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Travis delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
January 2006

Seventeen years of various musical experiences put forth with a passion to speak the musical language have emblazed themselves with an authentic mark on the guitarist Travis Dalenberg. Residing in Durango CO Travis has an original sound influenced by jazz, blues, soul, pop, and R&B.

Dalenberg is a Solo finger style guitar arranger and composer whose repertoire spans Classical, Jazz, and American popular music styles such as blues, country, rock, soul, and gospel. His arrangements are lush and beautiful pieces demonstrating a unique brand of artistic style while still capturing the intent and sensibility of his musical selections.

Also an avid improviser, collaborator, composer, and bandleader who’s more akin to blues jazz-fusion and lush harmonies than to technical proficiency insigne’s a tasteful stamp to his style. Not your traditional “shredder” or bebop technician, Dalenberg understands that music is a very personal endeavor and is mindfully aware that organic music can grow if positivity is sown into every note.

After exhausting music theory, classical guitar performance, stylistically appropriate improvisations, sight reading, scales and the like Travis’ accession into mindful and personal music lessons are backed with a traditional musical education in classical and jazz guitar as well as 11 years of professional playing and teaching experience. His lessons are geared to incite a sincere interest in playing and appreciating music, keeping it fun, and also effectively acquiring the skills to achieve ones musical goals.

Dalenberg’s biggest influences are John Schofield, Bill Frisell, Roy Hargrove, Bach, Nile Rodgers, and D’Angelo.

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Guitarist and Guitar Instructor
Dec 2014 - Present
Traveling Troubadour

Traveling Troubadour lessons is the title of my freelance online guitar lessons business. I also teach ukulele, mandolin, and small group classes. My lessons are structured around three major tenants: A mindful piece, a technical piece, and a creative piece. Every lesson and class is crafted to each student’s abilities, interests, and goals. That being said the mindful piece may be misconstrued as too easy or even pointless, but the point is to mindfully be aware of the details as well as the big picture. Is my wrist straight? Am I pressing down too hard or too soft? Is my tone good? And so on. The technical piece can be achieved with a song or section of a song, as well as technical exercises, scales, and etudes. The creative piece will introduce musicality, improvisation, feel, groove, and composition. The student is in charge. Any song, style, solo, or riff can be made accessible to any skill level. Lets learn the music that you love.

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Guitar Instructor
Feb 2016 - Dec 2016
Tamminga Music Studios

I was subcontracted through Global Sound Studios to teach private guitar and bass guitar lessons. I teach students of all ages and skill levels. My lessons are catered to each student’s personal interests and goals. This provides each student with a unique lesson plan that works for them. Global Sound Studios is responsible for all bookings, schedules, and collecting payment.

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Substitute Guitar Instructor
Jan 2015 - Dec 2016
Swallow Hill

I was a popular on call substitute teacher at the large popular Music Studio Swallow Hill in Denver. I subbed for guitar classes 1,2, and 3, kids guitar, kids singing, adult ukulele, and children's ukulele.

Guitar Instructor
Jan 2015 - Feb 2016
Global Sound Studios

I was subcontracted through Global Sound Studios to teach private guitar and bass guitar lessons. I teach students of all ages and skill levels. My lessons are catered to each student’s personal interests and goals. This provides each student with a unique lesson plan that works for them. Global Sound Studios is responsible for all bookings, schedules, and collecting payment.

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Guitar, Ukulele Insturctor
Jan 2007 - Oct 2014
Katzin Music

Held one on one private lessons at Katzin Music and Studios located in Durango CO.


Music, Cum Laude
Sep 2004 - Apr 2009
Fort Lewis College


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Thumbtack Best of 2016
Jan 2016
Thumbtack Best of 2015
Jan 2015
Micro Grant
Aug 2014
Durango Arts Center
Kick-starter completion
Nov 2013

Photos & Videos

Green Street is an original tune inspired by the late great guitarist Grant Green especially during his funk years.
Rehearsal with Denver based Reggae band Far From Yard. This is an original tune entitled "Invader."
Pajama Jazz Jam!
Welcome Video. Click here to meet me, here me play and learn about my teaching style.
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Amanda May 31, 2017
Ukulele · In home

Travis is great, patient, respectful, and I have enjoyed taking lessons with him.

