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Xiaoying Juliette teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: 1994
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I am a professional art curator with native or trilingual proficiency in Chinese Mandarin, French and English.

On TakeLessons, I offer to tutor or teach Chinese Mandarin and the French language, as well as my self-designed course, "Language through Art and Technology." My time is evenly split between Manhattan and New Jersey so I can accept tutoring tasks from both places.

Born in Beijing as a native Mandarin speaker, I started to learn English at the age of six and French fifteen. Many people tend to believe that having a native speaker tutor is the best guarantee to master a second language. In reality, this is a wrong concept because a regular native speaker, unless s/he studied how to decipher a language linguistically, doesn't always possess the skills of analyzing his/er mother tongue grammatically and explain it to the others. Regarding the pronunciation, spoken Chinese is separated into five main dialectical groups including Mandarin (spoken by only a part of native Beijingers); a person born in Marseille does not pronounce every French word the same way as a Parisian. Trilingual since a teenager, I've always been very sensitive to each of my languages' pronunciation and grammar. When it came to the choice of my own tutor, I rather emphasized on one's teaching experience and skills than focusing on native speakers.

Language learning, as well as art creation, requires passion, patience, dedication, and hard working. I treasure my students' time and effort learning a second language. I do my best to fulfill their need with the innovative concept, in-depth research, and high-quality classes. I wish that all my students can communicate their ideas and feelings with people they love in a fine and accurate second language within the shortest time.

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Current student's homework (8th Grade)


Art Curator/Consultant
Sep 2004 - Present

Xiaoying Juliette is a curator and consultant focusing on the alliance of art, science, and technology.

From 2004 to the present, she has organized numerous large-scale exhibitions, conferences, and educational workshops for international biennials and festivals and worked with international art fairs, academies, and institutions. As a trilingual researcher, she has widely published in art magazines and journals and lectured at conferences and academies.

In 2012, she was appointed the curator for "Syncretic Cybernetics," the first retrospective of Roy Ascott, the British pioneer in the telematic art within the 9th Shanghai Biennale in China. The exhibition introduced the master's great theory and art practice to China, facilitated a series of close collaborations between the two parties in the following years.

In 2011-2013, she accomplished a large publication project, “Media Arts Collection” introducing a group of Western media art pioneers’ writings to China. Today, these writings are still considered an important contribution to the media arts world in China.

In 2013, she organized a screening program for the New York-based notable non-profit art organization, Havestwork’s New York Electronic Festival (NYEAF), presenting a series of sound and visual works from a group of emerging artists from China Mainland.

In 2015, collaborating again with NYEAF, she brought five pioneer artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong to showcase their sound projects, among whom Samson Young was nominated the representative artist for Hong Kong at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Her work received significant support from the Ministry of Culture in Taipei, TECO Taipei Cultural Center (New York), and the Museum of the Moving Image (New York).

In 2016, she initiated the "Digital Art Collection Club (DACC)," presenting a series of small-scale symposiums focusing on the digital art education and collection.

Xiaoying is constantly interested in artists’ creative processes in the specific field of art and technology as well as the curators’ role in such processes.

French language tutor/teacher
Sep 1994 - Present

[Junior, Senior High School / College students, corporate professionals, art professionals, all levels]

I started to learn the French language at fifteen years old, had a Bachelor in the French Language at China Foreign Affairs University (Beijing), a Master in French Literature at Paris III University-La Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris), and six-year Ph.D. education in English, French, and Chinese Mandarin at the Plymouth University (UK).

I have worked for Air France (Administration), French online art media (Reporter/Writer), antique gallery (Management), and numerous international festivals and institutions (Curator, current job).

In the last two decades, I have taught the French language at Alliance Française in Beijing, at community language center in Paris, and foreign language school in the US (currently). I also lectured Art History course in French in many art academies in China, in France, and in the US.

My current students include Chinese and Americans from different cities in the US. I teach them French in either Chinese Mandarin or English, online or in-person.

Chinese Mandarin tutor/teacher
Feb 1994 - Present

[Junior, Senior High School / College students, corporate professionals, art professionals, all levels]

I began to study Chinese classical literature at preschool age, had my mother tongue teaching experience in college (majored in French), at the prestigious China Foreign Affairs University, providing private Mandarin class to French corporates in Beijing. This part-time teaching job was rewarded by a long-term position at the Air France Beijing Delegation at my graduation from the college. In the last two decades, I have been teaching Mandarin or in Mandarin in school or at freelance on numerous occasions in different countries. My students have ranged from teenagers to adults, from European-born Chinese to Western expats living in China mainland. Specialized in art and literature, my teaching methodology emphasizes on the refinement of Chinese language, inspiring the learners to express themselves with accuracy in a fine and authentic Mandarin by embracing the power of art and literature.


