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Tracie teaches: Ages 5 to 54
Special needs
Teaching since: July 2014
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My background to Teaching Young Learners incorporates children aged five to six to twelve years old. These are formative years for learning EFL , and so students be taught according to certain guidelines that take into account their age, ability, and motivation for learning, as well as their cognitive and social development. Young Learners learn English for a variety of reasons.
My experience in teaching aged 15-45 Aviation English is a relatively new addition to the ESP filed, and comes from a decision made on 5 March 2008 by the International Civil Aviation Organisation {ICAO} In response to studies that showed from 1970 to 1995 over 1,500 flight crew members and passengers died as a result of poor English Language skills employed in emergency situations. International aviation has for a long time, required that pilots and air-traffic controllers working on international flights be able to communicate basic set commands in English yet are not adequate for communication. All air traffic controllers working on international flights achieve a 4 or higher according to the Operation grading system. Requires English abilities specific to the aeronautical community . Pronunciation must be intelligent to members of the international community , for the purpose of communication.
Teaching Exam class- Preparing students for Exams. First analysing it's classroom difficulty's ,and understanding of it's reading instructions.
Carefully, turning its assignment into an activity to better its study skill to keep fresh in their minds .
Teaching Business English , Teaching One - to One lessons are more relaxed , especially after the first one or two in the Classroom or One to One sessions to better a students learning ability's in or out the classroom. Learning without the need to juggle between student's, Improvement in a students performance from one lesson to the next. Most of all students have some responsibility for their own learning , the teacher is the one who must provide the conditions for continued learning and this can be particularly difficult when faced with an unresponsive student. The teacher has to spend considerable energy and patience in bringing the student out of their shell in order to have them engage fully with the lesson. Private lessons as a supplement to their school work rather than a viable full-time option for work. While both of these are known to take a step back and focus your attention on the lessons themselves . Most take around thirty to forty minutes to complete to test its oral ability for the difficulties to be collected in the order where lessons base medium of instruction need to order a set of rules for the learner to understand as a prompt to decide if target language is needed in freer practice to complete the task- assignment and remember it.

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Company iELT- Specialist
Apr 2017 - Present
Law Depot

Law Depot
Free Legal forms , Banners for Advertising & More ....
International Sales
Position: iELT Specialist

United States, Australia ,Ireland .United Kingdom, and Canada
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Consultant Teaching Lesson Plans for Schools located in Taipei, Taiwan { all ages, all levels} Company: iTutor Group
July 2016 - 2016- December 17,2016

Teacher Tracie's Class
Apr 2016 - Present
Cambridge Learning Management System

Teacher Tracie's Class - offering - a variety of international recognized English On line professional- classes are: Basic/ Elementary , Pre- Intermediate , Intermediate, Upper Intermediate , and Advanced followed by tasks assignments , self study , one to one courses are base medium of audio instruction. Date: March 2017 to date:

Guest Cambridge English Teachers On Line professional development since, April 2016


English Language Teaching
Feb 2014 - Present
Campus. TEFL
M.A Language ,Specialist 160 hour Premier Plus TEFL Course
Mar 2014 - Feb 2015

Languages Spoken

Native English
Professional Proficiency
Understanding Languages All Languages base medium of English Instruction
Fluent / Native Proficiency


English Language Teaching TEFL TESOL
Feb 2015

Teaching English to small and large classroom sittings course book language, writing skills, vocabulary and pronunciation task . Teaching one to one, business exam class, intermediate , pre intermediate , and elementary .

In English Language Teaching TEFL/TESOL
Feb 2015
Accreditat empowered by Tefl


Feb 2015
Accreditat UK International Teacher Accreditation
Writing Basic
Jun 2014
Universal Class


Boys & Girls Club of America
Feb 2000

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

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Tracie Bryan
Tracie B.

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