Vitaly Radomskiy

Vitaly R.

La Jolla, CA

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Vitaly teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: 2006
Last sign in: Last week


I’m a Theatre Major from UCSD. I've studied music since my early teens, and have played and performed for over a decade. I love music, and I love creating art. If you’re looking for a by the book instructor (here follow the instructions in your music book) I’m probably not a good fit. Music is fun and should be taught that way. But that does not mean you shouldn’t learn the foundation of good technique and how to master those skills. I enjoy teaching as much as I do playing or performing. That is why I do it. "If it ain't fun, why do it?" - Cockrum -

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Vitaly Radomskiy
Vitaly R.

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