Nahanni Jan 5, 2017
Guitar · In home

Travis was extremely knowledgeable about guitar and he came to the lessons well-prepared. He kept the lessons on track and my son learned a lot from him. Travis was great at motivating the learner. He was encouraging and patient. I would definitely recommend him for others. He was at times hard to get in touch with, but I thought the overall experience was great.

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Mason Nov 9, 2016
Bass Guitar · In home

Travis was great with Mason, my 10 year old. Day one he was playing Smoke on the Water and enjoying it.

Paris L. Sep 9, 2016
Ukulele · In home

Great pace and information that I feel like I am implement and move forward with!

Becky Aug 30, 2016
Mandolin · In home

Travis was a very good teacher and was very good at organizing the lesson in an easy to follow method.

Aiden M. Aug 7, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In home

Great first lesson!

James Jun 22, 2016
Guitar · In home

He really seems to know what he is talking about and gets to the point, not leaving any open points or un-answered questions. I walked away with a lot of info and much to practice

cheryl Mar 22, 2016
Ukulele · Online

Excellent. Despite the fact that first 10 minutes (or more) were spent helping me navigate skype....Travis was very patient. In lesson #1 I learned so much that will help me grow in ability. (I need to practice to really get it but I am so excited about the teaching style.)

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Hari Mar 17, 2016
Mandolin · Online

Had a great 1st class with Mandolin.Travis was patient, took the time to figure out where i am currently at and suggested exercises to practice. look forward to the future classes.

Vilas V. Feb 26, 2016
Guitar · Online

Appreciate Travis patience which is very much required while teaching online.

Stephanie Meyer Dec 29, 2015
Guitar · In home

Travis is a fantastic instructor! He is very knowledgeable and so patient with my hyperactive seven year-old. I would highly recommend him.

Josh B. Nov 29, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home

Travis has been a great teacher. He is giving lessons to our 6 Year old daughter, and is very patient and encouraging with her. Thanks!

steven Steinhaus Oct 28, 2015
Mandolin · Online

For being a beginner, Travis was very patient while preparing me for playing chord and chop playing. Travis also individualized lesson plans emailing upcoming chords and songs that I can learn, starting out slow and practice to the bluegrass style. I was very skeptical about on line lessons, but has ended up very fun and motivating, and educational with music theories. Travis is also easy to communicate with, returning emails promptly. I very highly recommend Travis to anyone from a beginner to an advanced player.

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Marc A. Oct 27, 2015
Guitar · In home

Very thorough and knowledgabe.

Kent D. Oct 23, 2015
Guitar · In home

Great first lesson, looking forward to more

Sandy W. Oct 23, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Travis is tirelessly patient and thorough with his instruction. "Webcam" lessons present a challenge, as it is not as easy for me to see the instructor so as to be able to imitate hand placement, etc., but Travis knows exactly how to describe what to do so that my form and technique can be as they should be. He keeps the lessons interesting and fun, as well.

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Sandy W. Oct 22, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Travis is tirelessly patient and thorough in his instruction. Taking lessons online is challenging, as it's a little more difficult to see what each other is doing with hand placement, proper form, etc., but Travis explains so w

Tari M. Aug 19, 2015
Ukulele · In home

Travis is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and kind . My five year old remarked after class that she had a lot of fun, learned a lot and is excited for her next lesson. I highly recommend him!

PAUL G. Aug 17, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home

He is an outstanding professional! Best teacher around! I am a 78 year old individual and he is very patient. Recommend!

Jason C. Jun 13, 2015
Ukulele · In home

Travis has been teaching ukulele to our daughter for many months. She looks forward to the lesson every week. Travis can be counted on to teach to the appropriate learning level in a manner which is fun, collaborative, and rewarding. Do not hesitate to engage Travis for music lessons for any learning level. You will not be disappointed.

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Stacy G. Mar 24, 2015
Ukulele · In home

We've only had one lesson with Travis so far but he was great. He was very communicative and he spent a lot of focused time with our 8 year old during his lesson. Looking forward to future lessons!

Chris Y. Jan 9, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Travis was my son's teacher for about nine months. In that time, my son went from having never touched a guitar to having the confidence to perform a solo at his school's Holiday show. Travis shows patience and inspires an amazing work ethic in his students. My son truly enjoys playing the guitar, thanks to Travis, and he even inspired me to pick up my guitar after not playing for 20 years. I highly recommend him for students of all ages.

