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Passionate about sharing my love of the guitar with students of all ages, I've been teaching for more than 30 years. A trained Flamenco guitarist, I found, at the tender age of 7, my passion when I heard the world-renowned Flamenco guitarist Sabicas. Studying Flamenco since then, I began, during my teens, performing professionally and have had the honor of performing with such nationally known musicians as Billy Bang (legendary fiddle player), Willy Calhoun (Living Colour), Vassar Clements Band, Tom Chapin, Stanley Jordan, Buddy Miles, and Michael Powers. In high school, I enrolled in an Honors Musicianship class at the RiverDell, NJ, Senior High where I learned to read scores, conduct and identify multiple instruments, sight read, orchestrate scores and compose music. Following my true passion, I enrolled in the American Institute of Guitar (AIG), studying under the most sought after Flamenco guitar teacher for the past 20 years, Dennis Koster (author of Keys to Flamenco Guitar) and met the legendary Sabicas in person. At the same time, I began training in the Blues, educating myself on various styles and from various teachers, eventually going all the way to the tracks.

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Barry garden liquor Nov 25, 2017

Mr Tony is best

Anita and Samantha Green Dec 30, 2015
Piano · In home

My daughter finds Mr Tony to be very patient, calm and enthusiastic about her piano playing. "He never gives up on me," she says.
He mixes classical with fun music from her favorite, Taylor Swift. Whenever there has been a scheduling conflict he is very flexible and open to makeup sessions. We enjoy his style of piano reaching and have been very pleased so far.

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Patricia C. Dec 30, 2015
Guitar · In home

Delilah my daughter loves Tony. He is an amazing teacher. Extremely professional. We love you Tony😘

Deborah Nov 12, 2015
Guitar · In home

Tony is truly one in a million! He is an incredibly talented musician and an amazingly effective teacher. He has been teaching my 11 year old daughter weekly for the last three years. His approach is very methodical and he has helped her advance in skills each month. She has built her self confidence along with her ability to the point when she can comfortably read music and pick up any songbook and play.

He is a patient, gentle and kind and my daughter looks forward to each session and practices on her own nearly every day. It has been a great experience and we look forward to continuing to work with Tony for years to come. We could not have found a more perfect teacher.

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Heidi H. Mar 31, 2015
Guitar · In home

Tony has been teaching me for nine years and he truly believes in teaching his students not only the basics of learning the guitar but why the instrument is such a privilege to play and teaches based on the students ability. He also teaches the history and evolution of the guitar and also facts that i never knew that made me very proud to play such an instrument. He sees the potential in the student and encourages them to go beyond where they think they can go and makes it happen. Tony slowly built up motivation in me to keep exploring on my own and he planted the seed of wanting to practice to the point where playing guitar became one of the most important things in my life and i do not think another teacher could have done the same thing. I started to explore YouTube and teach myself a lot of the songs i wanted to learn starting with chords, then finger picking, then adding percussion, and finally putting all three together in many arrangements. I would never have been able to figure that out or have the motivation to if it was not for the things he taught and showed me. Now he teaches me many new techniques involving flamenco and you really cannot get all of this with someone else. Some other people I know have different teachers and i can tell by the way they talk about them and what they are learning that they do not compare to mine. I am really lucky to have ended up with someone who has such commitment and I am always super excited to keep learning what he has to teach. His knowledge is endless and it blows me away what he shows me. Tony never tries to make any of his lessons boring and he definitely has a talent not many people have. I recommend Tony, 100%.

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Cathy W. Nov 6, 2014

Tony has worked as guitar accompanist for the past year and a half with our 700+ religious formation students from K-8 as well as our whole church assembly. He has played classical to contemporary Christian music with us and is fantastic. As a teacher myself, I see him as an ideal person to learn from. Tony is patient, kind, knowledgeable and tuned into kids as well as adults. You couldn't want for more in a teacher.

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Roberto S. Oct 28, 2014
Guitar · In studio

I strongly endorse Tony as a master pop and classical guitar teacher (as well as a dynamic, highly creative guitarist and pop/rock/folk tenor singer). I received a Master’s Degree from the Juilliard School in 1986 in voice, and he and I have worked on a weekly basis at churches and concerts since 2007. His mastery of incredibly rapid finger techniques in all major and minor scales, widely varied strum technique in so many different styles, understanding of audio production and vocal-instrumental microphone usage, as well as soulful improvised counter melodies is unmatched in my experiences. He also taught my son guitar, as well as many of my parishioners at my church, and they went on to playing frequently during church services and many other venues. His manner with children and teens is very gentle, humorous and witty, and is instantly beloved by all who meet him. Throughout my career I have rarely heard an artist who has more artistic and musical impact in concert or religious events than Mr. Tony. And the line of people wishing to meet him after concerts is so long that he does not leave events for more than 90 minutes or more. You cannot do better anywhere than having Mr. Tony as a teacher, colleague or friend.

