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Yajuan M.
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Become a co-learner in Mandarin Chinese exploration
Practice listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese skills with a native speaker, a former radio host, a 22 years of classroom teacher in a variety topics that relate to current events in the world. Reading exercises are equally emphasized in the lessons learning. Writing skills will be embedded in email writing or message exchanging. Students are encouraged to explore their learning needs and learning interests. In other words, the teacher tailors the curriculum and meet learners' learning desire in every possible way.
About Yajuan M.

I gained my BA in Chinese Language and Culture, first MA in Chinese Language and Literature, second MA in Education (from Bucknell University, PA). I have been teaching American students, from kindergarteners to adults, for the past 22 years at a variety of schools settings including colleges/universities, private high schools, public middle & high schools, and summer immersion language programs in both China and The U.S. I have coached volleyball, squash, and tennis to high school students. I am also a big swimmer. Additionally, I am the Master Teacher for the New England New Teachers' Association to train all the new Mandarin Chinese teachers since 2011 for the independent schools in the New England area. My former students went to Middleburry College, Swarthmore College, Oberlin College, Bucknell University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Rhode Island Schools of Design, Dartmouth College, Boston College, MIT, University of Chicago, Yale, Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, University of Virginia, University of Chicago... and some of them had become Ambassadors of America, college professors, and language programs' directors both in the States and overseas. On TakeLessons platform, I have facilitated college students taking HSK (levels 2-5) Chinese exam and High School students taking Chinese AP exam, shared learning enthusiasm with a few college professors, assisted some professionals in pursuing their specific fields (such as finance, law, business, medical, and arts), and coached many teenagers who showed their interests in Chinese language and culture. As a sophisticated Mandarin Chinese teacher, I have many interests, life experiences (such as opera singing, fashion design, painting, instruments playing, cooking), and love of teaching the language and passion on world languages learning.