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Ureka N.

Middleburg, FL

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Ballroom Dance

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Let's get moving! I love to keep it simple, fun, and exciting by using different teaching aids to enhance the dancing of my students. Giving them a solid understanding of the steps and a feeling of confidence in their dancing!
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Ureka delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

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Hello everyone,
I have a very diverse dance background from, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, cheerleading/Pom, ballroom- rhythm, American Smooth, Country, and more!
I have had the amazing opportunity to compete, teach in the United States , as well as in Spain for several years. Winning the prestigious Top Female Teacher Superama 2013 award for Arthur Murray Franchised Studios among many others.
I pride myself on keeping lessons simple and fun by using exciting teaching aids customed tailored for each of my students! I believe everyone is unique, can dance, and will have their own way of learning. My mission is to figure out the best way to teach each student and then let them soar!
I teach waltz, tango, foxtrot, quick step, v.waltz,rumba,cha cha, swings, salsa, mambo, bolero, country western genres, sevillanas, bachata, kizomba, and more! Please feel free to ask.
*I am willing to travel to you! I will bring music, a portable speaker, syllabi and dance equipment necessary to hold an enjoyable private lesson!
*Hire for events: parties, weddings, etc.
If you are ready to laugh, learn, and dance, I'm your girl! Shall we dance?

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Jan 2015 - Present
Rota Ballroom

Creator of Rota Ballroom program in Rota, Spain! Teaching men, women, youth, and couples to dance!

Jan 2004 - Present
DGF Admiral Cheer/Dance

Choreographer/Coach to the Award winning divisional European Championship team the Rota Admirals

Jul 2011 - Jan 2015
Arthur Murray

Instuctor/Specialist: teaching men, women, youth, and couples to social and or competitive dance!

Show performance/Competitor
Jan 2010 - Jul 2012
World Salsa Congress- by Albert Torres


Show Performer
Jan 2010 - Jul 2012
Reyes De La Rumba

Show Performer
Sep 2010 - Feb 2011

Jan 2001 - Oct 2004
Total Velocity Shock previous Temecula Valley Stars

Coach and Choreographer to several All-Star teams. Teaching dance, stunts, cheers, and tumbling.


Ballroom- Rythym, Smooth, Country, Sevillana and More
Jan 2015 - Present
Rota Ballroom
Sevillana and Buleria
Mar 2015 - Aug 2017
Yvonne Trigo- Conservatory of Cadiz
Ballroom, American Smooth, Rhythym, Country and More
Jul 2011 - Jan 2015
Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio
Professional Salsa
Jan 2010 - Jul 2012
Reyes De La Rumba Companh
Cumbia, Salsa, Bachata, Danzón, and Guaracha
Sep 2010 - Feb 2011
Salsa Barbara
Jan 2009 - Jan 2011
Connextions Dance
Oct 2004 - Jan 2006
Sep 2000 - Jan 2003


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Teacher and Medal certifications
Sep 2012
Arthur Murray Franchise Dance


Top Teacher/Top Female Teacher
Jun 2014
Arthur Murray
Top Teacher Award
Oct 2013
Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios
United States Achievement Academy National Award
Jan 1997

Photos & Videos

Cha cha performance for our students!
Photo by Ureka N.

Winning Top Teacher!
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Aaron Dec 23, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

In short, Ureka is phenomenal. Inspiring. Marvelous. She is an absolute professional, and master of her craft. She is an insanely talented dancer, as well as a natural born teacher. She is non-stop working and developing her teaching skills and is 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality experience to her students. She expertly tailors every program to meet each individual students' needs. Ensuring the curriculum is entertaining and challenging enough to promote growth and self-confidence. Ureka mentors and encourages you. Cheering for your accomplishments, and helping you understand and correct your mistakes. She is genuine and non-compromising in her care for students. Knowing how to reach students at the level they are, and build them up to the level she knows they can be. Creating strong student-teacher relationships through trust and progression. Her unrivaled versatility and brilliance shines through her abilities to conceptualize, and breakdown complex body movements, rhythm, and advanced lead/follow technique. Not only is she Incredibly knowledgeable and proficient on an abundance of dance styles and histories, but she holds within her an invaluable wealth of experience and wisdom. She teaches more than just dance. She models and directs a process of self-discovery that motivates and grooms students to live as better people. Creating a better world of dance through her community.
Learn everything you can from her!! I am so immensely thankful for the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman, and to be introduced to the world of dance by her. It was a tremendous pleasure to be under her instruction. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Ureka for being honest, loyal, and compassionate. She taught me to be proud of my successes; both in the ballroom, and in life. I am honored that she shared her passion with me, and privileged to call her my coach.