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Sarah M. Sep 8, 2014
Guitar · In home

I highly recommend Tony. He has taught both of my sons, Emmet and Connor, how to play the guitar with an emphasis on jazz and rock and learning the fundamentals needed for improvisational play. My eldest son, Emmet, began his guitar lessons in 7th or 8th grade and continued all the way through High School. Emmet commented to me that Tony was a really good teacher for his learning style and made it easy and fun. Emmet continued playing in college and used the fundamentals he learned from Tony to teach himself how to play the banjo. As a River Raft guide he was selected to be the guide on the "folk music" trip so that he could play along with the professional folk guitarist and vocalist. My second son, Connor, had played the saxophone and was in the jazz band in Middle School, and then decided he wanted to learn guitar in High School. He took lessons with Tony all through High School (9th through 12th) and learned all the chords and how to improvise. He enjoyed his lessons with Tony and progressed rather quickly. Tony knows how to teach according to each individual's needs which is very important. He customizes his lessons for students based on their interests and ability levels. He makes the lessons fun and interesting. I highly recommend Tony.

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Taylor A. Sep 6, 2014
Guitar · In home

I am an “older” student and didn't start playing guitar until my mid-forties and have been learning from Tony for several years now. Tony is an exceptional guitar player. Although he specializes in Flamenco, he teaches all styles (we focus on classic rock and folk songs). He understands my needs, schedule, and what I want to accomplish with the guitar. I have given up illusions of being a "rock star", but still want to understand music (reading notes, keys, moving around the fret board, song structures etc.) and how to play a good repertoire of songs. I have steadily progressed. Where Tony excels is his knowledge of music, demeanor, and flexibility about what each lesson will cover. We have done formal classroom, in-house visits, and online over the years and learned classical (e.g. Bach, Beethoven), rock (e.g. Beatles, Clapton, Pearl Jam), and holiday songs (e.g. Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls). Great teacher with a lot of passion for music and desire to make sure his students learn and enjoy it.

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Beata K. Sep 3, 2014
Guitar · In studio

Tony is a great teacher and seems to really care about his students and helping them excel. He is a very talented guitarist and he teaches in a way that is easy to learn from. My daughter took guitar lessons with Tony for few years and she was very happy. Tony is very friendly, and encourages a very low pressure learning experience.
I highly recommend Tony as your guitar teacher if you are looking for some-one who has years of experience but at the same time is your bud and has patience with meticulous organization skills.Very knowledgeable and passionate.
On top of all this, he has a positive attitude, a love for music and a great heart!

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Lori H. Aug 29, 2014
Guitar · In studio

My daughter has taken lessons with Mr. Tony for 3 years. He is an absolutely wonderful teacher. He is extremely talented and very patient. He provides individualized attention based on the student's personality and abilities. He has a great personality and is a great role model. My daughter looks forward to her lesson every week and has learned to play and read music beautifully.

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Donna C. Aug 25, 2014
Bass Guitar · In studio

My son, Joe started taking bass guitar lessons when he was 9 years old and was becoming frustrated and about to give up. i decided to book a lesson with Mr. Tony and that was 4 years ago. Besides being extremely talented, Mr. Tony is patient, kind and a role model to Joe. Joe looks forward to his lesson with Mr. Tony and he has blossomed into a good bass player.

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Jillian T. Mar 1, 2014
Guitar ·

I highly recommend Mr. Tony!

When I first started playing guitar 9 years ago, I was with another teacher. After a year or so, I started taking lessons with Mr. Tony and it was the best decision I ever made. I've grown so much as a guitar player and artist and it's all thanks to him. He's given me so many performing opportunities and he truly cares about every one of his students. I highly recommend taking lessons with him!

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Guitar, Bass and Piano instructor
May 1980 - Present

Private Studio

I've been teaching guitar – acoustic, electric, and bass – for more than 30 years, from either a student’s home or from my home studio, which I've had for approximately 10 years. I use the latest in computer technology, supplementing my curriculum with one of the industry’s most sophisticated guitar programs. I am adamant about providing applicable points of motivation and obtainable objectives to encourage growth for each student and find musical styles they enjoy performing. For Flamenco students, I encourage corresponding study in a second genre of music to add to one’s growth. It is imperative to me that students learn in a fun, relaxed environment and are provided with an all-encompassing education.


Privately instructed
Sep 1992 - Present

Education American Institute of Guitar; New York, NY Studied under Dennis Koster (author of Keys to Flamenco Guitar). Juan Orozco School of Flamenco Guitar; New York, NY Studied under Emilio Prados, Mario Escudero, and Juan Orozco.



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Professional Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Professional Proficiency


Saving God's Children
Jun 2004

Archdiocese of Newark


Who's who amongst American high school students 1986
Jun 1986

Who's who

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