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Seattle, WA
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I have launched my own self-study course on foundational astrology - "Animated Astrology" - which can be found through the Teachable educational platform. This course is not about prediction or fortunetelling, but is more directed towards self-awareness and wise life management. Therefore students who wish to gain additional mentoring or insights on their astrological course studies can book time with me here. (Note: This mentoring is only available to those taking my "Animated Astrology" online course. So if you do decide to book time with me please be prepared to show me your course work for feedback, or make sure that any questions you have relate to this course material.) I am of course very committed to helping all students with their "Animated Astrology" course studies, as I'm very committed to giving back to others the knowledge that has helped me through my own life and award-winning animation career.
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Females 12+ and males 14+

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Do you love to draw? Do you want to be an expert character animator? Do you know and want to apply the core, essential principles of movement to whatever animation style that most interests you? If so, I'm probably the perfect teacher for you! (Note, I DO NOT teach animation software. Instead I use simple drawing techniques to teach everything that underpins ALL forms of animation - whether they be traditionally hand-drawn, stop-frame, claymation or state-of-the-art computer approaches.) Perfect for the raw beginner, or even an ambitious professional who simply wants to take their work to the very next level! So let me introduce myself...

I am a British Academy Award winning animator who has made over 200 TV Commercials, 2 TV Specials, several Short Films, and ‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ movie titles at the beginning of my career. From the outset I was personally taught by some of the most amazing master animators ever - Ken Harris ('Bugs Bunny' and 'Roadrunner' for Warner Brothers), Art Babbit ('Pinocchio' and 'Fantasia' for Disney) and Richard Williams (3 times Oscar winner). I later successfully ran my own award-winning London animation studio for 20 years, before moving to the States in 1998 to live and teach. In the USA I have taught at the highest college level for over 14 years, when I also became author of several respected books on animation, including - 'Animation from Pencils to Pixels', 'How To Make Animated Films', 'The Animator's Notebook' and 'The Animator's Sketchbook'. Animation schools and colleges around the world use my books. My own master animator reputation & expertise has been developed through traditional, hand-drawn (2D) animation for the film industry. However, I have since developed a whole range of teaching techniques that will help students of ALL forms of animation, whether its for the Film, Games, TV or the Web industries. The ‘core principles of movement’ are essential for all kinds of animation, whether it be 2D, 3D, Claymation, Stop-frame or any other kind. So I now focus less on technology and software, and more on the core principles of movement through ‘gesture drawing from observation’ and other means. In this way my students do not need to purchase extremely expensive equipment or software, they often need little more than a pencil, eraser and a sketchbook – with a lot of their own dedication they need to bring to the party. I am also insistent that students of animation also learn about fundamental design, layout, film structure and storyboarding - as all these are all essential to all great, animation. So I hope you will join me and become yet another of my successful students who are currently working in the animated film and/or video game fields today.

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Feb 2016 - Present

I established the FREE online 'Animator's Sketchclub' over two years ago, to encourage animators everywhere to improve their animation skills through drawing. The Sketchclub is still going from strength to strength today!

On the 1st of each month I announce a new challenge for members. It can be either a drawing challenge or an animation challenge. But either way, it is designed to teach contributors how to improve both their own work and their knowledge of animation in general.

A closing date for entries is established near to the end of the month and competitors upload their finished work to a private Facebook group page prior to that date. I will then judge all entries and announce my top selections - including the winner - on the 'Gallery' page of the Sketchclub website.

The winning contributor is also presented with a digital certificate to celebrate their achievement.

Currently we have well over 8,000 members in our private Facebook group. So do feel free to check out the Gallery submissions on the website. I think you will be impressed with some of the incredible work that has come out of the Sketchclub so far. (And of course feel free to join us if you're serious about improving your own animation work too!)

The really important thing however is that although the monthly competition is free, the more ambitious members can meet me here on TakeLessons each month after the challenge is over, so I can advise and mentor them on their work if they so require.

Certainly a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get very serious with their animation!

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'Skills Center' Program Director & Senior Animation Instructor.
Jul 2011 - Aug 2017
Academy if Interactive Entertainment

When I left in August 2017 I was the last remaining member of the original faculty that established AIE from scratch in Seattle.

Dean and Senior Instructor.
Aug 2005 - Jul 2011
DigiPen Institute of Technology.