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Harry & Kim E. Oct 18, 2017
Ballroom Dance · Online

Ureka showed great enthusiasm, personality, and clarity. Her moves are graceful to watch and try to emulate. Verbal cues for cadence and emphasis are very helpful. Bringing her husband in to demonstrate partner moves brought it all together. My wife and I had great fun on this first lesson in preparation for our son's wedding!

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Ruthanne Oct 18, 2017
Dance Choreography · In studio

Ureka is a fantastic cheer coach and choreographer. Together we won three Dodds European Cheer Championships. She is a great cheerleader and fantastic dancer! My cheerleaders look up to her so much, fantastic teacher and role model. Our dances are always on point because of her instruction! She is the best at what she does!

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Emily Oct 18, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

The best dance instructor I ever had. She keeps everything simple. Her knowledge and experience has surpassed my expectations. Can't wait for my next lesson with her.

Jessica Oct 18, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

After many years of talking about taking ballroom dance lessons, my husband and I decided to sign up for private lessons with Ureka. She immediately made us both feel comfortable and listened to our goals for the class. The three of us selected the dances we wanted to focus on and each week, Ureka had a plan for our class.

We worked with Ureka for over a year and not only took her private lessons, but also joined her group dance lessons. Ureka is not only an incredibly talented dancer, but she has a gift for teaching and connecting with her students.
We looked forward to our lessons every week and always left with smiles on our faces. She helped up to progress with our dancing and build confidence to dance outside of class. I can not recommend Ureka enough!

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Tudor Oct 17, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

The regal ballroom CLASS in person !
Ureka is a teacher that you will not find anywhere else , patient, clear intructor , with a bery standard for perfection.
Its hard not to get addicted to her style ! You will be Very impressed of her poise, determination and humor to get your dance to the next level ! She is hands down the best teacher i have encountered in my ballroom 5 y journey !

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Krista Oct 15, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka is the best dance instructor ever! We began lessons with her to prepare for our wedding then couldn't get enough of dancing so continued both group lessons and private ballroom lessons for with her for nearly two years. If you are looking for a dance instructor who is great at what they do, she's your woman. Her professionalism, charisma, enthusiasm and skill at what she does is unrivaled!

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Marxy Oct 3, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka is without a doubt the best dance instructor I've encountered. I've taken private and group lessons. She is patient, but pushes you far beyond your limits. She's the best!

Jen Oct 2, 2017
Dance · In studio

I took group classes and private lessons with Ureka: salsa, salsa rueda, bachata, kizomba, waltz, cha cha, Argentine tango, American tango, hustle, rumba, triple swing, and I had just started samba when I hurt my ankle and had to stop dancing for the last few months before I moved away. In total, I took 26 private lessons and attended 7 six-week group classes.

My experience: I had been dancing salsa, bachata, cumbia, and merengue for about 7 years before starting with Ureka. For salsa and bachata, we worked on styling and some tightening up my execution of some advanced steps / combos.

About 15 years prior to meeting Ureka, I had taken ballroom group and private classes for about 6 months and from that, remembered the basic steps for cha cha, waltz, rumba, and American tango. I had also taken a couple salsa rueda lessons, but didn't really retain it. We increased my abilities in those dances.

Ureka taught me kizomba, hustle, triple swing, Argentine tango, and samba from scratch. At dance parties that she hosted, we also danced cumbia and merengue together, even though we didn't cover them in my lessons.

