when there was something I didn’t understand or remember. She was very accommodating with scheduling as well. I would recommend Yoojin to anyone learning a new language!

Henry Jul 16, 2018
Korean · Online

Such a nice and understanding Korean teacher. She listens to you, understands your Korean level, and then teaches you appropriately. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and am excited to keep on learning Korean with her!

Lyaja D. Jul 11, 2018
Korean · Online

Yoojin is amazing

Josie Jul 9, 2018
Japanese · Online

My daughter loved her first lesson! She learned a lot and said the hour went by so fast!

Kathy Jun 18, 2018
Japanese · Online

Yoojin is very sweet and encouraging. Her enthusiasm makes her very fun to learn from! My 9 year old son is looking forward to his next Japanese lesson.

Jules S. May 8, 2018
Korean · Online

Yoojin Kim is very friendly, and goes at your child's pace! She really has a great approach to breaking down the language into easy to understand the parts! Highly recommend!

Kyle Jan 29, 2018
Japanese · Online

great teacher! Friendly and patient and really understands how to teach a language to beginners!

Kaylin Jan 12, 2018
Korean · Online

Yoojin is so friendly and sweet. I just had my first lesson and I am looking forward to learning Korean with her.

Rick Aug 8, 2017
Korean · Online

Yoojin, is an excellent instructor! She is always in a good mood, promoting a great learning atmosphere. She presents the material in such a way that makes learning fun. One of the best instructors I have ever had.

Meredith Aug 4, 2017
Korean · Online

She is very nice and easy to learn from. She explains everything so great and if I have any questions or need her to slow down she adjusts to fit my needs! She's the best!!! I've only had one lesson from her so far and I can't wait for my next lesson. She makes a difficult language to learn simple and clear.

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Nina Jul 11, 2017
Japanese · Online

Yoojin is a fabulous teacher! Very thorough and makes learning fun!

Betty C. Jul 3, 2017
Korean · Online

Going strong with Japanese lessons and now starting Korean with Yoojin. She is fantastic! We highly recommend her A+ :) Thank you!

Anya Jun 27, 2017
Korean · Online

Just finished 3rd lesson I'm slow but I'm reading! She's a great teacher.👍👍

Anya Jun 13, 2017
Korean · Online

I just got done with my first lesson in korean and she jumped right in and made it easy to understand. She was very friendly and patient with me. I can already read a couple words which shocked me. I enjoyed the lesson and cant wait till next week!

Nicholas Pecora Apr 24, 2017
Japanese · Online

Flexable and understanding. I seem to be learning from her very well.

Kate Apr 24, 2017
Korean · Online

Had a great first lesson with Yoojin and I'm looking forward to my lesson next week! I signed up for 5 lessons just to start, because I was nervous about trying to learn Korean, and I've never tried an online lesson before via Skype. But she's a good teacher, and I'm glad I'm learning from her.

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Nick Apr 7, 2017
Japanese · Online

Patient knowledgeable experienced and polite. Ms. Yoojin seems like a very good teacher.

Deidra Apr 4, 2017
Korean · Online

Yoojin is really nice and was able to figure out quickly where I was at as far as my own studies have taken me.
I look forward to the rest of the lessons and can't wait to learn everything I can from Yoojin :)

Judy J. Mar 1, 2017
Korean · Online

Yoojin is so kind and patient! I reccomend her as a Korean tutor.

Steve A. Feb 12, 2017
Korean · Online

She is a really good teacher , she explains everything clear .I'm learning korean faster than I aspect . Also she has and incredible charisma and good sense of humor ,so the class is never boring .

Karen V. Feb 6, 2017
Korean · Online

She is a great Teacher . She helps you fully understand everything before moving on .☺

Cassandra H. Dec 28, 2016
Japanese · Online

Yoojin is an awesome teacher. She's so nice and polite!

Betty C. Aug 10, 2016
Japanese · Online

I had my first Japanese lesson today, and she teaches everything you need to know about Japanese in a very fun and understandable way.

I highly recommend her id you want to learn Japanese! She will teach you everything you need to know :)

Kathrynn T. Mar 26, 2016
Korean · Online

Yoojin is a great teacher. She's a native Korean speaker, speaks English well and has great teaching techniques. I was hesitant about doing lessons online but have no reservations about it now. Lessons with Yoojin was an excellent choice.

Guangxu W. Mar 22, 2016
Korean · Online

Her classes are absolutely wonderful. I'm learning Korean much faster than if I had stuck with self studying alone, she is also really friendly, you will have a good experience study with her

Bianca C. Mar 22, 2016
Korean · Online

I'm so happy that YooJin K. is my Korean teacher. She is very patient and understanding. I didn't know if taking lessons through Skype was the best idea for my lessons but Ms. Yoojin made me feel comfortable and made sure i understood every detail we studied. I can't wait for our next lesson!

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lauren Mar 21, 2016
Korean · Online

she is very helpful and fun to study with . Thank you very much

Kris Mar 8, 2016
Korean · In studio

Yoojin is not only a kind person, but an extremely great teacher. Some people are knowledgable of material, but may not be able to convey their thoughts/knowledge to a student---SHE CAN...She is very friendly, respectful, and overall great energy to be around, very knowledgeable, and comes prepared with multiple tools and accessories for me (the student) to make it easier to learn. Also she goes out of her way to build rapport with her me.

I digress, I learned the Korean alphabets and vowels after the first session (week) and after just the 3rd lesson I am able to read, write the letters/blocks correctly & pronounce words in Korean. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Korean for sure.

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