I was originally headhunted by DigiPen but eventually resigned from there to head up a new, Australian, non-profit school that was starting up in Seattle, AIE. Apart from other things, I developed and pioneered their Skills Center classes, which enabled high school students to study animation with me in exchange for high school credits. I left there in August, 2017 - with the experiences I got from both of these games-focused colleges greatly helping me in developing this animation focused training for you.

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Honorary Masters Degree in Animation.
Jul 2002 - Jul 2006
Henry Cogswell College.
LSIA in Graphic Design & Typography
Sep 1965 - Apr 1968
East Ham Technical College (UK)


Honorary Masters in Animation.
May 2005
Henry Cogswell College.

Given for my outstanding contribution to animation and the teaching of animation.


British Academy Award
Feb 1978
British Academy of Film and Televsion Arts.

Photos & Videos

A (very!) short film I animated - based on a concept I created for the Seattle International Film Festival. Blink and you'll miss it!
Many of the subjects I have taught ~ and I can teach you personally here!  :)

A great admirer of Hayao Miyzaki, I couldn't resist getting this 'No Face' mask to hide behind!  :)

This video shows just a little of what I will be offering students who study with me, one-on-one.
Teaching the secrets of 'Generic Walks' - part of my initial 'Drawing for Animation' course.

My British Academy award-winning short film, 'HOKUSAI ~ An Animated Sketchbook'.
I was very proud to offer the opening presentation of the 'Chuck Jones' exhibition at the EMP in Seattle!

With the help of my students, I made this film a number of years ago, about the rise and fall (and hopeful rise again!) of 2D animation.
With my great mentor, Richard Williams, at the Aardman animation studio in Bristol, England.
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Timothy Mar 14, 2018
Animation · Online

Tony is a skilled animator and a fantastic teacher. His course breaks down all of the necessary fundamentals and he is a patient and willing mentor for what is obviously his passion. if you want to learn to animate, look no further.

Cynthia Hoffstrom Mar 1, 2018
Animation · In studio

Tony White has the patience to watch inspired animators grow. His ideas feed into our concepts we have and he is the adviser that guides us to how our ideas become a reality on paper or on a monitor. He has assisted me to where I am today.

If I could be instructed by Tony White again and again, I'd never say no.

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Kenny Mar 1, 2018
Animation · In studio

He was the first person who told me that I could make it, achieving my dream in animation industry. He is a very passionate person, and will give his best support towards those who shares the same passion. One of the best teacher I've ever met.

Forrest Feb 28, 2018
Animation · In studio

Tony was an animation instructor at DigiPen. He shared his expertise in a clear and concise manner, and was always willing to give us feedback and critiques to make us better artists. I would take a class again with him with no reservations, should the opportunity arise. I feel like he genuinely cared about watching us grow and progress as artists and animators. Do not pass on the chance to learn from Tony, as he is legendary in the industry.

+ Read More
Geoff. Feb 28, 2018
Animation · Online

Tony is a passionate and talented artist, I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a valued teacher of the exciting medium of classical animation . .

Ryan Feb 28, 2018
Animation · In studio

Taught me everything I needed to know about the foundations of animation which became my career. I owe a lot to Tony and I'd recommend him to anyone! He's worked with the best and he IS one of the best.

Gary Blatchford Feb 28, 2018
Animation · In studio

I worked for Tony in 1983/4 on Cathedrals. During the production, Tony taught all the staff members in the studio on a regular basis. He was so generous with his knowledge and insights. Even those of us with years of experience in Animation had life-changing experiences and new insights into the nature of character, weight and motion in humans, animals and inanimate objects. Don't miss the chance to learn from this modern master.

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Stuart Feb 28, 2018
Animation · In studio

I never had any intention of becoming an animator and the truth is I'm still not one. However, I needed to fill a course at Henry Cogswell and animation was closer to my illustration work (at the time) than any other course available. He took a subject I wasn't all that interested in and made it fun and enjoyable. This is a man who is deeply passionate about what he does and can back that passion up with the knowledge, experience and skill to make you feel the same joy of animation that he does. If you're planning a career in the artistic field, you owe it to yourself to take his course. It just might expand the way you think about your own work.

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Robin Feb 28, 2018
Animation · In studio

I worked with Tony in London in the early 90s and not only is he a master of his craft, but also a lovely person and patient and generous teacher.