Ureka is by far the best dance instructor I've ever had, in large part because she figured out how to explain things to me in a way that helped _me_ "get it". I'm kind of uncoordinated and slow to learn physical things, and I'm not particularly graceful. I also have bad eyesight, bad depth perception, and I have this problem where my eyes don't focus together (according to the eye doctor) so I'm always slightly off balance. I'm the one always falling over in yoga classes. :-) I can't wear heels because of it. I've also been told that I lack rhythm. I am not even kidding; I am a klutz.

HOWEVER, after the group classes and about 20 of my private lessons, I had two ladies in one weekend tell me that I was a pretty dancer with nice style. ME! The clumsy dork who has no business being on a dance floor.... I am not ever going to win any awards, but I have SO MUCH FUN on the dance floor.

I had been getting a little bored with salsa and bachata and was going dancing less and less. Before my experience with Ureka, I probably would have eventually quit dancing. But she gave me more confidence and guided me back to my passion for dancing.

I've had lots of instructors, and there are lots of pretty, graceful dancers out there who can demonstrate steps and explain them. But Ureka has done the best job - by far - of getting through to my cells. Even in group class, she makes the dances so accessible to everyone. The people who had Ureka as their first instructor have no idea how spoiled they are.

I cannot give her enough accolades.. Ureka is truly amazing, as an intructor and as a person, and I'm honored to have learned from her and danced with her.

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Rahssan Oct 2, 2017
Dance · In studio

Ureka is amazing! Her energy and enthusiasm inspires you to give your all, even if your all is two left feet. Highly recommend her.

Erica Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka is such a phenomenal instructor. Taking lessons with her is time well spent. You'll love her on and off the dance floor.

Jeff Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

I took private and group lessons with Ureka for 6 months while deployed to Rota, Spain. Ureka is a fantastic instructor that goes above and beyond to make her students feel comfortable, while always pushing them to achieve more in their dancing. Her intimate knowledge of a many different types of dance make her an ideal instructor, as you will be able to greatly expand your exposure to various types of dance. Highly recommend!!!

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Genevieve Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

The best dance instructor I have ever had! Learning ballroom dance with her was one of the most amazing experiences. I learned so much about dance and about myself through her teaching. Ureka tailors each individual lesson to each student, but challenges her students as well. From being comfortable and confident on the dance floor with just about anyone, to learning the proper technique, to making a special someone happy, Ureka can help you reach your dance goals (even ones you didn't know existed!). She truly is a teacher who is passionate about dance and her students, and it shows in everything she does!

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Lauren Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka is an AMAZING teacher. I took lessons with Ureka for almost a year. I took group ballroom/social dance and private lessons. In the group setting she was great at getting the class to relax and socialize with each other. She made it fun and interactive. In private lessons she was able to tailor a program for us. We specifically wanted a country dance, Latin social dances and triple step (we wanted something fast paced and retro). She worked with us based on our goals and was able to be flexible with our hectic schedule. She is fun and super friendly. I only wish I would of started sooner. If you are hesitant about spending the money on private lessons; don't be! It is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself.

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Jessi Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka has turned my passion of dancing into a whole other world! I selected ballroom dance but she's taught me how to waltz, tango, salsa dance, swing (various types), kizomba, cha-cha, rumba, & 2step... just to name a few. Her lessons were tailored to me & made it easy to practice in the social dancing setting. Every time I learned something, I applied it & came back to Ureka with a huge sense of pride in my dancing. Because of her, I've joined a salsa team, been to numerous dancing congress' and have a little bit of Ureka every time I dance. She's so inspirational, genuine, charismatic & heartfelt about dancing. I wish my current instructors were more like her (She has never complained about how many times I've stepped on her toes....lol). The quality of her teaching will have you flourish on the floor!

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Ariana Oct 2, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio

Ureka is an absolutely amazing dance teacher, and anyone would be so lucky to get to train with her! While she was in Rota, Spain, we met Ureka, started taking classes, and got totally hooked on ballroom dance! Things quickly escalated to 3-4 dance lessons per week for my husband and me. We are both so thankful to have had the opportunity to train with someone who is at the top of her field and so dedicated to sharing dance with others.

Ureka is excellent at what she does, and can teach anyone to dance. With her, you will learn to do so with grace, ease, and fun. I cannot recommend her more highly.

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