Ph.D of Arts and Media
Oct 2010 - Jul 2016
Plymouth University (UK)
Visiting Scholar | Music and Performing Arts Professions
Dec 2014 - Dec 2015
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Master of General & Comparative Literature
Sep 1999 - Jul 2001
University of Paris III - La Sorbonne Nouvelle
Bachelor of French Language
Sep 1993 - Jul 1997
China Foreign Affairs University

Languages Spoken

Chinese Mandarin
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Lydia Dec 13, 2016
· French · I am currently taking french lessons with Juliette. I studied the language throughout high school and college, but haven't revisited my studies in about 4-5 years. Juliette made me feel comfortable with my french level and helped me review all that I have forgotten. I am more than happy with Juliette's approach to my unique situation. She first assessed my skill level and then created a teaching program that works for me. I have been studying with her for a few months now and feel like I am really seeing a lot of progress. She has a creative way of teaching that makes learning more enjoyable and easier to retain information. We do not just use textbooks exercises, but learn through art forms such as literature. We have done a lot of review so far, but are now getting into new material. I am excited to continue working with Juliette and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in moving forward with the languages she offers!
Nasis L. Dec 11, 2016
· French · Online
David Nov 28, 2016
· French · In studio She is the best French Tutor ever!
Stefani Nov 27, 2016
· · In studio Xiaoying was invited to be a critic for my student’s final projects for the graduate course Temporary Expert: Design, Science + The Anthropocene in the ITP Program at NYU. She was tasked with giving constructive criticism on both the conceptual and technical merits of the projects. The students were extremely grateful for her input because of her keen insight and valuable contributions on how to grow their work to new levels, think about the audience’s perception and participation and better articulate their ideas.
Jess Nov 18, 2016
· Art History · In studio Xiaoying gave a great lecture about sound art in China to my class at SVA last year. She presented some amazing, interesting, and enlightening sound art projects from Chinese artists, and had a lively discussion with my students. The students really appreciated the presentation and definitely got a lot out of it, expanding their horizons on contemporary sound art. It was a valuable addition to the course material and the students took a lot away from it -
Millie Nov 10, 2016
· · In studio Juliette Xiaoying Yuan is a curator, writer and researcher focused on media arts with a distinct and important overview on comparative contemporary practice in East Asia, Europe and North America. It is this valuable knowledge base and perspective that gives her a critical voice in the analysis of contemporary art on a global scale. For these reasons, I invited Juliette Xiaoying Yuan to the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, to become a scholar-in-residence during Spring 2012, and commissioned her to write a critical essay for the publication Translation: Buffalo Beijing, which examines the complexities of cross-cultural collaborative art making. Juliette Xiaoying Yuan is a thinker and producer who I would be delighted to continue working with in the future.
Adam Oct 24, 2016
· Chinese · In studio I think that Ms. Xiaoying is an excellent teacher. I like her Chinese lessons along with drawings. They really help me think "out of the box" with questions such as "Why did the artist paint this?" or "How do you think this painting affects others?", and trust me, when you're looking at the abstract art she chose (which are tough), that really requires a lot of thinking. Overall, I really enjoyed the classes, and I think that any student would, too.
Vivian Oct 19, 2016
· Chinese · In studio I and my husband started looking for Chinese language tutor for our son Raymond (now 5 years old) a couple of years ago. After we tried with a few private tutors and schools, we've been introduced to Xiaoying whose art program seemed to be interesting to us. We started with her a few months ago. Raymond liked her class immediately, especially the art part! He told me that her class was fun because he got to see many colorful paintings and animations. Xiaoying actually uses paintings and animations to teach kids how to name colors, forms, numbers in Chinese. What I like the most in her teaching is that she can always explain things in a very simple and explicit way. This is very important because Chinese language is complicated! Her homework is also different from other teachers. Sometimes it requires parents to spend time with kids and work with them. I and my husband actually like that part. We get the chance to do fun things with our son, and sometimes we learn new things as well. I couldn't realize that even with a very basic and simple Chinese, we can still tell a nice story about a painting. It all depends on how we use the words. My kid is too young to realize this, but he definitely enjoys Xiaoying's class and sometimes the Chinese words he says really surprise me! I'm happy with Xiaoying's class! - Vivian Wang, New York
Xiaoying Juliette Yuan
Xiaoying Juliette Y.

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