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Jolie E. Dec 10, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Our son really enjoyed taking guitar lessons from Travis. Travis's teaching style was effective and appropriate for the level our son was at and Travis was able to keep him interested and eager to learn more. Socially, our son connected with Travis, which, if there isn't that trust and relationship building happening, the learning won't happen. Thank you Travis for building a strong guitar (and music) foundation for our son! We highly recommend you!

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Cynthia L. Dec 10, 2014
Guitar · In studio

My son, 11 years old, was a complete beginner at guitar and reading music. Travis emphasized learning music, which is great, because even if a child decides to switch instruments, he will have that knowledge to help him along. Travis has a great way of relating to young musicians, exhibiting patience and high expectations, which helps motivate his students to practice. My son really enjoyed his lessons. He made fairly quick progress and has developed a confidence that will keep him playing and growing musically. Thanks to Travis for starting him off on the right foot. We highly recommend Travis as a music teacher.

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Brett M. Dec 9, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Travis is both a good teacher and a good person. I took lessons for a while from him on jazz guitar and I wanted to just give up a number of times (jazz is hard!), but he helped me get through those ruts. It's very difficult to find that happy-medium between having fun and learning, but Travis does it very well. I learned a great deal from him and had a number of lessons that dragged on a little bit just because we were having fun.

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Alicia L. Dec 9, 2014
Music Theory · In studio

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis for about two years now. I am an employee at Katzin Music, the lesson studios where Travis taught in Durango, CO before moving to Denver. It was sad to see one of our favorite teachers go! He is friendly, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. I have had lots of great feedback from parents and students alike about his flexibility, patience, and overall upbeat, positive attitude towards learning. But what makes Travis such a wonderful musician and teacher in my opinion is his genuine passion for guitar. Travis radiates a contagious excitement for what he does. Whether he is on stage or in the classroom, Travis is the kind of person that inspires me with his skill and love of music. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

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William P. Dec 9, 2014
Guitar · In studio

Travis is a great guitarist and teacher! Travis has a very solid foundation of music theory and is able to explain it in the context of many different styles and genres. His easy-going manner and sense of humor make taking lessons very enjoyable and engaging. Travis also has a great amount of experience working with bands and other musicians and has a ton of great advice for building those relationships as well.

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James M. Dec 9, 2014
Guitar · In studio

I have known Travis since college. We were fellow guitarists at Fort Lewis College and also taught at Katzin Music in Durango, CO. Travis is an outstanding guitar teacher, and incredibly passionate about what he does. He delivers first-rate instruction and is always trying to get better. I highly recommend him!

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Holden G. Nov 24, 2014
Guitar · In studio

Travis taught me for a little over 4 years, and he is the best teacher I've ever had. He taught me to love music and guitar, and is just a fun and nice person to be around. I can't recommend him enough.

Leah O. Nov 6, 2014
Ukulele · In studio

Travis teaches my daughter Ukulele and has been working with her for 6 months. She truly enjoys Travis and his teaching style. She has learned a tremendous amount and we are grateful for the musical appreciation he has helped plant in her heart. We would highly recommend Travis as a teacher.

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Kimberlee Y. Nov 5, 2014
Guitar · In studio

My son started taking lessons with Travis in March. Travis has cultivated a love of not just the guitar but also for music in him. He is learning how to read music and can sit down and open his music book and start teaching himself a new song. Instead of having his own agenda at lessons, Travis has helped Ethan figure out what interests him and weaves his lesson around that. Travis has taught him that there are multiple aspects to a song and will play the chords while Ethan plays the rhythm or vice versa. This has allowed Ethan to appreciate the complexity of what makes music what it is. We also love that Travis plays for Ethan and shows him different types of music such as surf rock and country and how he can use the same instrument to make different sounds. Travis is incredibly patient with my son. We have really enjoyed having Travis as a teacher.

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Cathy L. Nov 4, 2014
Ukulele · In studio

My son takes Ukulele lessons from Travis and it has been a wonderful experience! Travis has made lessons fun and engaging with my son so he has enjoyed playing and doesn't feel like it is a chore to practice. Travis also used a music book we already had so we didn't have to buy a new one, and he was also able to quickly write out music with chords for my son to play that was at his level when the book didn't provide appropriate level of music. Travis is always encouraging and never makes us feel rushed...he genuinely has a love of music and comes out through his lessons!

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