Muriel Feb 28, 2018
Animation ·

If you want to learn about drawing - watch Tony. His books are a wealth of gems and treasures whether you want to animate or just learn how to draw.

Todd Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

Tony is a master not only in the art of animation, but also in the discipline of teaching. With several how-to animation books under his belt, and several animated feature films in his past, I can think of no one better to teach the principles and techniques of animation.

+ Read More
Mónica Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

He is an exceptional teacher and a master in the subject. One can immediately notice his commitment in each lesson and his books. His classes go beyond expectations, well explained, detailed and also full of interesting anecdotes, he is also very kind and patient. I was also very glad to meet someone who actually worked with Richard Williams. I ended up deeply motivated after each class.

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Richard Solomon CEO Feb 27, 2018
Animation · Online

Tony is a master of his craft and inspiration to his students. He can teach a willing mind to find worlds that they never knew existed. He is worth his weight in gold.

Millie Young Feb 27, 2018
Animation · Online

I've been teaching animation for over 25 years in the class room from school, through to undergraduates, always using Tony's books as a resource. But as a teacher I have also constantly been looking for ways to keep learning myself. Tony's generosity in teaching and offering support, feedback and inspiration is second to none. Through his online services I have been able to keep pushing my skills and understanding, and have a great deal of fun along the way. From early on with his Animators sketch club I have enjoyed the monthly challenges as a personal 'gym' for my creativity and drawing muscle memory. His feedback on exercises is always detailed and encouraging. Learning from Tony is tapping in to the best animation buddy system in the world.

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Aaron Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

Tony White was one of my traditional animation instructors at DigiPen Institute of Technology my freshman year. What's cooler than an animation instructor with a ton of experience? An animation instructor that has his own published book! I found Tony's teaching style and nearly fool proof techniques to be extremely helpful in allowing me to better understand the key principals of animation. Furthermore his book was one of my most heavily referenced when attempting to wrap my mind around my first character walk cycle. I also enjoyed his countless stories from working in the industry as an animator.

Tony also taught a Flash animation course my sophomore year that was more projects based. It was another great course due to Tony's base of knowledge and quirky sense of humor.

I highly recommend Tony for any teaching opportunity. You won't regret it and you may even learn a thing or two about animation.

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Nik Enke Feb 27, 2018
Animation · Online

Tony is a really awesome teacher. Its hard to say in words how much I have gained through his years of experience in animation. Tony has been really helpful with his constant feedback and also from the exercises from his books.

Ronald Lindeboom Feb 27, 2018
Animation · Online

Tony White's resume is an impressive one but what is even more impressive is that he is a wonderful teacher who loves to pass on all he has learned in his decades of mastery of the animation craft.

Jennifer Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

I took Drawing for Animation from Tony while pursuing my four year degree. He is clearly passionate about animation and this showed in his instruction. He created interesting projects for us to learn how to draw storyboards, provided feedback and was engaged in each student. I highly recommend taking his classes.

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Ari Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

Tony is very passionate about animation and it shows inside and outside of the classroom. He is very thorough and comprehensive in his lessons.

andrew Feb 27, 2018
· Online

Tony is a great teacher! I have taken his course online which was excellent and pushed me to become better. I have a collection of his books stretching which back many years they are now dog eared and well used. He also runs a free facebook group called ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB great group where I have made lots of animation friends and peers.

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Nathan Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

Brilliant! I’m honored to have learned animation from Tony White. He is truly a wonderful teacher and I am proud to say one of my greatest mentors. I studied animation under Mr. White in college and have used those lessons to go on into the visual effects industry. I highly recommend learning from one of the greats!

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Corrine Feb 27, 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Tony at a small local college. His commitment to supporting and encouraging his students is unequaled. His experience and love of animation is infectious. Let him help you follow your passion! He is a gem.

klee Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In home

How lucky am I to learn from a true master of the craft. I have read all of Tony's book each full of knowledge and inspiration

Saille Feb 27, 2018
Animation · In studio

I love Tony's classes! Excellent and very thorough teaching, instructor encourages each student to perform to the individual's best, and is very good at constructive criticism in a positive way that really enhances the learning curve. I've taken both classroom style and individual courses with Tony and have become a much better artist and animator, thanks to his detailed and patient instruction.

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